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What To Expect From An Initial Consultation

Brian Perskin Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer
  • Seek to determine whether the attorney can represent you. There is no one-size-fits-all legal solution and it may turn out your needs are better served by an attorney in a different specialization.
  • Its important to find a legal ally who is both competent in the law and someone you can trust to protect your interests.
  • Discuss how the practices billing works and discuss possible additional charges or fees that may arise during or after the resolution of your case.

An attorney consultation should provide you with enough information so that you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with legal help.

Best Brooklyn Divorce Attorneys Near You

When you arrive at our law offices, you are spoken to like a member of our family. We understand your situation and give you the attention and advice you need. Because New York is a no-fault divorce state, it means your Brooklyn divorce should be reasonably easy assuming both you and your spouse are willing to work together on ending this marriage. The length of time to finalize an uncontested divorce is based on two factors, how busy the court is, and how fast your spouse is when it comes to the uncontested divorce. Some can take a few weeks, others can take 6 months or more. NY doesnt have a waiting period if both parties agree to the divorce, it can take as little as 3 months.

Often, spouses worry about which spouse will move out of the home once the divorce process starts. Its not uncommon for one party to find other accommodations and leave the house. When both spouses insist rights to the primary residence is when the situation gets stressful. In order to compel your spouse to leave, theres a high standard of proof which is difficult, but not impossible to prove. At your initial consultation with our Brooklyn divorce attorneys we can discuss this with you. In addition, we can discuss with you the likelihood of you receiving enough interim financial support from your spouse if he/she is the primary breadwinner. Before you take any steps speak to a qualified Brooklyn divorce attorney.

Who gets what in a Brooklyn Divorce?

  • child visitation

Experienced Divorce Lawyers In Brooklyn

All About Our Practice

We care about our clients and will fight for you! As your Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer, our object is to get a divorce to go through as quickly as possible, while always being mindful of our clientâs needs. Getting a divorce can be a very stressful process, both financially and emotionally. Our Brooklyn Divorce Attorneys are here to support you. For a free consultation call 218-3914.

Very often parties to a divorce are unreasonable and their primary objective is revenge rather than transition to a better life. Sensitive issues such as distribution of property, child support, custody and visiting rights often cause the divorce proceedings to drag on for years.

The path to getting a divorce in Brooklyn can be smoothed by having a specialized knowledge of the courts, and our firm has spent years building that knowledge.

Our lawyers have gone through this process with hundreds of our clients. We know the most effective tactics and legal procedures to win a case in the Brooklyn divorce court system, or to convince and pressure the opposing side to be reasonable.

You want to get on with your life, and our attorneyâs job is to help you do just that. We do everything in our power to move your divorce case forward quickly and efficiently.

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Are You Searching For A Top Divorce Lawyer In Brooklyn New York

Through the Super Lawyers directory, we index attorneys who practice quality and excellence in their work. It is easy to browse divorce attorney listings in your immediate area, search for a specific individual referred by a friend, or start narrowing your search by practice area.

When you find attorneys who interest you, spend time and explore their profiles. There you will find the divorce attorney’s contact, education, and biographical information to supplement your research. Where possible, our profiles will also include links to the divorce lawyer’s personal biography, firm website, and other relevant information to consider.

Are you ready to take action? The contact form on an attorneys profile makes it easy to connect with a lawyer serving Brooklyn, New York, and seek legal advice.

How An Attorney Can Help

Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

An attorney can often resolve your particular legal issue faster and better than trying to do it alone. A lawyer can help you navigate the legal system, while avoiding costly mistakes or procedural errors. You should seek out an attorney whose practice focuses on the area of law most relevant to your issue.

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How To Find A Divorce Lawyer

Attorneys aren’t needed for every divorce, but in many cases, legal assistance can be beneficial, if not crucial. With the complex nature of some divorce procedures and emotions running high, it is often a good idea to have a knowledgeable resource for information and a skilled advocate for negotiations and possible court proceedings.

Common Legal Terms Explained

Personal jurisdiction Requirement that a particular court have authority over a person, in order to bind that person to the judgment of the court, based on minimum contacts. International Shoe Co v. Washington is a landmark Supreme Court case outlining the scope of a state courts reach in personal jurisdiction.

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Residency Requirements For Brooklyn Divorces

New York state requires couples that are divorcing be residents of the state for a period of time before filing for divorce. The exact time will depend on your circumstances. Residency requirements usually vary from 1-2 years.

Bottom line, divorce isnt easy. It may feel like the hardest thing to do in your life. With the help of a strong Brooklyn divorce lawyer, and support from your family and friends, you can get through a divorce seamlessly.

Differences between Contested and Uncontested Divorces

For everyone involved in divorce proceedings, there are big differences between contested and uncontested divorces. Contested divorce are one where the spouse doesnt want to get divorced, and disagreed about the grounds for the divorce, in addition to issues such as custody, finances, and other issues. In an uncontested divorce, its possible for the divorce to be handled by yourself and your spouse using the courts uncontested divorce program.

In some divorce cases, one person will choose to hire an attorney while the other spouse decides to go it alone. Its likely that the spouse who has an attorney will do better at the end of the case. Because of important issues like child custody, and spousal support, its critical you hire your own divorce lawyer to help .By hiring an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney, you have a higher chance of getting a better divorce settlement agreement.

Timeline For A Contested Divorce

Brian Perskin Review – Divorce Lawyer in Brooklyn
  • File a summons: One spouse will file a Summons and Complaint or Summons with Notice with the county clerks office to solidify his/her decision to end the marriage. The petitioner then has 120 days to serve this summons to the other spouse .
  • Serve the divorce papers: The petitioner has up to 120 days once the summons has been filed to serve the defendant. The defendant has around 20 to 30 days to respond to this summons and agree to the terms or contest them.
  • File a Request for Judicial Intervention : Once you have filed for a divorce and received a response from the defendant, then you will file a Request for Judicial Intervention. This document is an official agreement between both spouses and asks that the court set up a preliminary conference date within 45 days.
  • File a statement of net worth: Each spouse must file a net worth statement no later than ten days before the preliminary conference date.
  • Set a preliminary conference date: This must be set within 45 days of the RJI filing. On this day, the court will discuss the divorce, determine any potential issues, and decide on an official hearing date.
  • Discovery period: The attorneys will gather evidence against each side to build a case for their clients. This period must be completed within six months of the preliminary conference date.
  • Schedule a divorce trial: The judge will issue a ruling after this trial.

Contact our office todayto schedule a consultation with our top-rated divorce law firm in Brooklyn.

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A Family Lawyer For Divorce Child Support And Custody

As a family law firm, our lawyers have experience in a variety of different family law areas and our Russian and English speaking attorneys can assist our clients in their native language. We specialize in cases dealing with issues such as divorce and custody, as well as child support cases. Our firm believes that education on the matters at hand is of the utmost importance, and we want to provide our clients, as well as potential clients, with the information necessary to be able to empower themselves, as well as the navigate the Brooklyn family court system. Our experienced team has a plethora of knowledge and experience as a family court lawyer in Brooklyn. Our Brooklyn family law attorney will be able to provide you and your family with services and defense in many types of family law situations. While we understand that finding a divorce lawyer in Brooklyn who suits your needs may be difficult, our team will provide you with the defense you need. We pride ourselves on being one of the best family lawyers in Brooklyn with the primary focus on providing the best results and the customer care to all of our clients. Therefore, we have dedicated years to building a portfolio of experience in all types of common family law issues Great attorneyShe was very professional, knowledgeable & always put my needs first when she represented me with my divorce case. Im forever grateful to her for making it pain free for my family.

Schedule A Consultation Today With Our New York Family Law Attorney

While the Family Court can assist you in preparing your petition, a skilled Brooklyn family law attorney can prepare the paperwork for you and handle the filing, service, and prosecution of your case. Alatsas Law Firm is conveniently located for residents of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Our ground floor office is handicapped accessible with a subway stop and two bus lines nearby.

We know that dealing with legal issues affecting your family can be stressful, but we will proactively work to provide you with peace of mind as you move forward. If youre in need of assistance with a divorce or family law concern, contact us today at to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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What Are Alternatives To Divorce

Depending on your circumstances, you may have other options for ending your marriage besides a divorce. Many states offer legal separations, which can allow spouses to make some of the same decisions as a divorce regarding their shared property, child custody, and child support. This option doesn’t legally end the marriage and is generally used when couples want to retain their marriage status for religious or health care reasons.

An annulment, on the other hand, has the same legal effect as a divorce but does so by declaring your marriage was never valid in the first place. Reasons for an annulment could be that one spouse was already married, was tricked into the marriage, or was too young at the time to legally marry.

Establishing A Plan For Your Future

Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

If you are uncertain about your future, now is the time to develop a plan that can enable you to make a successful transition to life after divorce. The attorneys at our firm will help you identify your goals and create a plan to reach them. Then, we will work to achieve a successful resolution of the issues of divorce, including property division, child custody/visitation and child support.

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The Important Of An Experienced Divorce Lawyer In Brooklyn

It is important to hire a qualified divorce attorney who can help you fight for your best interests in court. Although you will need to pay them fees and meet with them, you can allow your attorney to represent you in court so you can focus on the most important things your loved ones. You will have more time for other matters outside the courthouse.

It is difficult to understand the legal system. This is why it is necessary for lawyers to undergo such lengthy processes to become licensed to practice law. It is difficult to understand the legal system and avoid making mistakes during a divorce.

Because a divorce lawyer is able to avoid emotions getting involved in court proceedings, they can keep them out of the courtroom. It is important to remember that most divorcing attorneys will not be representing themselves. This is because their abilities to present themselves in court are affected by the history and feelings they have with their ex-spouse.

It is still a good idea to retain an experienced, trusted Brooklyn divorce attorney. You can feel at ease knowing that someone is not only knowledgeable about the process but also has the experience and resources to help you win.

You Don’t have to do this alone

Child Custody And Visitation

Physical custody is the responsibility of providing the child with a home. It is sometimes known as residential custody. A parent who has physical custody of his or her child provides a place to sleep, food, access to household goods and utilities, and an overall nurturing environment for the child. Parents who do not have physical custody of their children may have visitation to maintain consistent relationships with them.

Legal custody is the responsibility to make important decisions on the childs behalf, such as choosing the school the child will attend, determining the religion in which the child will be raised, and making medical decisions for the child.

Physical custody and legal custody exist independently of each other, though a parent can have both. Having physical custody of a child does not guarantee that a parent has legal custody of them and vice versa.

Joint custody is typically the preferred way for the court to award a childs parents custody. With joint custody, both parents have the rights and responsibilities associated with raising a child. Joint physical custody means that the child lives with one parent 50 percent of the time, and the other parent 50 percent of the time. In an arrangement like this, one parent may still be required to pay child support to the other to help with the costs of providing for the child.

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Can I Fill Out Divorce Forms Myself

Yes, it is legal for individuals to fill out a divorce petition themselves. However, it is highly recommended that you find a divorce lawyer with experience for a consultation regardless, even if you are planning to have a mutually acceptable no-fault divorce.

Divorce paperwork can be complex, and the surrounding legal territory even more so. If you are facing a more acrimonious or complicated divorce, you should seek legal representation immediately.

New York State Residency And Grounds Requirements For Divorce


Our Brooklyn divorce law firm has been helping clients with their divorce proceedings for over 35 years. We recognize that it is not always easy to navigate a divorce, however, with the right divorce lawyer, it is manageable.

Here is how to file for a divorce in Brooklyn, NY:

First, we ask that our clients meet theNew York state residency requirements to file for a divorce. There are a few ways to meet these requirements:

  • Either you or your spouse must have been living in the state of New York continuously for at least two years before filing for the divorce.
  • Either you or your spouse must have been living in the state continuously for at least one year before the start of the divorce caseand
  • You got married in New York, you lived in New York as a married couple, or the grounds for your divorce took place in New York.

Additionally, there must begrounds for the divorce.There are seven, legally acceptable grounds for a divorce:

  • Judgment of separation

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Flat Fees For A Ny Uncontested Divorce:

  • $997 + fees for uncontested divorce with no minor children
  • $1447 + fees for uncontested divorce with minor children
  • $2947 + fees for uncontested divorce with minor children and property

While our Expedited Service is an additional fee, our prior Expedited clients can vouch for it being well worth the investment.

Work with an experienced New York divorce lawyer who can help you get divorced quickly so that you can get remarried, deal with a time sensitive immigration matter, or just move on with your life ASAP.

Brooklyn Divorce Lawyers At The Office Of Juan Luciano Can Help You End Your Marriage With Dignity And Respect

When you are ready to end your marriage, you deserve both dignity and respect. Brooklyn divorce lawyers at the office of Juan Luciano can help you through this difficult time. We offer compassionate and honest advice. The process starts when you meet with lawyer Juan Luciano for a comprehensive consultation that will leave you feeling knowledgeable, aware, and ready to move forward on the path towards healing. We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable setting, flexible hours, and affordable rates for the services we provide.

We are here to help

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Points To Consider Before Hiring A Lawyer

Experience. Regardless of the type of legal matter you need help with, an experienced attorney will usually be able to get you better results.

Competence. Determine an attorneys expertise by asking about their track record for the issue you need help with resolving.

Fit. There are plenty of good attorneys out there make sure you find one you are comfortable working with.

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