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Do Both Sides Need To Find A Divorce Lawyer

When To File For Divorce In Kentucky | Cordell & Cordell

If both spouses are on speaking terms and being relatively fair-minded and pleasant with one another, a single divorce lawyer may be able to help them navigate their divorce proceedings. This may be the case for several no-fault divorces.

However, in instances where a fault is established, or combative divorce proceedings are expected to take place, it is highly advised that both spouses hire a skilled divorce lawyer to represent their best interests. Not only can a negotiation between professional legal counsel lead to a much more streamlined process, but this method may also remove some of the emotions associated with painful divorce proceedings.

Louisville Divorce Lawyers For Men

Our Louisville divorce lawyers represent men in family law matters from custody to alimony. Contact one of our divorce attorneys in Louisville, KY today!

Louisville Divorce Lawyers Allen M. Dodd · 584-1108. Louisville, KY Divorce Lawyer with 23 years of experience · Contact Now Leland Hulbert · 396-

Results 1 25 of 37 Top Rated Divorce Lawyers in Louisville, KY Mark W. Dobbins · Tilford Dobbins & Schmidt, PLLC · 502-584-1000 Wynter Reneaux Collins · Burbank

Sep 5, 2021 Louisville Divorce Lawyers for Women Durrett and Kersting Law, PLLC offers licensed family law attorneys who can help you meet your divorce

Find and connect with the 28 Best Divorce Lawyers in Louisville. Hand picked by an independent editorial team and updated for 2022.

Louisville Divorce Goldberg Simpson Family Law Grouphttps://www.louisvilledivorce.comhttps://www.louisvilledivorce.com

Top Louisville Divorce Lawyers Kentucky · Pearson & Paris, P.S.C. · Gibson Law Offices · Carrie D. Ritsert, Attorney At Law · Sean Pharr · Hoge Partners, PLLC.

Winner Law Group, LLC: Louisville Divorce Lawyerhttps://www.louisvillefamilylaw.comhttps://www.louisvillefamilylaw.com

Barrow Brown is a small Kentucky family and divorce law firm proudly representing Kentucky and Indiana. For more than a decade, their family and divorce

Best Divorce Attorney Near Me in Louisville, KY · Stein Law · Christy Shircliff Law Office · Christopher Harrell Attorney at Law · The Law Office of Heather

Resolving Divorce Issues Through Collaboration

Most often, we seek a resolution that can leave all members feeling as though it was equitable and fair. When children are involved, we have found that if the parents can behave with respect toward one another, collaboration is often the best way to proceed when creating parenting plans and other joint parenting activities.

As a Louisville divorce lawyer with training in collaborative law, Ken Gibson maintains a calm demeanor when negotiating with the opposing counsel. That being said, we understand that sometimes more aggressive tactics are necessary to protect our clients interests. We are prepared to go to court if that is what is best for our clients.

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Barrow Brown Https: //wwwbarrowweigelcom/ Divorce & Family Lawyers

For more than a decade, our family and divorce lawyers have acquired a reputation for excellence in family law trial advocacy. Our founding partners are now among the most award-winning trial attorneys in Kentucky. When out-of-court options have been exhausted, you need a team of award-winning trial advocates. Our attorneys understand how to utilize experts, discovery and forensic accounting to secure the best possible results. Our trial attorneys give the same attention to every motion, hearing and trial.

How To Find A Divorce Lawyer

Christopher C. Bailey

Attorneys aren’t needed for every divorce, but in many cases, legal assistance can be beneficial, if not crucial. With the complex nature of some divorce procedures and emotions running high, it is often a good idea to have a knowledgeable resource for information and a skilled advocate for negotiations and possible court proceedings.

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What Is The Difference Between Divorce And Separation

There are several distinctions between divorce and separation.

First, legal separation may be a court-mandated step of the divorce process, with some states requiring that potential divorcees spend some time living apart in a form of legal separation before proceeding to formal divorce.

Outside of this requirement, legal separation is reversible, while divorce is not. Once you have been declared divorced from a former spouse, there is no going back. Legally separated spouses retain the right to inherit property as well, and may not remarry .

Louisville Divorce Attorneys Family Law Lawyers

We invite you to call us today at 502-584-1108 or contact Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC by e-mail for a consultation with an experienced Louisville, Kentucky,

To speak with an experienced divorce attorney in Kentucky, call OBryan Law Offices today. Call our Louisville bankruptcy attorneys at 502-400-4020 or fill

Straw-Boone Doheny Banks & Mudd, PLLC Louisville https://www.divorceky-in.comhttps://www.divorceky-in.com

Since 1999, John H. Ruby & Associates has represented clients in Jeffersontown and communities throughout the Louisville, Kentucky area with divorce and all

Uncontested Divorce Lawyers | Barrow Brown, PLLChttp://www.louisvillekydivorce.comhttp://www.louisvillekydivorce.com

Going through a divorce is painful. Get empathetic support from a Louisville divorce lawyer you can feel comfortable with call Bowman Legal today!

Wise Law LLC | Divorce Lawyer Louisville Kentucky I Family https://wiselawllc.comhttps://wiselawllc.com

Skeens Law, PLLC best divorce lawyers and family law attorneys in Louisville, KY. Our law firm specializes in divorce, child support, child custody,

Top Louisville, KY Divorce Lawyers Near You · Jenkins & Shiffman Family Law · Carrie D. Ritsert, Attorney at Law · Law Office of Nellie Draus Stallings · Michelle L

Contact Divorce Lawyers in Louisville, KY to help you with your case. Review the law firms and attorneys full description of services.

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Louisville Family Court Attorney Checking On The Federal District Courts

KY REAL CRIMINAL DEFENSE TRIALS Domestic Gun Charge for 12 year old Domestic Violence Conviction in State Court.Posted to this page on June 12, 2018. Taylor County, Kentucky Man Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Multiple Counts Of Firearm ViolationsDistrict Judge imposes the maximum sentence

Louisville Divorce Lawyer

Child Custody Attorney in Louisville

Emergency Protection Order Attorney

Divorce Attorney Louisville Ky Bowman Legal

Relocating After a Kentucky Divorce
  • bowmanlegalgroup.com
  • Summary: Going through a divorce is painful. Get empathetic support from a Louisville divorce lawyer you can feel comfortable with call Bowman Legal today!
  • Matching search results: This then leaves contested divorce and uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce means that both parties agree on the details of the divorce such as child custody, alimony, property separation etc. They dont need further input or mediation from

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Dodd & Dodd Attorneys Pllc

Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC has provided experienced legal counsel to people, families, and businesses around Louisville since 1869. Theyve kept expanding the practice to meet the demands of the customers. Whether youre dealing with a family issue like divorce or child custody, need to modify existing support or custody orders, are accused of domestic violence, or want to draft a prenuptial agreement, theyre to help you achieve your goals.

For nearly 150 years, the law office has given a steady and trustworthy legal service to the residents and businesses of Louisville, Kentucky, and Southern Indiana. The local values they bring to the company are the keys to the firms success. Since its inception, they have been dedicated to providing their clients with customized, responsive service and personalized legal representation that is tailored to their specific needs.


Divorce, Child Custody, Child Custody & Parenting Time, Child Support, Collaborative Divorce, Contested Divorce, Military Divorce, Business Ownership, High Asset Divorce


Phone: 584-1108Website: www.doddattorneys.com


Allen Mackee Dodd was awesome to work with. He returned emails, calls, and meeting requests within minutes. He was straightforward and was an excellent communicator when I did not understand some of the legal divorce issues. Allen is patient and fair and I would recommend Dodd & Dodd to anyone needing legal representation in a divorce. Kelly D.

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Best Louisville Ky Divorce Attorneys

Results 1 25 of 37 Top Rated Divorce Lawyers in Louisville, KY Wise Law · 502-469-1001 Hoge Partners, PLLC · 502-996-8069 Jenkins & Shiffman Family Law · 502-

Find and connect with the 28 Best Divorce Lawyers in Louisville. Hand picked by an independent editorial team and updated for 2022.

Find the best divorce attorney serving Louisville. Compare top Kentucky lawyers fees, client reviews, lawyer rating, case results, education, awards,

Hugh W Barrow BARROW BROWN PLLC Ruth J Wilkerson Hoge Partners PLLC Courtney Howell Kidd HOWELL & KIDD, the Top Louisville Divorce Lawyers

Louisvilles Best Divorce Lawyer: · Hoge Partners, PLLC has three decades of collective legal experience in a wide range of family law matters · Howell & Kidd

Best Divorce Attorney Near Me in Louisville, KY · Stein Law · Christy Shircliff Law Office · The Law Office of Heather Archibald-Peters · Christopher Harrell

Top Louisville Divorce Lawyers Kentucky · Carrie D. Ritsert, Attorney At Law · Sean Pharr · Hoge Partners, PLLC · Pearson & Paris, P.S.C. · Gibson Law Offices.

Joseph Cordell, licensed in MO and IL only. Michelle Ferreri licensed in PA and NJ only Philadelphia, PA. Dorothy Walsh Ripka licensed in OH, IL, MO, KY and

Sep 5, 2021 Louisville Divorce Lawyers for Women Durrett and Kersting Law, PLLC offers licensed family law attorneys who can help you meet your divorce

Avoid Unqualified Unregulated Online Divorce Mills:

Louisville Divorce Attorney Victoria Caraballo

This is by far the biggest danger you face in your hiring decision in terms of damage to your future legal and economic safety. Non-lawyer online divorce is a huge industry. And it is extremely dangerous to your legal and economic future.

Online divorce mills offer slick websites, wicked-cool divorce software, fees lower than MOST lawyers, no legal advice, no legal knowledge, no professional licensing, no legal education, no code of ethics, no malpractice insurance, no knowledge of Jefferson County divorce procedures, no local knowledge about Jefferson County rules of court, local Jefferson County documents, local practices or the policies of individual local judges in the Louisville area and no professional interest in you or your case. And all within a completely unregulated Wild-West industry rampant with all kinds of incompetence, price fraud, and up-selling.

Online divorce mill fees average about $300, but what you get for that $300 fee is remarkably little just a few prepared Kentucky divorce forms. Any other services offered are all up-sold on the basis that once theyve got you hooked, what are you going to do walk away from money already spent? You are at their mercy and you are completely unprotected. And they know it!

See the Online Divorce Association of Americas website for a good overview of just some of the more common frauds and up-sells to be found in the online divorce industry.

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Best 30 Cheap Divorce Lawyers In Louisville Ky With Reviews

Cheap Divorce Lawyers in Louisville, KY · 1. Terry Wetherby, Attorney At Law · 2. Ronald L Coombs Attorney · 3. James Taylor, Attorney · 4. Harrell Christopher

Su H. Kang is a family law and domestic relations attorney practicing in Louisville, Kentucky in McBrayer PLLCs Louisville office.

AHH | Louisville Kentucky Ky Lawyer | Mediation, Divorce https://kyfamilylawyer.comhttps://kyfamilylawyer.com

A dependable divorce attorney from Richard J Head PLLC can help you turn it into a new beginning. You can count on attorney Richard J. Head to help you file for

Present your case at no cost to Louisville Christian divorce lawyers using LegalMatch. Find the right Christian Divorce attorney in Louisville, KY.

Divorce Attorney in Louisville Ky. The act of Gun Ban for individuals found guilty in case of any Domestic Crime was enacted by the 104th United States

International issues are increasingly common in divorce, custody and visitation cases. Call 502-585-5100 to discuss your rights with a leader in family law.

Louisville Divorce And Family Law Attorney | Adoption https://www.derbycitydivorce.comhttps://www.derbycitydivorce.com

Help and information on finding Free Divorce Lawyers Kentucky. If the pro bono program is not able to help, try the cheap, low cost divorce attorneys KY

Divorce Lawyer in Louisville KY. All divorces are emotionally draining, even when the parties agree on the issues. If you are facing a divorce,

Kentucky Military Divorce Lawyer

Military divorces are often complex because of the special circumstances associated with serving on base in another state or overseas. Additionally, certain laws apply, such as the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act , that dictate how retirement benefits should be distributed or where a divorce can be filed. We will guide you in all of these issues as we work through your divorce.

Did you know? After a period of time, out-of-state residents serving in the military at Fort Knox can qualify for a Kentucky divorce.

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Louisville Lawyer Handling All Divorce Matters

Our family law attorney, Ken Gibson, has a well-deserved reputation for being a good guy who gets things done. For nearly 20 years, he has helped individuals meet their legal needs. The types of divorce issues we have been able to help our clients with include:

  • Divorce with children biological children, adoptive children, step-children with couples seeking joint legal or physical custody and sole physical or legal custody
  • Divorce with high assets including a small business, trusts, pensions and retirement plans
  • Divorce with bankruptcy filings Ken Gibson, as an of counsel attorney with Kruger & Schwartz, works closely with his clients to coordinate the financial as well as legal aspects of bankruptcy and divorce.
  • Divorce with criminal charges including orders for protection filed by either spouse

As a criminal defense attorney, Ken Gibson has been retained by those who have been served with protection orders, and by those who wish to file for protection from a spouse or domestic partner. In this instance, we represent either the plaintiff or the defendant.

Jeffersontown Divorce Lawyers John H Ruby & Associates

Preparing Your Divorce Case and Assisting Your Attorney – Men’s Divorce Podcast
  • rubylawfirm.com
  • Summary: Since 1999, John H. Ruby & Associates has represented clients in Jeffersontown and communities throughout the Louisville, Kentucky area with divorce and all
  • Matching search results: We know that no two situations are exactly alike, and there is no one size fits all remedy that works for every circumstance. We work closely with our clients, and we take the time to listen and understand their unique needs, so we can customize

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Louisvilles Best Divorce Lawyer:

The top rated Divorce Lawyer in Louisville, KY are:

  • Hoge Partners, PLLC has three decades of collective legal experience in a wide range of family law matters
  • Howell & Kidd Attorneys offer legal services with a combined 40 years of experience in divorce and family law
  • Kellner Green, PLLC provides representation in the areas of divorce, custody and visitation, and child support issues
  • Barrow Brown, PLLC has acquired a reputation for excellence in family law trial advocacy
  • Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC has offered skilled legal representation to individuals, families since 1869

Easing The Stress Of Your Family Law Matter

For many people, family law matters are extremely stressful.

Whether you are getting divorced, worried about custody or visitation, or concerned about retirement benefits or , anxiety, fear, anger and apprehension are likely a handful of emotions you face every day.

However, having a skilled, compassionate family law attorney by your side one with knowledge of the laws, one who can protect your interests can help ease your feelings during the process.

At Hoge Partners, PLLC, we can help.

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Louisville Divorce Lawyers For Women

Durrett and Kersting Law, PLLC offers licensed family law attorneys who can help you meet your divorce goals. Facing a divorce can be a stressful period in your life even if you are the one seeking the divorce. It is our goal to help you make the best decisions regarding your situation and provide you with everything you need to amicably finalize your divorce.

Kentucky Divorce Law Requirements

Kentucky has resident requirements that state you must be a resident of Kentucky for 180 days prior to filing for a divorce in Kentucky. You must also be separated for 60 days to discuss the meaning of separation with your lawyer.Kentucky is a “no-fault” state, which means the reason for your divorce will not be considered by the Court.

Personal Legal Counsel

Your divorce may be contested or uncontested, depending on if you and your spouse are in agreement. Even if you are in an uncontested divorce it is best to have private legal council of your own if you aren’t the party who filed for the divorce. Durrett and Kersting Law, PLLC has been involved on both sides of the process and can give you clear advise about child custody laws, maintenance , child support, division of assets and debts. We can help you through filing paperwork and determining the best possible settlement or result for yourself and your family.

Mediation and Litigation

How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce

About Us

The length of a divorce is contingent on four things: each state’s mandatory waiting period, whether the divorce is uncontested or contested, how quickly both sides can come to an agreement, and how quickly a judge is able to hear or review the case and sign off. The best-case scenario is an uncontested divorce in a state with a short waiting period which could see a divorce finalized in a matter of weeks. For divorces with highly combative parties, long discovery periods, and other complications, a decision could take months or even years.

  • 16501 Ventura Blvd., Suite 400Los Angeles, CA 91436

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