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Best Divorce Lawyers In Maryland

How Do I Choose A Divorce Attorney In Maryland

Divorce Lawyers in Maryland | Family Lawyers in Baltimore MD

When you are going through a divorce, you don’t want just anyone helping you. The best option for you is to hire a local attorney, as these professionals will be intimately familiar with your area’s laws and regulations.

If possible, get recommendations from friends and family who may have used a Maryland divorce lawyer before. This way you have knowledge regarding how they work and if they did a good job for your friend or family member.

Find out what former clients have to say by reading online reviews. You’ll want to keep an eye out for patterns, however, since anyone can get a bad review occasionally. It’s also important to look at reviews on independent signs, such as Google, avvo, or even Facebook. Most lawyers handpick the reviews that show up on their website, so it’s unlikely that you will find anything negative. To get the full picture, look at reviews in as many places as possible.

You can take advantage of the free initial consultations many family lawyers offer to see if they are right for you and your case. You should ask any potential lawyer if they have experience with divorce law, particularly if they’ve ever handled a case similar to yours. When choosing a lawyer, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

When you talk to potential defense or divorce attorneys, pay attention to your gut. You’re likely to enjoy working with them if they seem knowledgeable, confident, and comfortable.

How To Find A Divorce Lawyer

Attorneys aren’t needed for every divorce, but in many cases, legal assistance can be beneficial, if not crucial. With the complex nature of some divorce procedures and emotions running high, it is often a good idea to have a knowledgeable resource for information and a skilled advocate for negotiations and possible court proceedings.

Dissolution Of A Marriage

Divorce cases are often central to the work of a family law attorney. Most of the issues involved in family law are tied in with a divorce case in one way or another. Ultimately, a successful dissolution of a marriage is best handled by a Rockville family attorney.

The final divorce decree can reshape the lives of both the spouses and their children. This court order will determine everything from the division of assets to the custody of the children. Additionally, a final divorce decree can also formalize the return to a spouses unmarried name. While a name change often occurs as part of the divorce process, a spouse has 18 months from the entry of the order to petition for a change.

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Grounds For An Agreement

Ultimately, the courts will determine if prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are valid. These contracts must be in writing, and both parties must agree to them. Like any other contract, there must be a consideration on both sides of the agreement for them to be binding.

There are a number of grounds that could result in a court refusing to honor these agreements. For example, prenuptial agreements are only valid if both parties are transparent about their financial situation. If one spouse hides assets from the other, they are preventing the second spouse from making an informed decision. Hiding assets is one factor that may invalidate a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

Another factor that may invalidate these agreements is undue influence. One tactic could involve surprising a prospective spouse with a proposed agreement in the days or hours leading up to the wedding. Any effort to force a person against their will to waive their right to legal counsel is also an example of undue influence.

+ Years Of Experienced Serving A High Quality Legal Services

Andrews Bongar Gormley &  Clagett

We provide top-rated legal services for adoptions, divorces, child support, child custody, domestic violence, mediation, and criminal law litigation based services in Maryland USA.

We can discuss these issues involving child custody, father or dads rights and related to child support & custody issues.

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When To Hire Divorce Attorneys In Maryland

You may wonder if you need to hire legal counsel when you’re facing the end of your marriage. This decision depends on a number of things, including on your financial situation and whether your divorce is contested or uncontested. You may need a mediator if you are fighting with your spouse over important issues during your divorce.

How Courts Equitably Distribute Property

The process of distributing marital assets starts with determining what type each asset is, but that is only part of the process. Once assets are determined by the court to be marital or non-marital property, it is up to the court to value the property and determine an equitable way to divide the marital assets between the parties.

There are a number of factors the courts will take into account when working out the equitable distribution of property. These factors could include more than just the finances of the two parties. The courts will also consider the ages of both parties and the length of the marriage.

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Can I Fill Out Divorce Forms Myself

Yes, it is legal for individuals to fill out a divorce petition themselves. However, it is highly recommended that you find a divorce lawyer with experience for a consultation regardless, even if you are planning to have a mutually acceptable no-fault divorce.

Divorce paperwork can be complex, and the surrounding legal territory even more so. If you are facing a more acrimonious or complicated divorce, you should seek legal representation immediately.

How To Get A Divorce In Maryland Without A Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer Shares Top 5 Careers Women Should Avoid in Men
  • shellyingramlaw.com
  • Summary: · When the project at hand is ending your marriage, you may be able to get a divorce in Maryland without a lawyer. However, even if you dont want
  • Matching search results: Even when all the details are worked out and you have an agreement on all issues in your divorce, putting together the settlement agreement, child custody agreement, and child support guidelines on your own can be difficult. If you get it wrong, you

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When Is Someone Eligible For Permanent Divorce In Maryland

In Maryland, you are eligible for divorce if one of the following is true:

  • You and your spouse have been separated for at least a year.
  • You both consent to the divorce .
  • Your spouse subjected you to adultery, desertion, or cruel treatment.
  • Your spouse is legally insane.
  • The spouse was sentenced to at least three years in jail and has served at least one year of his or her sentence.

Other couples are eligible for a limited divorce you divide your property, negotiate child support and custody, but cannot remarry.

Under certain circumstances, mens divorce lawyer might suggest limited divorce as a temporary solution while you complete your one-year separation.

The Purpose Of Family Courts

Many familial bonds are not just spiritual. The family unit is also a legal connection. Any permanent severing of that connection must run through a family court. As a result, many of the cases handled in family courts are divorces.

A divorce contains many of the other auxiliary matters that a court may decide. For example, a divorce case can involve matters of spousal support under . It must also make arrangements for child custody under Md. Code, Fam L §5-203, and child support under Md. Code, Fam L §12-202.

A parent can petition a court at any time to institute an order for child support if one does not already exist. Similarly, a material change in circumstances can prompt a person to motion the court to modify an existing custody or child support order. A seasoned Rockville family law attorney could help individuals to pursue the legal remedies necessary to meet their goals.

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What Is The Difference Between Alimony And Spousal Support

Alimony and spousal support are interchangeable terms that refer to monthly payments from one ex-spouse to another following a divorce. These payments can be court-ordered or arranged by the parties involved and are intended to account for the adverse economic effect a divorce can have on one party. All spousal support agreements and amounts are unique, depending on the spouses’ individual incomes and property, their earning capacity, the duration of the marriage and whether children and child support are involved, among other factors.

What To Expect In An Absolute Divorce

Divorce Lawyers in Frederick, Maryland

In an absolute divorce decree, the judge will settle issues like those above in a binding judicial order. These issues are typically at the heart of any divorce that ends a marriage of several years:

  • Payment of alimony : Alimony paid by one spouse to the other may be temporary, rehabilitative , or indefinite, which is rare.
  • Custody of children: Custody may be awarded to only one parent or both parents , a shared responsibility for raising and caring for the children. Split custody occurs when two or more children are involved, and each parent takes sole custody of one or more of them. Custody of a child may be legal or physical .
  • Payment of child support: One spouse may be required to pay child support to the other. Regardless, both parents remain legally required to support their minor-age children .
  • Division of property: If the individuals seeking a divorce cannot agree how property belonging to both of them should be divided, the judge may order the property sold, with proceeds divided between the spouses. This may include houses, motor vehicles, the contents of bank accounts, and other assets.
  • Use of last name: A spouse may ask the court to change his or her name back to the name used before the marriage. These requests are usually granted.

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Your Spouse Is Limiting Your Contact With Your Children

If your divorce is final, your spouse may use manipulative tactics to limit your contact with your children. They might deny you visitation or cancel your visits at the last minute.

In this case, engaging with your ex could do more harm than good. A lawyer will be able to help you negotiate the situation in court. Once a decision is made in court, your ex will have to abide by that. If they don’t, the judge can impose harsh consequences until they comply.

The Rights Men Have During A Divorce

When you go through a divorce, your former spouse cannot force you to leave your current residency and vice versa. Likewise, you cannot be subjected to paying for 100% of financial support, as the distribution is generally determined by the court. However, it is important to acquire the representation of a family law attorney who is well-versed in mens rights, especially if you believe your rights have been compromised.

Here are the primary rights men have during a divorce, and what you should fight for in court:

  • Financial rights
  • Property/asset rights

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How To Choose The Best Divorce Lawyer In Maryland

Divorce may lead you to consider a few factors while hiring a divorce lawyer in Maryland, including individual personality and approach, legitimate certifications, expenses , time and experience.

Divorce is a cycle that a large number of individuals face nowadays and all of them experience some of the different pieces of this trauma in Maryland. Divorce cases are frequently muddled, and picking experienced lawyers can be the game-changer for your situation. Despite the fact that Maryland is a no-fault divorce state, petitioning for legal separation and going through the cycle without a divorce lawyer to appropriately walk you through your case can adversely influence the result of your along with the property division.

Significant experience

To start with, divorce from mates ought to think about whether a lawyer has local court experience taking care of divorce cases that are like theirs. Maryland’s regulations on property division, issue grounds, child custody plans, and kid or spousal help fluctuate from those in different states, which makes areas of strength for any nearby regulations fundamental conflicts. Divorce from mates ought to likewise affirm that a lawyer commits a lot of their opportunity to rehearse family law regulation.

Possible working relationship

Anticipated costs

Picking the best

If your query to find the best divorce lawyer in Maryland does not end here, give us a call at and discuss your case.

We Can Help You Avoid Court

Advice for Newly Divorced from Top Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is stressful enough without having to worry about legal battles and court rulings. If youre considering filing for a divorce, wed like to suggest an alternative approach to the traditional process: collaborative divorce. This growing practice can make your divorce less stressful while serving the best interests of all parties involved.

Not to be confused with mediation, collaborative divorce is based on an agreement by all parties to provide full disclosure to resolve all issues without going to court.

Of course, a collaborative divorce is not always an option. We have the insight to know which divorce process will lead to the most favorable results for you, and will advise you accordingly.

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Speak With An Experienced Maryland Family Law Attorney

At SIEGELLAW, we understand where men going through a divorce are coming from, where they would like to go and how they can get there. Our more than 20 years of experience in divorce and other family law issues help our male clients effectively fight to protect their rights and lay the foundation for a better future. Let us help you secure the resolution you are seeking to your family law matter.

For more information about mens rights or to seek legal representation, contact SIEGELLAW by phone at or request a consultation online today.

How We Represent Men In Divorce Cases

The Maryland family law attorneys at SIEGELLAW work to help ensure that men are not unfairly burdened when issues of financial support and custody are considered. Our years of experience surrounding divorce and mens rights allow us to build highly persuasive cases for our clients, helping them achieve their goals and maintain the emotional and financial stability of their households. Regardless of your unique case, our attorneys will ensure that the complete history of your relationship is accounted for and that you are best represented during your case.

We offer our exceptional representation to men facing such issues as:

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Top Rated Anne Arundel County Maryland Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is stressful, and the legal process can be overwhelming. This is why you need a lawyer who cares about your case as much as you do. I will take care of every detail so that you dont have to worry about anything else but moving forward with your life in a positive way.

The residents of Anne Arundel County recognize The Law office of Tracey L. Perrick as the top rated Maryland divorce lawyer on whom they call when they are in need of a lawyer for child support, child custody, modification, or other family law services. You deserve an attorney who will protect your rights and interests throughout this difficult time in your life. My goal is to provide my clients with personalized service while providing them with expertise and experience they can rely on during this trying time.

Top Divorce Lawyers In Maryland Houlon Berman

Chelsea Peele
  • houlonberman.com
  • Summary: With over 40 years of experience, Houlon, Berman, Finci & Levenstein, LLC are the top family law, separation and divorce attorneys in Maryland, including
  • Matching search results: Are you looking for the best separation or divorce lawyer in Maryland? The attorneys at Houlon, Berman, Finci & Levenstein, LLC will advocate on your behalf to obtain the results you want, while remaining compassionate to the severity of your

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Can I Get Maintenance Or Will I Have To Provide Maintenance To My Spouse

Whether or not maintenance, or alimony, will be awarded to either party in a given case will depend on the specific facts of each case. The court uses a specific set of factors in determining alimony.

It is important to note that alimony in Maryland can be classified in three different groups: pendente lite alimony, statutory alimony, and indefinite alimony.

Alimony pendente lite is alimony awarded to a dependent spouse that is only meant to continue for the duration of the case, until a final order is entered. The purpose of pendente lite alimony is to maintain the status quo between the parties as much as possible.

Statutory alimony is awarded to a dependent spouse, the amount and duration of which is determined by a list of factors that the court considers. In Maryland, the primary purpose of alimony is to be rehabilitative in nature, allowing a dependent spouse time to reach a point where they may become self-supporting. Rehabilitative alimony is temporary in nature and is typically awarded for a set period of time.

Indefinite alimony is the exception to the rule of statutory alimony. It may only be awarded if the court makes one of two specific findings regarding the dependent spouse.

What Should Men Consider During Alimony Negotiations

First of all, Maryland law does not or should not consider gender during alimony decisions.

This codified lack of bias means that either your spouse or you may be granted spousal support payments during and after a divorce.

If you were a stay-at-home parent or otherwise sacrificed your career so your former spouse could be the primary breadwinner, then you may be eligible for alimony from your ex even if you are a man. A mens divorce lawyer will advocate on your behalf.

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Scott Strickler Geoffrey Platnick

301-230-5200 | shulmanrogers.com

Scott Strickler, 56, and Geoffrey Platnick, 48, are both master strategists. Platnick, a strategy game lover, views the practice of family law much like a chess game and is often court-appointed to strictly represent children who are pawns in a divorce. Strickler delights in confounding opponents and admits that he has handled divorces that have been planned as many as three years before clients left their spouses. It is never too early to discuss strategies that other lawyers might not contemplate, he says.

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