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Can You Request Alimony After Divorce

What Are The Penalties For Nonpayment

How to Get Spousal Support (Alimony)

If a spouse who is ordered to pay maintenance fails to pay it as ordered, there are several potential penalties. The spouse may be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor for willfully violating the courts orders under A.R.S. 25-511.01. To prove the criminal case, a prosecutor will be required to show the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • There was a maintenance order issued by the court
  • The order directed the defendant to pay spousal maintenance
  • The defendant received notice of the order
  • The defendant was willful or intentional and
  • The defendant disobeyed the order.

If the ex-spouse is convicted of the class 1 misdemeanor offense, he or she can be sentenced to serve up to six months in jail under A.R.S. 13-707. In addition to potential criminal penalties, there are also potential civil remedies. A spouse who is owed maintenance that his or her former spouse has failed to pay may file a petition to enforce spousal maintenance under A.R.S. 25-508. Once the petition is filed, the court will schedule a hearing. Since most spousal maintenance payments are made through the Support Payment Clearinghouse, it is possible to obtain records showing that the payments were not made.

Spousal maintenance orders can be enforced in a number of different ways, including the following:

  • Lien against property

How Long Do You Have To Be Married To Get Alimony On A Temporary Basis

In our experience, in Southern California courts, judges will award temporary alimony while the divorce is pending on marriages that are 6-12 months, or longer. There is no black and white rule here. Shorter marriages can result in alimony orders. Longer marriages can have alimony denied.

But we have found as long as you can show the court you have a need for alimony based on the marital standard of living and the other spouse has the ability to pay it, you stand a reasonable chance of getting temporary alimony.

Temporary alimony is often based on a computer program.

Temporary alimony usually lasts while the divorce is pending although if the halfway duration of the marriage in a very short marriage will be less time than the number of months the divorce is pending, the family court may order alimony for only half the duration of the marriage.

For example, in a six month marriage, the court may order temporary alimony for three months and have a cut off date as opposed to keeping it going for the entire length of the divorce case and until it ends.

What Determines If A Spouse Gets Alimony

Many states provide their spousal support rules based on the factors listed in the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act. So, before applying for the alimony, make sure you fulfill these conditions. Here are some reasons that the state court may consider while determining whether to award alimony or not.

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Before Filing For Divorce Learn All About Alimony : What It Is How It Works And How Its Enforced

Alimony isn’t automatic and isn’t ordered in every divorce. But it isn’t exactly rare either. If you’re facing a divorce and are planning to request alimony, or you think your spouse might ask for it, you’ll want to understand what alimony is, how judges made decisions on the issue, when you can change or stop alimony payments, and how you and your spouse might reach an agreement on the issue rather than having a judge decide for you.

How Does The Court Determine Spousal Support

How To Recover Financially After Divorce

Each state has varying rules for how judges decide alimony payments. Most states dont have a one-size-fits-all calculation, like they do for child support, so judges typically have broad discretion when it comes to the type and amount of spousal support.

Some states provide the judges with specific factors to consider, which may include:

  • the spouses’ ages and health
  • each parties ability to earn income
  • the requesting spouse’s financial need and the others ability to pay, and

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S To Request Alimony After Divorce Proceedings

Requesting alimony can be a necessary but complex part of divorce. Below is a list of steps to take if your situation suddenly changes.

Divorce proceedings are complicated. You may finally get to a place where things have been agreed to or settled on, and then life happens and things change. This can be especially true when it comes down to finances and alimony.

Even after things have been decided through the court, its possible that certain situations can change due to a job change, or any other type of financial modification.

In California, the state determines spousal support or alimony based on the length of the marriage. A marriage of a long duration under California law is a marriage that is a marriage of 10 years or more.

The court also has continued, things rarely remain exactly the same after an order has been made.

In order to ask the court to change spousal support or alimony, a change in circumstances that something has significantly changed since the original partner support was finalized.

To request these changes there are various steps to be completed in order for the court to hear your requested change to a spousal support order.

These are the steps to take to start your request:

  • Filling out the proper court forms
  • Request for Order, Income and Expense Declaration, Spousal or Partner Support Declaration Attachment , Declaration or an Attached Declaration if needed

  • Have your forms reviewed
  • Make Copies Your Forms
  • File your forms
  • Can I Obtain Spousal Support On An Emergency Basis

    We often see cases where spouses separate from one another and the employed spouse cuts off the unemployed spouse from access to any community funds or income. These circumstances present an immediate need to file papers in court. In Utah, the procedure to address this problem usually involves the prompt filing of a divorce case along with a Request for Order for temporary alimony. A Request for Order is a motion where the person asks the court to make some type of temporary order, in this case for alimony, and a hearing date is set. Additionally, we often file an ex parte application to ask the court to grant an expedited hearing date so that the person in dire need of spousal support doesnt have to wait a month or two for a hearing date. As you might suspect, the court generally does not appreciate it when one spouse completely cuts off the other spouse from having money to live and pay bills.

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    What Types Of Alimony Are There

    Before jumping to the main point, it is better to know the types of child support payments. You will find different types of alimony that can be awarded to one spouse from the other during a divorce. For example-

    • Temporary maintenance: It is only granted during the divorce proceedings. Payment in this case lasts only until the final divorce. And in many cases, an official maintenance agreement can also be made.
    • Permanent or long-term maintenance: Perpetual Alimony is a process whereby it is granted to a spouse until death, retirement or remarriage. It is common when the ex-spouse is not self-sufficient due to disability or age.
    • rehabilitation maintenance: Rehabilitation alimony is currently the most common type of alimony payment in divorce cases. It is granted when a former spouse needs some time to qualify for the job market, complete an education or until the children are grown.

    This alimony has a fixed term set by a judge. This date is set until the judge is of the opinion that the person is self-employed or capable of assuming responsibility themselves.

    • Lump sum maintenance: Some states allow a spouse to make lump sum alimony payments instead of monthly alimony payments. Basically, it is a one-time payment to a spouse.
    • Child support reimbursement: This type of alimony is given in return for any investment one spouse makes in the other spouses education or business.

    Note: The type of alimony payments depends on the laws of different states or countries.

    What Is Rehabilitative Alimony

    VA Disability, Divorce, Child Support, Alimony, Garnishment & Apportionment

    Rehabilitative alimony is granted for a specified time period. It provides the recipient with the funds to obtain the job skills and education needed for him or her to become self-sufficient. This type of spousal support is also available to the stay-at-home parent who takes care of the children.

    Although the court order or agreement specifies a duration for rehabilitative support payments, this alimony can be reviewed at the end of a predetermined period. The court or divorcing parties must include a review provision in the agreement. The paying spouse has the right to stipulate in the agreement that there be no review. However, the court can override the payors wishes and continue the support due to hardships such as the illness or incapacity.

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    Alimony Laws Vary By State

    Spousal support laws vary among states. Most states have cut back on awarding permanent alimony in favor of temporary or rehabilitative spousal support to encourage the recipient to become self-sufficient. Recipients may also get temporary support if they are the principal caregiver of the couple’s children.

    Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington are more likely to grant the recipient life-long support payments. Cases involving long marriages where one partner earned much less than the other are most likely to be awarded permanent alimony.

    States may limit or deny spousal support if the recipient was the cause of the breakup. Georgia and North Carolina see adultery, abandonment, and marital misconduct as grounds for limiting or denying alimony. Most states, however, recognize no-fault divorce and do not consider who’s to blame when awarding spousal support.

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    What Are Your Spousal Support Options In A Divorce

    Permanent, temporary, lump-sum, rehabilitative, and reimbursement are all types of alimony that may apply to you during a divorce.

    While divorce may end a marriage, it doesn’t necessarily end the obligations of one spouse to another. Oftentimes, one spouse is able to receive spousal support, or alimony, to help them establish a new, post-divorce life.

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    S To Getting Alimony After A Divorce Has Already Been Finalized

    by | Sep 2, 2021 | Alimony |

    Divorce is one of the lowest moments in any persons life. This is when everything does not go as you had hoped when you were signing the marriage certificate. Once the divorce has been finalized, you may realize that your financial situation has rapidly deteriorated or is not what you had hoped it would be.

    You may have entered a divorce proceeding without the right legal counsel. In other instances, you may have signed the divorce paperwork while under excessive pressure or in extenuating circumstances. This does not necessarily mean that everything is lost. Normally, property terms are final after six months. However, some things are usually modifiable going forward, including child custody, child support, and alimony. So with the assistance of the right legal counsel, you may be able to revisit the issue of alimony, even after the divorce has been completed.

    Preventing Modification Of Spousal Support Also Stops The Support Amount From Being Reduced

    4 Tax Breaks For Divorced Parents With Kids In College

    Remember that the modification can also work in reverse. If the Staples Language is not used, and the Divorce Judgment does award one party spousal support , if the party who pays the support has a loss or reduction in income they could argue that the support should be modified to accommodate the changed circumstances, as they can no longer afford to pay the $400 per month in my example. This situation could lead to a shocking result for some: if you were awarded a monthly payment from your ex-spouse that you have come to rely on, they could try and pull the rug out from underneath you by later filing a motion in the Court asking that the support payment be cancelled or reduced. Unless the Staples Language was used in the Divorce Judgment, the paying party could always seek to have the award modified in the future.

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    Can I Or Will I Receive Alimony After A Simple Uncontested No

    May 4, 2018 | Alimony & Spousal Support, Divorce

    Because Pennsylvania has an equal rights amendment, alimony is not exclusive to wives anymore , but it is never something that happens automatically as part of ANY divorce.

    The simple answer is that in an uncontested divorce, the payment of alimony to one ex-spouse by the other obviously after the divorce is final must be agreed upon in writing as part of the divorce documents before the divorce is final. If one spouse wants alimony and the other refuses to pay , the divorce is no longer uncontested, nor is it simple or low cost. Lawyer fees and court costs will skyrocket into many thousands of dollars with no guarantee of alimony being ordered at all by the court or ordered in the requested amount.

    Alimony in Pennsylvania is for economic rehabilitation, not to punish the spouse being asked to pay it. Things like differences in actual earnings and potential earnings and the economic need among other things must be considered. Quite often, one spouse may refuse to cooperate in a low cost, uncontested divorce unless alimony is agreed upon. Its the old story of one giving up something to get something. In one case of mine, the husband agreed, so he could get divorced and marry someone else, to pay several hundred dollars monthly in alimony forever! As time went on, paying that alimony so he could re-marry became increasingly less appealingbut he had stuck himself with it .


    Can I Get Alimony For How Many Years Would I Get The Payments

    Your spouse can be ordered to pay you alimony if the judge finds that you were financially dependent on your spouse during the marriage . You can prove you were dependent if all of the following apply:

    • you relied on your spouse for financial support
    • you dont have sufficient property, including marital property, to provide for your needs and
    • you are unable to support yourself through work or you cannot work due to caring for a child whose condition makes it inappropriate for you to work.1

    Even if you can prove you are the dependent party, there are still many factors a judge will consider when deciding if you will get alimony and how much you will get. See What factors will a judge consider when deciding whether or not I get alimony? for more information.

    Alimony payments can be ordered to start while the divorce is still pending in court, which is known as interim or temporary alimony,2 and for a period of time after the divorce is finalized. The court will determine how long you or the other party will receive alimony. If you have been married for 20 years or longer, there is no limit to how long you can receive alimony. However, if you were married for less than 20 years, you cannot collect alimony for more than 50% of the length of the marriage.3 For example, if you were married for 10 years, you could only collect alimony for up to five years.

    1 13 Del.C. § 1512, 2 13 Del.C. § 1512

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    Can I Request Alimony After The Divorce

    If you are a divorcing spouse with financial needs, you may make a request for alimony as part of your divorce. A provision for alimony may be included in the separation agreement. Typically, alimony payment will commence once the divorce is finalized. For those whose divorce did not address the issue of alimony, Massachusetts law also provides that spouses may request alimony at any time post-judgment.

    The judge will determine the amount and duration of alimony based on the same factors that would be considered if your divorce was not yet finalized. These factors include the length of the marriage, the conduct of the spouses during the marriage, the age and health of the spouses, the amount and source of income, occupation, financial status, employability, and vocational skills of each spouse, as well as the debts and financial needs of both spouses. The judge will also give consideration to the financial needs of any dependent children. The duration of general term alimony may be limited based on the length of the marriage. Although you and your spouse may agree on the terms of an alimony request, a judge will ultimately have to review it for fairness before he or she can consider granting it. If you were not awarded alimony with your divorce but you made a request for it, you may be able to request alimony again if you can show that there has been a material change in circumstances that would warrant a modification.

    How Is Spousal Maintenance Calculated

    Your Uncontested Divorce

    Judges are given broad discretion in whether to order spousal maintenance as well as the amount of the payments. It is not guaranteed. Instead, judges consider a number of different factors that are outlined in A.R.S. 25-319 when they are weighing whether to grant a request for maintenance.

    Some of the factors that a judge will consider include the following:

    Courts do not take marital misconduct into account when they are determining whether to award spousal support. Maintenance is also not meant to be punitive, so a judge will not order a spouse to pay maintenance simply to punish him or her. The statutes do not provide guidance for how much maintenance that judges should order when they do grant a maintenance request. After weighing the factors and taking them into account, judges can grant maintenance in an amount and duration that seems fair under the circumstances.

    Finally, under A.R.S. 25-530, courts may not consider veterans disability benefits awarded for service-connected disabilities as a part of the income of spouses when they are determining whether to award spousal maintenance.

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