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Indiana Family Law Matters: What Is Covered

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Indiana family law matters include any type of domestic relations issue that is governed by Indiana law. Many understand the basics of Indiana divorce law, but few realize the broad sweep of Indiana family law. In the simplest terms, a courts final order or decree applies until it is modified or changed. For example, when an order or decree pertains to minor children, it may apply until the child is well past the age of majority, depending on the circumstances.

Indiana law controls domestic relationships after they end and even while they are intact in a variety of areas:

  • Preventive measures, such as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Ending a marriage through divorce and legal separation, including matters of Indiana child support, child custody, parenting time , and spousal maintenance
  • Modifying the terms of a divorce in Indiana
  • Consequences of conduct during and after a divorce in Indiana, including contempt and laws on relocating with children after a divorce

For a divorce that takes place when a child is young, the parents may face decades of managing their post-breakup relationship and co-parenting matters. Having experienced legal counsel to anticipate your childs future needs and the resolution of child-related disputes that may arise is critical to ensuring the smoothest transition and way forward for you and your family.

If you are considering filing for divorce, to download our FREE divorce eBook!

Why Should I Hire A Firm That Focuses On Representing Men In Divorce

Our firm is different from other firms in regards to focusing on men in family law and thereby having a deep understanding of the concerns and issues facing men during divorce. As you might be aware, there are not many law firms that dedicate their practices to fully understanding these issues. At Cordell & Cordell, our focus on representing men gives us our strength.

Also, many law firms do not dedicate their entire practice solely to family law like we do. Cordell & Cordell is purposely structured so each attorney is utilizing the knowledge capital of the entire firm. You are not just hiring one of our attorneys to stand by your side, but the entire firm.

Alongside our legal representation, Cordell & Cordell provides a client case center where you have 24/7 access to your case. The client portal provides secure access to our unique client features including: up-to-the-minute case information, billing history, online payment processing, and child custody and case calendars. Further, if at any point you have a concern, your Client Care Representative is there to assist you.

Each of our clients can rest assured that we are fully dedicated to their matters. That is why our firm created The 10 Commandments of Client Care which states what each of our clients are entitled to in terms of service. Read more about our 10 Commandments.

What Is The Difference Between Legal And Physical Custody

Indiana custody laws govern several aspects of what people consider custody. People think of having custody as having the children reside with them, but the law actually distinguishes between who has authority to make decisions about a childs upbringing and where a child resides or spends time. Courts refer to the decision-making authority about the childs upbringing as legal custody and to physical custody as parenting time.

Under Indiana Code § 31-17-2-17, legal custody means a parents legal right to make decisions regarding a childs upbringing, which includes matters involving the childs education, healthcare, and religious training. When the court awards legal custody to only one parent, that parent is said to have sole custody, meaning that parent has the right to make all of the decisions that impact the childs upbringing. That said, the other parent need not consult the sole custodian on routine daily matters such as whether to let the child invite a friend over or what to pack for a school lunch. Alternatively, the court may award the parents joint custody. Joint custodians must work together to make decisions regarding the childs upbringing.

Your right to raise and spend time with your children is precious. Let the experienced child custody lawyers from Keffer Hirschauer LLP help you obtain the custody order and parenting time you desire.

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What Are The Grounds For Divorce In My State

The grounds for divorce vary from state to state. In some states, such as California, there is a no-fault divorce option, which means that you do not need to prove that your spouse did anything wrong in order to get a divorce. In other states, such as New York, you must prove that your spouse has committed adultery or some other act that caused the breakdown of the marriage. You should consult with a divorce lawyer in your state to find out what the grounds for divorce are in your particular case.

What Does Divorce Lawyers Do

Attorney Bradley C Crosley

Divorce lawyers help their clients navigate the legal process of getting a divorce. They handle all aspects of the divorce, from filing the paperwork to represent their clients in court. Divorce lawyers also provide mediation services to help couples reach an agreement on the terms of their divorce. The best divorce lawyers near Bloomington Indiana are very familiar with the local family law courts and can help you get the best possible outcome in your case. If you are considering getting a divorce, it is important to consult with a divorce lawyer in Bloomington Indiana to discuss your options and to ensure that you are getting the best possible result for your particular situation.

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The Cordell & Cordell Mission

We are a community of talented legal professionals that prioritize growth and success in all our life roles. Together we assure our clients the quality of representation we would expect for ourselves.

Our belief is that too often divorce lawyers and even judges resign themselves to stereotypes and thus perpetuate the status quo. We are not suggesting this mentality is malicious or even conscious, but it is prevalent. Cordell & Cordell is here to help men level the playing field in the family court system.

Spousal Maintenance In Indiana

A divorce brings new or worsened financial stress, especially for a spouse without an independent income. In such cases, that spouse may petition the court for spousal maintenance. Unlike alimony, the court may order spousal maintenance for a defined period of time. Be sure to work with knowledgeable counsel to help you get the maintenance youre entitled to.

When one spouse is without means to support him- or herself or the parties assets, such as a house, car, or insurance, during the divorce proceedings, a court may order the other spouse to pay support pendente lite, meaning support paid while the divorce case is proceeding.

The ability to make ends meet after a divorce is final is often a major source of worry as well. An Indianapolis family law attorney at Keffer Hirschauer LLP can help you evaluate your financial situation and fight for your right to pendente lite and spousal maintenance.

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There When You Need Us Most

We are responsive and easily accessible. We know that you will have questions, and we are here to provide answers and explanations while we safeguard your interests and those of your family.

Our preparation, knowledge and responsiveness make us tough advocates for our clients as well as skilled communicators. We know how to negotiate with opposing counsel, and we can also represent you before a judge in a contested matter if the other party refuses to cooperate. We are exactly what you need in a family law attorney, and you can rely on us to provide powerful, compassionate representation.

Our co-founder, Andrew C. Mallor, is widely known as one of the best family law attorneys in Indiana. Under his leadership, we provide a full range of family law services.

Divorce Attorneys Dedicated To Helping Men

Bankruptcy Divorce Lawyers Indianapolis IN Shouse & Langlois

Naturally, no law firm can completely rectify these deep-seated and multifarious injustices, and we do not promise our clients transcendent justice. All we can promise our clients is their best chance.

At Cordell & Cordell, we have cultivated a reputation for challenging fallacious assumptions, for calling the courts attention to inequalities, and for advancing, without equivocation, bold arguments from which other attorneys might shrink.

Sometimes it is necessary to insist on a hearing on the record when the result proposed by the court in chambers is contrary to the law as properly construed.

Although such positions occasionally cause conflict, they nonetheless engender respect and encourage more reasonable positions from the court, as well as from the other side. The task of representing men is a challenging one requiring skill and experience.

In a system seemingly predisposed against them, men can only hope to succeed by using all the help available to them, both legally and strategically. Cordell & Cordell has built its practice on helping men do just that.

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Conscientious Indiana Title Ix Attorneys

Accusations and allegations of Title IX violations can have permanent detrimental impacts on the lives of both the individuals accused of violations as well as their families. Entities operating under Title IX and individuals or organizations accused of violating the law need an informed, steadfast advocate who can best represent, defend, and protect their clients rights and interestsboth in the near and long term.

Indiana educational institutions also bear heavy burdens under Title IX. The requirements, investigations, and proceedings are time-consuming and burdensome for schools and other entities regulated under the federal law. Adding to the strain, Title IX regulations always seem to be changing, leaving administrators struggling to adhere to currentand sometimes unclearrules and standards.

The Indianapolis attorneys at Keffer Hirschauer LLP are skilled and knowledgeable in Title IX investigations, proceedings, and defense. The vast majority of the firms attorneys are trained and certified by the Association of Title IX Administrators , and the Keffer Hirschauer LLP team has worked with large universities, including Indiana University and Purdue, on Title IX matters.

Whether you are an individual accused of a Title IX offense or a representative of a publicly funded entity that needs Title IX guidance or assistance, you can rely on the Indiana Title IX attorneys at Keffer Hirschauer for the quality service and assistance you need to protect your interests.

Understanding Child Custody In Indiana

Divorce and separation involve major life changes for everyone involved. One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is determining how your childrens day-to-day lives will look going forward. There are two major aspects of child custody:

  • Legal custody refers to the parents authority to make decisions on behalf of the child.
  • Physical custody refers to where the children will live.

Indiana law recognizes that the childrens best interests are paramount. This standard governs both custody modifications and initial determinations. Yet how do you decide what arrangement is in their best interests? The law provides guidelines, but ultimately the decision is made on a case-by-case basis. As a result, it is important to consult with a lawyer about the specifics of your situation.

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Modifying Child Custody In Indiana

Your dissolution decree sets out who has legal custody and the parenting time schedule to follow after a divorce. But what if circumstances later change? An Indiana custody lawyer can help you understand the process for modifying child custody in Indiana.

You can ask the court to reconsider or modify an Indiana child custody order by filing a motion listing the reasons you seek a modification. Under Indiana Code § 31-17-2-21, the court may modify a custody order if it finds a substantial change in one or more of the factors used to make the prior custody order and if the requested modification is in the best interests of the child.

If you think changed new or different circumstances make your current custody order inappropriate, the Indiana child custody lawyers at Keffer Hirschauer LLP can help guide you through the process.

What Is The Definition Of Child Custody In Indiana

Attorney G. Edward Murphy

The child custody lawyers at Keffer Hirschauer LLP can help you understand the legal concepts related to custody in Indiana. Indiana custody laws basically define parental rights to make decisions about how to raise and spend time with the child. During the marriage, either parent or both parents may make such decisions. After a petition for divorce is filed, the court may enter an order naming one or both parents to have this authority while the divorce is pending. When the divorce is final, the dissolution decree will provide whether one or both parents have the right to make decisions regarding the childs upbringing.

Filing for divorce is a life-changing decision, to download our FREE divorce eBook to help navigate you through the process!

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Owen County Counsel In The Court

Serving residents of Owen County

Assistance possible for the following legal issues: Family law

First and Third Friday of the month 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Excluding county holidays and week between Christmas and New Years

Counsel in the Court by Phone Only: 269-6463

Owen County Courthouse 60 S. Main Street #104 Spencer, IN

Let Our Team Of Experienced Indianapolis Attorneys Represent You

The Indianapolis attorneys at Keffer Hirschauer LLP are dedicated to effectively representing our clients and advocating zealously on their behalves. We are former prosecutors, public servants, and dedicated laweyrs who are responsive to the needs of our clients, providing comprehensive legal counsel and addressing our clients concerns efficiently and effectively. The quality of the representation you bring to your legal case can dramatically impact the course of your caseand your lifegoing forward. Making the best choice possible regarding your legal representation is critical.

We provide a wide range of legal services at Keffer Hirschauer LLP, including:

Get in touch with our firm today to schedule an initial consultation with our Indianapolis attorneys to learn how we can help you achieve a favorable resolution to your legal issue.

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Personal Injury Lawyers In Bloomington Indiana

personal injury attorneycompare personal injury lawyers in Bloomington

Need An Attorney In Bloomington In

Ken Nunn Law Office Bloomington IN Personal Injury Attorneys

Find the right attorney by reviewing and comparing our profiles of lawyers and their law firms, with details on each attorney and their colleagues practice, experience, education, training, honors and fee structure. Carefully consider client reviews and recommendations from people just like you. If you have complex legal needs, a larger firm with multiple attorneys who can advise you in different areas may be the best fit. If your needs are more limited and very specific, consider a smaller firm. Speak with several Bloomington divorce attorneys to find the one that is best for you.

Ask yourself the 3 Cs:

  • Credentials How many cases has this attorney worked on similar to yours?
  • Comfort Who are you most comfortable working with? Is the lawyers office nearby? How and how often will they get in touch with you?
  • Cost Have expected costs and fees been clearly explained to you? Its OK to ask for an estimate.

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How Much Will My Divorce Cost

Unfortunately, how much a divorce costs is based on too many variables to provide an estimate of anticipated costs. The costs depend on the actions of the parties, their needs and wants, and how they choose to seek those goals. You are the best person to evaluate your ability to afford the process, and this analysis should be done on a continuing basis.

Why You Need An Indianapolis Family Law Attorney From Keffer Hirschauer Llp

The law on divorce in Indiana is based on both statutes and case law. This makes it difficult for non-lawyers to determine their rights in Indiana family law matters. For an Indianapolis family law attorney who knows the law and is dedicated to championing your rights, call Keffer Hirschauer LLP. For a free and confidential consultation, call 857-0160 or complete our online contact form.

For some of the best client-focused representation you need for your family law case, please dont hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

Family Law

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Common Legal Terms Explained

Pro se This Latin term refers to representing yourself in court instead of hiring professional legal counsel. Pro se representation can occur in either criminal or civil cases.

Statute Refers to a law created by a legislative body. For example, the laws enacted by Congress are statutes.

Subject matter jurisdiction Requirement that a particular court have authority to hear the claim based on the specific type of issue brought to the court. For example, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court only has subject matter jurisdiction over bankruptcy filings, therefore it does not have the authority to render binding judgment over other types of cases, such as divorce.

What Is The Difference Between Divorce And Separation

Attorney Clark A. Walker

There are several distinctions between divorce and separation.

First, legal separation may be a court-mandated step of the divorce process, with some states requiring that potential divorcees spend some time living apart in a form of legal separation before proceeding to formal divorce.

Outside of this requirement, legal separation is reversible, while divorce is not. Once you have been declared divorced from a former spouse, there is no going back. Legally separated spouses retain the right to inherit property as well, and may not remarry .

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