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Clark County Nevada Family Court System by Attorney Christopher Carr

Our Comprehensive Background Report will uncover a wealth of information including if a person was ever Arrested, Sued, has a Criminal Record, filed for Bankruptcy, was Married, Divorced, owns a Property or a Business, has an active Warrant, served time in Jail and much more! We have one of the most extensive databases in the industry with over 2 billion records covering all 50 states.

What Constitutes A Public Record

Whether you want to find out more about someone you went on a few dates with or you want to know what others can find out about you, you can search the public records. Though you can find some free records, others require that you pay a small fee to gain access. Public records provide you with general information that includes content available to the public. If you look up someone who got in trouble with the law as a juvenile, youll usually find that the court sealed those records. Most criminal records attached to juveniles are not open to the general public.

The information that you find will depend on the type of records that you access. If you look up marriage records, you will see the full name of the couple. Marriage records also show you where the marriage took place and the date of the wedding. The records may also tell you the name of any witnesses who were there and the name of the officiant who oversaw the ceremony. Birth records will tell you the name of the parent and the childs full name. It should also list the hospital or location of the birth and the exact date and time that the child was born.

What Is A Mugshot

As you look at criminal records, youll often come across mugshots. A mugshot is a photo taken when the person was arrested and booked into jail. It typically shows the individual standing and facing the camera. Some mugshots may include identifying information, including the date of the booking and the height of the individual. Jails may also include photos that show any identifying marks on the person, including tattoos and scars. This helps you make sure that the person you searched for is the same one in the report.

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How To Find A Divorce Record In Nevada

Divorce records in Nevada are official documents generated when married people terminate their unions at the states family courts. After a divorce, the clerk files and stores all case proceedings including evidence, oral arguments, reports, motions, orders, and judgment. These documents are prepared in three forms, each containing varying degrees of information. The three forms include divorce certificates, divorce decrees, and divorce records. All three records are used for various reasons and cannot serve as substitutes for one another.

Divorce records are considered court records. They may therefore be searched on third-party public record websites. Divorce records can offer personal information on minors, finances, and sensitive criminal information like domestic abuse. Because of this, divorce record, certificate, and decree availability is usually much lower than other types of public records because of the personal nature of divorces. Simply put, divorce records are significantly harder to obtain and search for than other types of public records.

How Do I Obtain Nevada Vital Records

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Usually, no documentation is required to view and inspect uncertified copies of Nevada vital records, including marriage, divorce, birth, and death records. However, following a 2016 amendment, proof of identification is required for persons who wish to obtain certified vital records in Nevada. These individuals include persons legally allowed to obtain vital certificates, such as the persons named on the record, immediate family members, authorized legal representatives, and persons permitted by a certified court order.

Publicly available vital records are also managed and disseminated by some third-party aggregate sites. These sites are generally not limited by geographical record availability and may serve as a reliable jump-off point when researching specific or multiple records. However, third-party sites are not government-sponsored. As such, record availability may differ from official channels. To find a record using the search engines on third party sites, the requesting party will be required to provide:

  • The location of the record in question, including the city, county, or state where the case was filed.
  • The name of someone involved providing it is not a juvenile.

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How Do We Renew Our Vows

Las Vegas specializes in working with couples who want to renew their vows. Whether you prefer a personal ceremony or a big shindig, the process is almost identical to planning a wedding. The distinction is that a renewing your vows is not a legal ceremony and will not become a permanent record. The Clerks Office can issue a non-legal Certificate of Vow Renewal for those couples who want the entire Vegas wedding experience. Select the Certificate of Vow Renewal menu option for more information.

Whats The Best Chapel To Get Married At In Vegas

There are amazing and unique chapels suited for every type of couple. Many of the heritage chapels have been recently remodeled and, surprisingly, several new chapels have also opened during this last year. One prevalent style that you will find is mid-century modern, which reflects our unique place in that period of history. By law, we cannot recommend specific places or venues to get married.

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Find Clark County Vital Records

Clark County Vital Records are documents related to birth, death, marriage, and other milestones in a person’s life that are recorded by the government in Clark County, Nevada. A number of government agencies maintain Vital Records at the Nevada State or Clark County level, and certain documents may also be housed by the National Archives. The most common forms of Clark County Vital Records include birth and death records, records of marriage and domestic partnerships, and divorce records. These public records all document a person’s life, and they may be required for a range of legal purposes.

Learn about Vital Records, including:

  • Where to get Clark County Vital Records online
  • Which public records are considered Vital Records
  • How to get certified copies of public records
  • What Clark County records are available to the public
  • Which records are important to genealogists

How Do I Obtain Nevada Birth Records

NV GOP and Trump campaign lawsuits in Clark County

Statewide birth records from July 1911 to the present are available through the Office of Vital Records at the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services . At the county level, birth records are available in the County Health District. Interested persons may obtain birth records from these record custodians by scheduling an in-person visit or sending a mail request. However, persons sending mail requests must first gather the necessary details to facilitate a search, including:

  • The name of the person named on the birth record
  • The parents full names
  • The place county, city, town where the birth happened

In addition to these necessary details, the requester must present proof of identification proving tangible or legitimate interest in the birth record. Qualified requesters may order birth certificates or get a birth certificate replacement by submitting a birth application form in person or by mail.

Office of Vital Records4150 Technology Way, Suite 104Carson City, NV 89706Fax: 684-4156

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How Can You Access Public Records

One of the best ways to access public records is through the web. You should start with different departments and offices such as the tax assessors office, which is responsible for maintaining property records. The recorders office often provides more information about property owners and can tell you if there are back taxes due on the property or if the property is in foreclosure. You can also use those records to see the value of the property as it stands. Some websites will gather public records and let you view all records in one place. You can do a search for the individuals name and pick that person based on his or her age and other identifying information. Most of these sites charge a fee though.

You also have the option of visiting the courthouse and offices in the county or city where the individual lived or lives. This is helpful because there are often workers who can assist you with going through the records and make sure you find the info that you need. Most of these offices also make it easy to create copies of all those records that you can take home with you.

Where To Find Birth Certificates

Anyone who was born in the United States and is a registered citizen should have a birth certificate on file somewhere. If a mother gives birth at home or outside of a medical facility, she can wait to request a birth certificate. There are cases of adults who only learned that their parents never registered them with the government when they went to apply for college or their first jobs. The Department of Vital Records in your state is the first place to look for a birth certificate. You will need the first and last name of the individual and the date of birth to get a copy.

The county health department may have copies of birth certificates on file too. If you visit one health department and cannot find the birth records that you need, you should visit the health departments in the surrounding counties too. The borders of those counties can change over the years. A loved one born in one county might have records in another county because of a border change. Though you usually need to visit the department in person, you may have the option of requesting a copy over the internet.

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Are Nevada Birth Records Public Information

Yes. Birth records in Nevada are generally considered confidential documents and thus not available to members of the public upon request. On this account, birth records are restricted to authorized persons, including the persons named on the birth record, first-degree family members, legal representatives, and authorized governmental personnel.

Can Anyone Access Public Records

Nevada divorce becomes legal...

The Freedom of Information Act is a government act that provides the public with access to specific records. Each state has the right to adjust this act based on their own rules to limit the information that you can view and how you can access those records. In many cases, states allow counties and cities to set their own regulations too. You may find that you can only view certain types of records online. For all other types of records, you will need to visit the courthouse or other county buildings.

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How Can You Access Marriage Records

Before searching the web or calling county departments to look for marriage records, you should sit down and talk to your parents. Couples will often have their original marriage certificates in a safe place such as a locked box. Your parents may have their parents original marriage certificates or copies of those certificates too.

The best place to find marriage records is through the county where the couple exchanged vows. Some counties offer free online records searches, but most counties do not offer this option because they have so many records. You can visit the office in person and ask for a copy of the record. This will usually require that you pay a small fee for the office to make you a copy. County record offices may also let you make a request over the phone or through the mail. Once you pay the associated fee, the office will send the copy to your listed address. You can also search for marriage records online, but you should be careful. There are scam websites that charge high fees but do not offer access to all county records.

How To Obtain Nevada Divorce Court Records

Divorce court records include divorce decrees and divorce case files. These records are filed in and maintained by the family courts or family divisions of Nevada District Courts. Nevada court clerks are responsible for releasing these records to interested parties. The Supreme Court Clerk also maintains the case files of appealed divorce cases heard in the states appellate court. It is important to note that divorce records are not available from the Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health. This office can only search for and verify divorces.

Before visiting or mailing Nevada District Courts for copies of a divorce record, make sure to have all the information needed to find and retrieve the record. These include the names of the divorced parties in the record, case file number, and approximate year the divorce was finalized. Also, specify the particular record of interest. Usually, no documents are required to obtain public portions of divorce records. However, requesters will need to submit their government-issued photo identifications if they are requesting for certified copies or sealed divorce records.

Most Nevada courts accept both in-person and mail requests for divorce records. Some of them also accept email requests. To ascertain the methods accepted in a particular courthouse, contact its clerks office and enquire about accepted methods of requesting the court records.

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Find Nevada Divorce Records

Nevada Divorce Records contain all publicly available documents relating to a couple’s divorce in Nevada. Divorce Records searches reveal divorce papers filed in Nevada Courts and divorce certificates. The state of Nevada also maintains an index, known as the Nevada Divorce Index, which is available for public record searches of Divorce filings.

Find Nevada Divorce Records, including:

  • Free Nevada Divorce Records online
  • Copies of divorce decrees

How To Obtain Nevada Divorce Certificate

NEVADA DIVORCE | How Do I File for Divorce in Nevada?

Order Nevada divorce certificates from the District Court Clerk Offices in person or by mail. Requesters must provide information needed to search for and retrieve these records. These include names of the divorced parties, case numbers, divorce dates, and names of presiding judges. Before visiting a Nevada District Court to request divorce certificates in person, contact the office of the court clerk to get information about the current search/copy fees and acceptable payment methods.

To submit a mail request for a Nevada divorce certificate, send a written request providing all required information to the clerks office at the courthouse of interest. Enclose a copy of a valid government-issued ID, appropriate fees, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Some Nevada District Court clerks provide downloadable request forms on their respective websites to facilitate the request processes. If available, complete and submit this form in place of a written request.

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Clark County Public Disclosure Process

In the interest of transparency and responsibility to all residents, taxpayers and other constituents, Clark County aims to make the process of obtaining public records as easy as possible. Many public records are readily available on our website www.clark.wa.gov using the search function. For example, the Clark County Open Data page on our website contains a wide variety of assessment, taxation, and GIS data.

Some records are not automatically posted online for many reasons, including that they may not be of widespread interest, they are simply too large or they contain confidential information. Many of these records can be obtained through a public records request, though there are some exemptions to disclosure as determined by state law.

What Information Do I Need To Search For Nevada Vital Records Online

The following general information may be required to search for records online:

  • Name of the requestor
  • The date the event occured
  • The gender of the named party on the record
  • The age of the named party on the record at the time the event took place
  • The name of the city the event was recorded
  • Personal information of the named party to the record
  • The relationship of the requestor to the named party in the record
  • The reason for record request
  • Fathers name and mothers maiden name
  • Scope of search required
  • Proof of ID revealing that the requestor has a direct and tangible interest .

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How Do I Obtain Sealed Vital Records In Nevada

Certified copies of birth and death records are statutorily deemed confidential. Interested persons who wish to obtain these sealed vital records must petition a court of competent jurisdiction for an order authorizing the petitioner to access that particular document. Generally, the court will only grant the court order if the petitioner can demonstrate and show proof of tangible interest in the sealed vital record.

State Archives

How Do I Obtain Divorce Records In Nevada

Nevada divorce becomes legal for all...

Records pertaining to divorce, annulment, and dissolution of legal unions are managed and disseminated at the county level by the clerk of the judicial district court. Interested requesters may view, inspect, or obtain copies of divorce records by visiting the record custodians office during business hours. It is also possible to send mail requests or order divorce records online. Requesters must provide the information to facilitate a search, including:

  • The divorcees names
  • The county where the divorce was filed and adjudicated
  • The approximate date or year of the divorce
  • The case file number

Note that mail-in requestors must go to the record custodians office in a self-addressed, stamped envelope, which contains a valid photo ID, written request letter, as well as a check or money order for the appropriate request fees. The judiciary maintains a directory of court locations, clerk contact addresses, and mailing addresses.

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