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Time Sharing And Child Custody In A Divorce:

Orlando Divorce Lawyer Explains Top 5 Mistakes Made in Divorce. Call (407) 834-3245

If the Parties are unable to agree on time-sharing, the Court will determine one for each child of the parties in accordance with the best interests of the child. The factors the Court can consider are defined in Florida Statute 61.13. It is the public policy of this State to assure that each minor child has frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents separate or the marriage of the parties is dissolved. It also encourages the parents to share the rights and responsibilities, and joys, of childrearing. There is also no presumption for or against the father or mother of the child when creating or modifying a parenting plan for the child. Speak with a Orlando divorce attorney today to learn more or visit the following page of this site: Time Sharing

Reviews Of Orlando Mens Divorce Lawyer Sean Smallwood Pa

These are just some of our 67+ .

My divorce case started against long odds, and Sean let me know that. But he dedicated himself to getting the most favorable outcome possible. I felt confident in his handling of the case as he always kept me informed and made himself available for any concerns I had. He also treated me as more than just another case number. but was genuinely concerned about me leading up to and during the hearing. I feel blessed to have had Sean as my attorney and would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.Paul W.

Sean and his team were a blessing, if it wasnt for them I wouldnt have been able to be a part of my childrens lives, I will forever be grateful for them. I went from being able to only see them a few hours a week to 50/50 custody. Thank you so much.Kurt E.

Sean Smallwood is someone I would highly recommend if youre going through a custody case. His team is dedicated and share the same vision. The end result was more than I had expected in a great way. I would definitely refer him to friends and family.Charlie C.

Comprehensive Orlando Divorce And Family Law Practice

Our lawyers guide you through every aspect of your Florida divorce, making sure that your interests are properly represented in the division of marital property, the determination of timesharing and parenting plans, and the payment of child support and alimony. Our office is available to assist you in the full range of post-divorce issues that may arise as well, including modification of court orders, relocation, and contempt and enforcement proceedings.

Our family law practice also encompasses the following matters:

  • Alimony
  • Timesharing & Parenting

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Our Family Law Firm Knows The Legal Processes

This is possibly the most important reason to retain an experienced Orlando divorce attorney when working through a divorce or other family law issue. Your attorney knows how to petition for each type of legal order and how to work with the court to make or change existing legal orders. Your attorney will help you avoid mistakes like missing deadlines or critical paperwork, filling out legal forms incorrectly, or violating the rules of your legal order.

Based in Orlando, the Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee assists clients throughout Central Florida with sensitive and often complex marital and family law matters, including divorce, child custody and support, and property distribution. We also handle separation agreements and domestic violence cases.

We Help Clients With Uncontested And Contested Divorces

Best Orlando Divorce Lawyers

A contested divorce does not necessarily imply that litigation is imminent, but rather that the parties involved have not agreed to terms regarding the numerous issues that must be resolved, including:

  • Asset division and complex asset division involving houses, pensions and more
  • Spousal support/alimony for a financially dependent spouse
  • Child custody and time sharing, formerly known as custody and visitation
  • Interstate custody matters such as relocations
  • Child support orders, modifications and enforcement
  • Bankruptcy during divorce

These issues may be resolved in mediation, negotiations or require litigation.

At Anderson & Ferrin, Attorneys at Law, P.A., in Orlando, we make every effort to guide you through the divorce process as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. While the cost savings and absence of tension in an uncontested divorce may be attractive, it is most important to reach terms that you feel are as favorable as possible.

Whether you reach an uncontested divorce agreement or you require legal counsel to protect your rights and advocate on your behalf in a contested divorce, our experienced Orlando divorce lawyers are intent on seeking solutions that are customized to your exact needs.

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What Are The Different Types Of Divorce In Orlando Fl

There are five different types of divorce:

  • Simplified Dissolution of Marriage
  • Dissolution of Marriage with No Children and No Property
  • Dissolution of Marriage with No Children
  • Dissolution of Marriage with Children
  • Dissolution of Marriage with Children and Relocation

The way you approach your divorce or the type you choose will depend on your family and the specific situations unique to your case.

Things like the length of your marriage, the way youve acquired property during your marriage, and whether or not you have children will impact how your divorce unfolds. A lawyer can guide you in this process.

Questions To Ask Our Orlando Divorce Lawyer

  • What kind of experience do you have with divorce, child custody, ?
  • What strategies would you use to get the solution I want?
  • What are the chances of getting the results I want?
  • What are the other possible outcomes of my case?
  • Who will do most of the work on my case?
  • What are the legal fees for each team member who will be working on my case?
  • How much should I expect to pay, overall?
  • How long will it take to resolve my case? .

Overall, the most important part of choosing your divorce attorney is selecting someone you trust and making sure their values align with your own.

Still have questions? Get in touch with our Orlando family lawyers today! to schedule your consultation.

Meet Your Attorneys

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Why Choose Conti Moore Law Pllc For Help With Your Divorce In Orlando Fl

Given the complicated nature of a split, its rare that both spouses are on the same page about how a divorce should unfold. You dont just need a divorce attorney you need an advocate with experience who will stand up and fight to get you the results you deserve.

Thats what you get when you let the attorneys at Conti Moore Law, PLLC represent you. In fact, youll get a team of experienced, award-winning Orlando family law attorneys and legal professionals in your corner.

  • More than five decades of collective experience representing clients in divorce and other family law disputes
  • Collaborative driven approach to cases so that every client benefits from our teams in-depth knowledge of the family law system
  • Nationally recognized leaders in family law weve been named SuperLawyers Rising Stars for four years running
  • Glowing testimonials and unmatched client satisfaction: we have a perfect 10 Rating on Avvo
  • Named to Orlando Family Magazines list of Awesome Attorneys 2021

Were aggressive. Were driven. Were focused.

Were the Orlando divorce lawyers you deserve to have fighting for you when your familys future is on the line. Dont settle for less choose Conti Moore Law, PLLC in Orlando, FL, and put your family first.

Business Owners In Divorce

Central Florida divorce lawyer competes on ‘Survivor’

The Spence Law Firm is committed to providing high-quality legal representation for those seeking an equitable division of assets in cases where business owners are involved in a divorce. Business owners in a divorce have questions about the proper valuation of their businesses and the income attributed to them from the business. Our exceptional family law attorneys offer representation for those matters so that your rights can be protected in this complicated process!

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Modification Of Custody After Divorce

After the final judgment has been entered there is always a possibility for modification for parenting plans, child support payments, and alimony payments. Anyone asking for a modification must assert a substantial change in circumstances as this is what the statute requires. The key takeaway here is that if there has not been a sufficient change in circumstances then the petition for modification likely will not survive a motion to dismiss.

Starting A Divorce In Florida:

If the parties are in agreement on all of the issues involved in the divorce, a simplified or uncontested dissolution may be possible. This can avoid many of the steps involved in the dissolution process.

If there are contested issues, the divorce process begins with a petition for dissolution of marriage, along with other documents being filed with the Clerk of the Court. These documents are then served upon the other party. Once served, the other party must file an Answer, and if necessary a Counter-Petition, within 20 days. The Answer should address each allegation and request within the petition. A copy of any documents you file must also be mailed to the opposing party . If the Respondent files a Counter-Petition with their Answer it must be responded to within 20 days with an Answer.

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Do Both Sides Need To Find A Divorce Lawyer

If both spouses are on speaking terms and being relatively fair-minded and pleasant with one another, a single divorce lawyer may be able to help them navigate their divorce proceedings. This may be the case for several no-fault divorces.

However, in instances where a fault is established, or combative divorce proceedings are expected to take place, it is highly advised that both spouses hire a skilled divorce lawyer to represent their best interests. Not only can a negotiation between professional legal counsel lead to a much more streamlined process, but this method may also remove some of the emotions associated with painful divorce proceedings.

Aspects Of Divorce We Handle

Orlando FL Legal Check Up

We represent clients in many types of cases. Our skilled attorneys have practical experience across a wide array of situations. Whatever your unique needs, we have an attorney who fits them.

At Goldberg Jones, we stand for clients in all areas of divorce and family law, including:

At a basic level, divorce appears simple.

  • You fill out the right forms,
  • serve your spouse,
  • disclose all assets and debts,
  • work out an agreement,
  • and sign the final papers.

In uncontested divorce cases, things can go this way. This happens most often in short marriages, ones without children and little property to divide. Its also possible for spouses to agree on all the key issues.

Our professional team leads you through the legal process, from beginning to end. We start with filing the paperwork and responding to motions, and stick with you through the final divorce settlement.

The more you have to deal with, the more complex your case becomes. Children, substantial wealth, or long marriages complicate matters.

You may have to fight for a fair custody arrangement or to make sure you get a reasonable piece of the financial pie. When couples cant agree on these or other big issues, arbitration or mediation often come into the picture.

If those methods fail, you may find yourself in court.

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We Work To Get The Best Results For Our Clients With The Least Strife

Many people collapse under the pressure of divorce and other difficult legal matters, like a serious car accident or an arrest. We believe an important part of providing effective legal representation is to lighten our clients emotional burdens and help them rebuild their lives. Our Orlando divorce lawyers provide local representation and care about each of our clients individually. From complex divorce matters like those involving high assets, timesharing disputes, or relocation to car accidents and wrongful death cases to criminal charges, we will treat your case with the care and consideration it deserves, and you deserve. We understand that when you need an attorney, it usually is not a choiceyou need representation for a family issue, someone injured you, or you made a bad decision or are a victim of circumstance. You can count on the Orlando divorce lawyers at Arwani Law Firm to stand by you and see you through your legal matter until it is completely resolved.

Schedule A Free Consultation With Our Orlando Divorce Lawyers

At Conti Moore Law, PLLC, our Orlando divorce lawyers are here to make things as easy as we can for you. Well listen to your story, help you identify your goals, and put a strategy together so that your familys best interests are put first.

Since our founding in 2012, our attorneys have been advocates for families like yours. Let us put our 50+ years of collective experience handling divorce, child custody, child support, financial support, and other family law matters to work for you.

Dont hesitate to reach out to our Orlando family law firm to speak with an experienced lawyer for help today.

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Help Is Available With Divorce In Orlando

We hope having this knowledge of what to expect helps you plan and prepare for your divorce and eases some of the stress or anxiety you may have. Whether you are considering filing for divorce or need to respond to a petition, call Anderson & Ferrin in Orlando at for a free consultation. Well be happy to discuss your case and help you figure out your important next steps.

Call or use the contact form on this website to schedule a free consultation.

Time Frame For A Divorce:

Orlando Divorce Attorney Explains 3 Things You Need to Know About Divorce

In some cases, the parties are quickly able to reach an agreement on all of the issues involved in their dissolution of marriage. In these situations, the case may be resolved in the matter of a few weeks. Contested cases involve more litigation in order to resolve issues and come to an agreement. When the parties cannot come to an agreement, a trial before the judge may be necessary. For more information about the time frame for a dissolution, speak with a Orlando divorce attorney today.

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Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

If you decide to get a divorce, youll have to comply with Floridas divorce laws and procedures. However, there is a way to sidestep some requirements by planning ahead. Executing a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement allows you to have more control over how your divorce unfolds before it happens .

Prenups are contracts between partners or spouses regarding the financial aspects of their marriage or divorce. With a prenup, you can map out how finances, property, and assets will be handled in the event of a divorce. As long as a prenuptial agreement doesnt violate state law and is entered into willingly by both partners, it should be binding. Our family law attorneys can help you create a strategy that protects you and gives you the flexibility you want as you enter a new stage of your life.

Central Florida Family Law & Divorce Attorneys

50+ Years of Combined Experience Providing Award-Winning Client Service.

Are you facing a divorce in Central Florida? Do you have questions about custody, alimony, asset division, or other family law issues? If so, contact Conti Moore Law, PLLC for the compassionate guidance and aggressive legal representation you need during your most challenging times.

Since we opened our doors in 2012, Conti Moore Law, PLLC has provided effective and creative solutions for individuals facing challenging divorce and family law matters.

We know that this may be the darkest time in your lifeand were committed to helping you face this difficult time with confidence and a positive outlook.

Our top-rated Orlando divorce lawyers have:

  • A perfect 10.0 rating on Avvo, one of the most trusted legal rating services
  • More than 50+ years of combined experience in family law matters
  • Been named to Super Lawyers Rising Stars 6 years in a row
  • Received countless outstanding testimonials from satisfied clients

Our boutique family law firm offers free consultations, so call now discuss your divorce or family law issue.

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Orlando Child Time Share Lawyers / Visitation Rights

Orlando child time share rights and parental visitation rights have been provided to protect the rights and privileges of each of the parents and the child or children involved in the matter of divorce. Time Share and visitation rights in Orange County, Florida are determined by the courts with the consideration of what is in the best interest of the child or children along with the consideration of the parents ability to provide a healthy and loving environment in which to live. In many states, a child at the age of 13 can choose which parent he/she wishes to live with as long as there are no extraordinary reasons to do otherwise. The child or children Time Share issue, as well as Visitation, determined by using both guidelines and parental agreements approved by the courts. Time Share, as well as Visitations, can extend outside of the parents themselves to include grandparents or even limit whether or not visitations are with or without supervision.

Simple Orlando Divorce Attorneys And Uncontested Divorce

Florida Divorce Guide Information Orlando Divorce Attorney Orange ...

Legal fees for an uncontested divorce in Orlando are from $699 plus filing fees and costs. An uncontested or simple divorce is so much easier, quicker and less costly than a contested divorce. Divorcing partners often look for an experienced Orlando simple divorce lawyer to hurry the dissolution of marriage at a reduced cost. However, when one of the parties is angry and hurt that the marriage has failed, reaching an agreement may be harder than originally thought and can turn a simple divorce into a contested divorce very quickly. You must have issues such as child time share, the division of assets, alimony or child support worked out and agreed upon prior to filing. It is just good practice to have a divorce attorney to complete the proper legal documents to ensure that each of the parties understands what the agreement contains and how it applies to them. Keeping a divorce simple is what helps keep a difficult time as stress free as possible, not only for you, but for the children, if children should be involved.

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