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Mat Rueda Family Law Firm

Divorce in Texas: What You Need to Know Before You File | Austin Divorce Attorney

I specialize in all types of Family Law cases. A substantial amount of is in traditional, litigated divorces. I prefer the former because it is a less expensive and more efficient process which gives the divorcing couple the opportunity to improve their communications, settle their disputes with dignity and preserve valuable family relationships.

Even in emotional circumstances, I help resolve your divorce through mediation, allowing you a strong voice in the outcome. But we are also prepared to take your case to court if that will provide the best resolution. I handle divorce cases involving a broad spectrum of clients, from those who are struggling financially and are facing divorce and foreclosure of their home to clients who have significant assets and property which they need to protect. MRFamilyLawyer.com

Indianapolis Family Law Attorney

Divorce and separation can be difficult situations, calling for tough, emotional decisions, particularly when children are involved. Yet the decisions made during a divorce can impact the family dynamic and domestic relations for years to come. The Indiana family law attorneys at Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP approach your case with caring and sympathy, but also with the legal knowledge and experience necessary to make sure that your rights and best interests are protected now and into the future. Our comprehensive family law practice covers the full spectrum of family law matters, include divorce, separation and adoption.

Rules Concerning Children During Divorce Proceedings

Travis County has very specific rules regarding children during divorce proceedings. These rules are detailed in a Standing Order given upon petitioning for divorce. Neither spouse can take the children out of Texas unless they have received official permission and agreement from the other spouse or the court.

You are also not allowed to remove your children from school or any program that they regularly attend. Written consent from either the other spouse or the court is required to remove children from regular activities. If you hide the children or move homes without the other spouse or courts awareness and agreement, you are in direct violation of the regulations.

You are also going against the Travis County regulations if you disturb the peace of the children in any way. As much as possible, they should be able to continue with their day-to-day activities during the proceedings and kept apart from the parents dispute. If you have additional questions regarding child custody in Travis County, our Austin child custody attorneys can help.

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How Can You Check If A Texas Attorney Has Been Disciplined In The Past

  • The State Bar of Texas keeps Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct records of violations or grievances against attorneys in the state. You can use the search tool on the state bar website to check an attorney’s public disciplinary history. The state bar search results should show the lawyer’s disciplinary history in Texas and other states.

James Evans Evans Family Law Group

Austin Texas Divorce Attorneys

Named one of the best divorce lawyers in Austin by threebestrated.com, James Evans enjoys an outstanding reputation as one of Austins most respected and accomplished family law lawyers. At Evans Family Law Group, he offers diligent, dedicated representation to clients throughout Austin and the surrounding areas in all their family law-related matters. Focus areas include child custody and support, contested/ uncontested divorce, adoption, division of property, international custody, paternity, military divorce, enforcement of court orders, collaborative law, and grandparents rights. A free initial consultation is available to all new clients.

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Confinement To A Mental Hospital

If your spouse has been confined to a mental hospital for a period of 3 years with no signs of their mental disorder improving, this can be claimed as a valid reason to file for divorce in Austin. This statute was instituted with the protection of the mentally ills best interests in mind. In order to properly divide property, the court may appoint someone to represent the confined individual.


In Austin, this is the only ground for divorce in which there is no fault placed on one of the divorcing parties. In other parts of the country, these grounds are commonly referred to as irreconcilable differences. This means you are stating that there are differences in your marriage that you and your spouse are unable to overcome.

Using this no-fault assertion requires the divorcing couple to agree that their relationship cannot be reconciled due to personality conflicts and that they have simply drifted too far apart to mend their differences. Generally, this ground for divorce is less expensive and faster as the divorcing parties are able to agree on the terms of the divorce.


This ground for divorce is utilized when one of the parties in a marriage is being treated so poorly by their spouse that they cant reasonably stay in that marriage. This could be due to physical abuse, derogatory language, neglect, humiliation, or threats to ones safety.



Conviction of a Felony

1. When the prison sentence is less than a year.

Living Apart

Law Office Of Ben Carrasco Pllc

108 Wild Basin Rd. Ste 250West Lake Hills, TX 78746 320-9126

Youre probably here because youre dealing with one of the most difficult challenges of your life: a family law issue. I understand your predicament. As the child of divorce, I am well aware of how difficult this time is for everyone involved. Ben Carrasco is my name. In Austin, Texas, I practice family law as a Stanford-educated attorney. I offer personal advice, consistent leadership, and aggressive representation. bencarrascolaw.com

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Texas High Net Worth Divorce

Austin Divorce Attorney Amy Gehm has experience with all manner of divorce cases, including high net worth divorces in Austin. A high net worth divorce follows the same legal principles and proceedings as non-high net worth divorces, however, the process is much more complicated and requires a more sophisticated approach.

We Protect What You Value The Most

Appealing a Child Custody Decision | Texas Divorce Attorney

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John M. Dudziak understands that clients who seek out his help are going through some of the most difficult times of their lives. Divorce and Child Custody issues are some of the most stressful problems you can face.

Our dedicated Buffalo Divorce Lawyers do everything in their power to help clients through these issues as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

After making the decision to enter private practice, John M. Dudziak began practicing family law, so he has the experience and the skill necessary to help you and your family get through this difficult time.

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Schedule A Consultation With A Austin Divorce Lawyer

Contact Petrelli Previtera to schedule a consultation with a member of our team. Our firm offers online scheduling, so you can get started today by choosing a time that works for you. During our first meeting, we will define your goals and consider any potential obstacles in getting exactly what you want in your divorce. If you decide to retain us as your counsel, we can begin the process immediately after the first meeting.

Request Of Temporary Restraining Order

In especially difficult situations, you may want to request a temporary restraining order. This outlines various regulations about the situation between you and your spouse for a limited time, requiring that both parties be civil. It is important to note that filing a petition for divorce in Travis County comes with a specific Standing Order which protects the spouses and their children and preserves any property they each may have.

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How Do You Find A Good Texas Lawyer

  • To find the right Texas lawyer, you need to ask questions pertinent to your legal case. You should find an attorney to meet your specific needs. Questions to ask before hiring a lawyer may include:

  • How much experience do you have with cases like mine?
  • Do you know the judge or prosecutor in this case?
  • Should I take this case to mediation?
  • What are your legal fees and expenses?
  • Are you available after hours for questions?
  • Which lawyers or associates will I be dealing with?
  • Do I have to appear in person for my case?
  • Where is your Texas law office located?

Some people find a lawyer based on a recommendation from a friend or family member but you should do your own evaluation. A friend who suggested a divorce attorney may not be in the best position to recommend a criminal defense law attorney or tax lawyer. Dealing with legal issues can be complicated and frustrating. You should find the right lawyer that you can connect with to provide you with information, advice, and the legal aid you need.

The Law Office Of Carolyn H Young

Austin Divorce Attorney Ashleigh Bearden

Whether youre struggling to settle a child visitation agreement or ready to file for divorce, you dont have to do it alone. The Law Office of Carolyn H Young provides experienced legal counsel and advice so that you can take the best course of action. Call 512-481-0900 now to schedule your consultation with a diligent family attorney in Austin, TX. CarolynYoungLaw.com

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Types Of Spousal Support

Most people think of alimony as court-ordered financial support that one spouse pays to their former-spouse after divorce. Under Texas law, there are a variety of spousal-support options: temporary spousal support, spousal maintenance, and contractual alimony.

  • The first type, referred to as spousal support, allows a spouse to receive financial support based on the needs, expenses, and financial obligations of the parties during the pending of the divorce. One spouse pays this support to the other until the divorce is final. Sometimes, this obligation is terminated even before then, depending on the circumstances of the case.
  • The second type of spousal support is spousal maintenance. This type of financial support allows a spouse to receive periodic payments from the former spouses income after finalizing the divorce. However, the difference between this and contractual alimony is that spousal maintenance is a court-ordered payment, and it is only ordered in certain circumstances.
  • The third type of spousal support is contractual alimony, and it allows both spouses to agree to payments of financial support as part of the divorce. This type of spousal support is often an appealing option for both parties who are trying to settle their divorce because it allows for more flexibility on the amount and frequency of payments. Furthermore, this option allows one spouse to have a source of monthly income for an agreed amount of time after the divorce.
  • Board Certified In Family Law By The Texas Board Of Specialization

    Whatever your family law problems may be:adoption,cohabitation agreements, divorce, etc. we have the skill set needed to help you resolve them quickly and efficiently.

    For 23 years, Melissa M. Williams has been dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of representation possible. As a result, our Austin family and divorce law firm has a long track record of success as well as a comprehensive understanding of Texas family law. In fact, Attorney Williams is a Texas board-certified family law attorney based in Austin, making her a certified expert in Texas family law.

    Our team can effectively guide you throughout every stage of the legal process while helping you make well-informed decisions about the future.

    • Hands-on Advocacy

      When you hire Melissa M. Williams, you work directly with our attorney. You can rely on her to represent your case fully to the end.

    • Specialized Focus

      There are peaceful alternatives to traditional litigation divorce. We are experienced in both traditional litigation and collaborative alternatives

    • Board Certified Family Law Attorney

      Attorney Melissa Williams has been certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization to practice Family Law in the state of Texas, a high honor speaking to the her dedication.

    • Creative, Proactive Approach

      We take our clients’ cases very seriously and we understand that no two cases are alike. Every case is handled with an open mind and by an attorney who is here to listen to your side of the story.

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    Who Pays For The Divorce

    In Texas divorces and Family Law Courts, neither spouse is automatically expected to unilaterally cover the entire cost of the divorce . Instead, it is the community assets that will be used to cover these expenses. If one party has control of more of the community assets, then that party may be ordered by the court to pay the attorneys fees of the other party from community assets available to him or her. This can be either spouse.

    Sometimes the community assets are not enough to cover these expenses forcing either party to get extra funding from family, friends or loans. In any case, the incorrect legal strategy can dramatically increase the cost of your Texas divorce. Call our Austin family law attorneys to develop the best plan for your divorce strategy.

    What Are Grounds For Divorce In Texas

    Can You Challenge a Prenup? | Texas Divorce Attorney

    There are other grounds where one party is deemed at fault for the split. A few of the most common reason for a fault divorce are:

    • Cruel behavior such as physical violence by one spouse towards the other in a way that makes living together impossible
    • A spouse has been convicted of a felony
    • A spouse has been in prison for a year or longer

    Determining fault in a divorce is important when it comes to the division of marital assets. If the wronged spouse is able to provide significant evidence of fault by the opposing spouse, they may be awarded a larger share of the marital assets. These assets include, but are not limited to, the marital home, cars, shared bank accounts, retirement plans, stock options, etc.

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    How Long Will It Take

    The use of the OnlineDivorce.com service usually takes between 30 minutes and two hours or more depending on the complexity of your case. Youâll start filling out the questionnaire immediately and can either complete it in one sitting, or you can save your progress and complete it at a later date if that is more convenient for you.

    Once youâve gotten the documents complete, you will need to file them and get your spouseâs signature. Youâll have more information regarding the finalization of your divorce case once you complete your paperwork and submit it with the clerk of courts.

    How Much Are Filing Fees At The Local Courthouse

    In Travis County, the filing fee for a Petition for Divorce without children is $258, and the filing fee for a Petition for Divorce with children is $273. In addition, a citation for service of the Petition for Divorce costs $8.

    In Williamson County, the filing fee for a Petition for Divorce without children is $226, and the filing fee for a Petition for Divorce with children is $241. In addition, a citation for service of the Petition for Divorce costs $8.

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    Q: How Much Will I Pay In Alimony Or Spousal Support

    A: The court makes alimony and spousal support determinations based on several factors. The income of each spouse, the length of the marriage, each spouses behavior in the marriage, and the grounds for the divorce all influence these decisions. For example, a higher-earning spouse will likely owe his or her ex alimony or spousal support if the divorce leads to a drastic shift in lifestyle for the ex. Contact our Austin alimony lawyers to learn more about spousal support in Texas.

    Texas No Fault Divorce Lawyers

    Nationally Recognized Attorney Opens Austin, Texas Family Law Office

    Divorce is all about the separation of your life from the life of your spouse. This separation impacts your finances and your relationship with your children. Even if the spouses are separating amicably the divorce process will still be complex. But an experienced divorce lawyer for men in Austin can make the whole process easier and you should contact one for:

    • A litigated divorce
    • High Net Worth Divorce and
    • Military divorce.

    Your lawyers main goal is to work with you to create a strategy that will increase your chances of getting an order that is favorable to you and your children.

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    Do Both Sides Need To Find A Divorce Lawyer

    If both spouses are on speaking terms and being relatively fair-minded and pleasant with one another, a single divorce lawyer may be able to help them navigate their divorce proceedings. This may be the case for several no-fault divorces.

    However, in instances where a fault is established, or combative divorce proceedings are expected to take place, it is highly advised that both spouses hire a skilled divorce lawyer to represent their best interests. Not only can a negotiation between professional legal counsel lead to a much more streamlined process, but this method may also remove some of the emotions associated with painful divorce proceedings.

    Austin Tx Local Divorce Attorneys With Experience You Can Trust

    Each divorce is different, and reputable, local divorce attorneys will have experience dealing with all kinds of divorce cases. Dont attempt to skip hiring a lawyer, because the results will be damaging to your future. A divorce attorney will protect you from the legal ramifications because they understand the ins and outs of divorce in Texas.

    Working with an expert divorce lawyer will enable you to access the experience and knowledge that is essential during the divorce process. It may be common to get a divorce, but that doesnt mean the legal process is easy. As an individual, you will not have the preparation to take on the requirements necessary to complete the legal process of a divorce correctly. Your ex-partner is going to retain an attorney, and you need to have one on your side as well.

    Especially if your divorce is particularly contentious, you need an adept divorce attorney to represent your interests. Maybe you both have hard feelings about the divorce proceedings, and neither side is willing to concede an inch. Austin, TX divorce attorney Eric M. Willie, P.C. will use his experience and passion to fight tirelessly for you to secure the settlement you deserve.

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