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Should You Cash Out A 401k In A Divorce

What Should I Do With A QDRO Divorce Settlement? Part I

Am I suggesting that retirement plans are a good source of cash when going through a divorce? Let me be clear. No, I am not suggesting that at all. I simply want to share that if you have a cash need and it makes the most sense to take it from a retirement account, the IRS does allow you to take money from a 401K without penalty.

Keep in mind, though, if the funds are in a pre-tax account, they will still be taxable when withdrawn. The plan administrator will withhold taxes when the distribution is made. However, it may not be enough to cover your tax liability, depending on your marginal tax rate, so youll want to plan accordingly.

Divorce After : The Impact On Retirement Savings

Divorce after 50the rate of which has doubled since 19901can have an outsize impact on your financial security. Indeed, parting ways with your spouse can potentially halve your assets while doubling your expenses, which can be especially detrimental when you dont have decades to regroup and rebuild.

After a long marriage, theres a greater likelihood that much of a couples wealth resides in assets acquired together over the years, says Bob Barth, a Schwab wealth strategist based in Orlando, Florida.

How those assets will be divided varies considerably depending on where you live. For example, in the nine community property statesArizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsinall earnings and everything acquired with those earnings during the marriage are generally divided 50/50. In common law states, on the other hand, marital assets should be divided equitably, a standard that gives courts considerable discretion in deciding whats fair.

Even assets that are understood to be separatesuch as certain types of inheritances may still figure into how a court decides who gets what. Youll want the help of your financial advisor, an accountant, and a lawyer well-versed in state-specific rules, Bob says. Divorce is complicated, and there are a lot of different ways you can approach it. In addition, these rules are constantly evolving in the law.

Should I Trade An Ira For Other Assets

Would you prefer retirement assets over a regular investment account or cash?

Age may be a factor depending on how close one spouse or the other is to retirement.

It is crucial to consider the tax implications of the assets you will be receiving. Remember, a retirement account is pre-tax, and cash has no tax implications, so these two assets are not necessarily equal.

If youre not sure of how your scenario could play out, seek professional help. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can help you understand the potential tax implications of your settlement and help you understand what your future will look like.

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The Cares Act And Your Divorce

The CARES Act makes it easier to tap retirement assets for financially-strapped families during their divorce.

Divorcing spouses often face financial belt-tighteningmeasures as they temporarily figure out how to support two households. Money worriesare even worse right now thanks to coronavirus-related business shut-downs.People are being furloughed, losing hours, getting laid off, or having to taketime off to care for children or a sick family member.

Thankfully, the CARES Act has made it possible to withdraw upto $200,000 from your 401 or similar retirement account without incurringsignificant financial penalties.

Typically, its extremely difficult to get at your money early. Think of your retirement account as a locked safe: to withdraw money from it before age 59 1/2, you have to crack multiple defenses like penalties and steep tax withholding.

But now, with the COVID-19 crisis, the safe has been opened at least temporarily.

The CARES Act permits an individual under age 59 1/2 towithdraw up to $100,000 from an IRA or other retirement plans like a 401,403, or 457 without incurring a ten percent early withdrawal penalty. For divorcing spouses, that extra financialcushion could be a godsend.

While you will owe taxes on any withdrawal, since theoriginal contributions were pre-tax, that amount can be spread over threeyears.

How can my spouse and I use this new law to access $200,000?

Are there other options besides a withdrawal?

Ira Vs Roth Ira: Whats The Difference


The most significant difference between a traditional and Roth IRA is how and when you get a tax break.

With a traditional IRA, your contributions are tax-deductible in the year they are made. The tax advantage of a Roth IRA is that your withdrawals in retirement are not taxed.

That means contributions to a Roth IRA are not deductible on your tax return, but if you do decide to take a withdrawal once you reach 59 ½, and have held the account for at least five years, you do not have to pay any taxes on the withdrawal.

Also, unlike regular IRAs, Roth IRAs have no required minimum distributions meaning you never have to take a distribution, ever.

There are income limits on who can contribute to a Roth IRA. According to IRS rules, if you make too much money, you are not eligible to contribute.

Its important to note that Roth IRAs may not last forever since the government likes to get paid via taxes, and with Roths, they do not receive what they consider their fair share.

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How Do Qdro Distributions Work

There are several options for QDRO distributions. You can take the funds as a lump sum but will be subject to a mandatory withholding tax, which is 20% for federal taxes. You may also be subject to state taxes depending on where you live. A receiving spouse can also roll QDRO assets into their own qualified plan or into a traditional or Roth IRA. If converting the assets to a Roth IRA, the funds must be rolled over to a traditional IRA first and youll be taxed on the converted amount. Another option is to roll over the assets to a traditional IRA and take distributions over time, which is known as substantially equal periodic payments or 72 distributions.

How Can A Couple Split An Ira

You can give your ex spouse a portion of the IRA through a transfer incident. The owner of the IRA will transfer the desired portion according to IRS rules, and those IRA assets then become property of the former spouse. If the receiving spouse takes distributions, they will be subject to the 10 penalty on those distributions. But as long as all rules are followed and considering no distributions are taken, both the owner and receiving spouse can avoid the 10 penalty and other tax through an IRA transfer.

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Dividing Qualified Plan Assets Vs Iras

Even if you and your spouse will divide the assets in your IRAs and qualified plans in exactly the same way, a separate legal term applies to each type of division. IRAs are divided using a process known as “transfer incident to divorce,” while 403 and qualified plans such as 401s are split under a qualified domestic relations order .

You and your spouse need to clearly delineate the category into which each of your retirement assets falls when you submit your information to the judge or mediator so they are listed correctly in the divorce or separation agreement. Not doing this can produce unnecessary complications.

Mistake #: Not Maintaining Control Over Insurance Policies

Divorce And Your 401(k). How is it split up? What is a QDRO?

Most divorce judgments call for one of theparties to obtain a life insurance policy to insure the value of alimonypayments, child support, or some other financial obligation. If you are thespouse for whom the insurance is obtained, it is critical that you are eitherthe owner or irrevocable beneficiary of the policy. If not, your ex-spousecould easily stop making payments on the policy, and you would never know aboutit until the policy benefits are needed, but no longer exist. This could bedevastating. As the owner or irrevocable beneficiary, you would be notified ofany outstanding issues with the policy, such as non-payment of the premium, andcould therefore take action and prevent the policy from lapsing or beingcancelled.

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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

There are three steps involved in splitting a 401 during a divorce. First, the court will order the division to take place in the divorce decree. At that point, you and your attorney will draw up a QDRO, which describes to the plan administrator how it should be split to remain compliant with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. The judge will sign off on the QDRO, as will the plan administrator, and at that point, the receiving spouse is known as the alternate payee.

The QDRO should contain the name and contact information of the plan participant and the receiving spouse. It will also name the retirement account involved and the dollar amount or percentage to be paid out. There should also be a timeline for the payout and, if multiple payments will take place, when those payments should be made, as well as the amounts of each. Its important that both attorneys are involved in approving the document to make sure it acts in the best interests of both parties.

How Do I Divide An Ira In Divorce

The spouse who will receive a portion of the IRA will need to have an IRA in their own name. The easiest way to do this is to open an account with the custodian where the IRA being split is held. A custodian is a company who holds the account.

Once the account is open, the final divorce decree and related paperwork is sent to the custodian and tells them how the IRA is supposed to be split.

Assuming all the paperwork is in good order, the funds should be transferred directly into the recipient spouses IRA. That could take anywhere between a couple of days up to a few weeks.

Once the transfer is complete, the recipient spouse can leave the IRA with the custodian it is at or transfer it to the custodian of their choice.

NOTE: It is possible to transfer an IRA directly from one custodian, where the owner spouse holds their IRA to a different custodian of the recipient spouses choice. That can be done instead of the recipient spouse opening a new account where the IRA is initially held. In my experience, this can add quite a bit of complexity and delay the transfer as different custodians have different rules surrounding transfers incident to divorce.

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  • Changing the name on the IRA.
  • Making a direct transfer of IRA assets.

What Is The Roth Ira 5


The Roth IRA 5-Year Rule is an IRS rule thats used to define qualifiedand therefore, tax-freedistributions from a Roth account. Specifically, this rule says that withdrawals from a Roth IRA only count as qualified distributions if at least five years have passed since you first opened and made a contribution to your account.

The 5-year rule does not dictate when a distribution is also subject to early withdrawal penalties. Generally, an IRA owner is subject to a 10% early withdrawal penalty if they take money from their account before age 59 ½. The IRS does, however, allow some exceptions to this rule.

The clock for the 5-year rule starts ticking on the first day of the tax year that you made a contribution to your Roth IRA. During this five-year period, you can still withdraw your original contributions to a Roth IRA without triggering any tax. But any withdrawals of earnings would be subject to income tax at your regular tax rate.

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Qualified Domestic Relations Order And Your Retirement Accounts

What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order?

Youve seen how you and your ex spouse can avoid a tax penalty by transferring an IRA through the divorce decree. You can divide funds from other retirement plans with your spouse in a similar manner, but qualified retirement plan assets must be managed by QDRO. Basically, QDRO covers any retirement account that isnt an IRA. To avoids delays in the divorce and complications, make sure you delineate assets depending on the typeIRAs fall under transfers incident to divorce every other type under QDROon your divorce settlement and property settlement agreement.

Considering the complex rules and possible penalty charges regarding IRA assets in divorce, both the IRA owner and ex spouse may be wise to seek information from a financial professional or mediator familiar with IRAs and how they relate to divorce.

For more information about transfer options, QDRO, IRS penalties to either spouse, or to answer questions you or your former spouse have about the mediation process and how it can benefit you, call the office today to schedule a free consultation.

Roth Ira Early Withdrawals And Divorce

Its possible that you may need to take money from your Roth IRA early. For example, you may need cash to pay your attorneys fees, clear up debts or rent a new place to live. In that case, the 5-year rule would apply and you could be subject to income tax on distributions if your accounts been open less than five years. Depending on your age, the early withdrawal penalty might also kick in.

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Dividing An Ira In Divorce

Because the entire purpose of an IRA is to avoid adverse tax consequences, its important to be careful when dividing an IRA in divorce. IRAs are considered community property so long as the funds were contributed during the marriage. That means that IRAs are subject to division and distribution upon divorce.

IRAs are not subject to the Employee Retirement Income Savings Act , which means that you do not need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to get the plan administrator to distribute the fund assets to someone other than the named account-holder. However, in order to avoid any adverse tax consequences , the transfer must be explicitly ordered either in a divorce decree or in a settlement agreement incorporated into the divorce decree.

The divorce decree or settlement should explicitly instruct the plan administrator to distribute the funds into a new IRA in the name of the other spouse. The spouse receiving the funds must, in turn, set up a new IRA in their own name in order to receive the funds. Upon receiving the decree, the plan administrator will divide the IRA as directed by the court decree and transfer any funds owed to the former spouse into their new IRA. If the transfer is made pursuant to a divorce decree, then the transfer is defined as a transfer incident to divorce, and no tax penalties will be incurred.

Is An Ira A Marital Asset

What Should I Do With A QDRO Divorce Settlement? Part II

If the IRA consists of contributions made while you were married, then the IRA is a marital asset and is property of both you and your spouse. That means in the event of divorce, retirement plan assets, IRAs, and similar retirement accounts will have to be split up and distributed like all other shared property. Unless another agreement is reached, you will likely need to transfer a portion of the IRA to the other party.

Unlike other assets that must be divided in the divorce, IRAs can incur tax penalties/withdrawal penalties, so tax consequences must be considered when couples consider their options for distributing IRA assets. Because tax rules in regards to IRA funds can be very complex, the best course of action is often to consult with a financial institution or professional accountant before either spouse makes a decision.

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Dealing With The Financial Challenges

You dont want to have financial stress in addition to the other difficult issues you face. To avoid unexpected financial stress, you will need to be familiar with things such as property rights, alimony, debt, taxes, retirement plans and child custody and child support. Youll most likely seek the advice of an attorney. To better prepare you for those conversations, here are a few things you may want to consider doing to help protect your financial well-being:

  • Revise your will, trust and beneficiary designations on IRAs, retirement plans and insurance policies to remove your spouse if you choose.
  • Review your life insurance coverage.
  • Check your health and disability insurance. If you were covered under your spouses employer-provided insurance, you may need to look for other coverage options.
  • Understand the income tax implications and how those liabilities may factor into your settlement.
  • Confirm with your credit card companies the process for having your name removed from all credit or debit cards that could be used for future purchases by your spouse.
  • Review your retirement assets, as well as your spouses retirement assets, and understand how the divorce may affect your retirement savings.
  • Create a new single income budget. Large expense items such as housing costs may change dramatically, and that can affect your ability to balance your budget going forward.

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