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Divorce Records Hamilton County Ohio

Courts Of Common Pleas In Hamilton County

How to look up Someone’s Case Records in Ohio (#HamiltonCounty , City of Cincinnati)

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Hamilton County Divorce Records

The Clerk of the Circuit Court in Hamilton fulfills a lot of duties and responsibilities for the local residents. One important job the clerk performs is serving as a custodian for all the court records including that of Hamilton County divorce records. The clerk has his own office and co-workers who will be assisting anyones records requests. The office is governed by Floridas existing constitution and statutes. Also, the divorce reports are administered through the implementation of Family Rules of Law Procedure.

Ohio Marriage & Divorce Records

Capitol: Total Area: Total Population : Wikipedia

The Office of Vital Statistics maintains only abstracts of marriages, with an index for marriages after 1950 and for divorces after 1954. Certified copies of these Ohio vital records are then obtained from the county probate court for marriages and from the county Clerk of Court for divorces. Historical marriage records dating to 1790 are available at the Ohio Historical Society and the Ohio Network of American History Research Centers, with several books of Ohio marriage records indexes for 1780-1897. The city of Cincinnati was known as a “Gretna Green” no-questions-asked locale, hosting marriages from Indiana and Kentucky, but many of its historical records were lost in a courthouse fire. Divorces were originally handed in several courts , but since 1851 solely in the Court of Common Pleas, with books of Ohio divorce records indexes 1795-1860 available.

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Divorce Records Hamilton County

It is indeed a tedious task going through the conventional way of ordering this kind of file from the clerk of court. But it surely is the way to legally possess a copy of it for whatever purposes it may serve. So, you got to contact the clerks office immediately to find out the procedure on how to go about doing the search. Normally, you will be given an official request form that you will have to fill-out completely. It contains all the details necessary in the actual retrieval of the divorce details. So, if it lacks the basic information, then you will not get a comprehensive report of a persons divorce data.

When the form is completed, you will have to have it notarized and signed by a legitimate attorney for documentation purposes. Then, forward to the clerks office along with the corresponding fee. Fees actually vary depending on the type of copy you wanted to have. A regular copy used for verification purposes usually costs $20.00. A certified copy costs a little higher. Also, there is additional payment if you would like to have more copies for each. Hence, you got to inquire about these fees so you can prepare the amount that you are going to pay. However today, the long wait is over for anybody can execute the search online via a trusted Internet records solution. You dont have to go out of your house, all you have to do is just sit back, use a computer with Internet access, type in the fundamental details and retrieve the results in no time.

How To Search Through The Ohio County Clerk

Donald Ray Scarberry

Finding these records through traditional government bodies is possible for parties who were involved in the divorce. Two types of divorce records are accessible this way: certified and abstract. Abstracts are brief forms that contain a very limited amount of information taken from the original marriage licenses or divorce decrees.

Government public record search portals and third party public record websites both may provide court records search tools, which can help find divorce records, though record availability usually varies widely. Divorce records in particular may simply not be available through either source.

A certified copy of a divorce record can be obtained by:

  • The requester, or the parent or legal guardian of the registrant
  • The child, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, spouse or domestic partner of the registrant
  • The party entitled to receive the record as result of a court order
  • A member of a law enforcement agency or representative of a government agency who is conducting official business

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Hamilton County Juvenile Court Cincinnati Ohio

Judge, 2017 – 2020
Administrative Judge Melissa Powers welcomes you to the Hamilton County Juvenile Court website. While our new website is under construction, we invite you to find all of the latest Juvenile Court news here or on the Court’s Facebook page.

Hamilton County Juvenile Court, located in Cincinnati, Ohio,has jurisdiction over many juvenile-related matters, including delinquency,unruly and traffic charges, dependency, abuse and neglect allegations, andcertain custody, companionship and child support matters. Hamilton County Juvenile Court does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability or age in the delivery of services.

The Court has three locations:

Judges’ Office – hosts the Clerk’s office, probation and administrative offices, and holds mostof the Court hearings.

The Youth Center – a 160-bed secure placement facility for youths awaiting adjudication or transfer to other facilities. The Youth Center provides a 24-hour complaint processing office and holds the plea hearings for youths being housed at the facility.

Work Detail – supervises youths performing Court-ordered community service.

Mailing Addresses and Main Phone Numbers

What Is An Ohio Divorce Record

Divorce records in the State of Ohio contains all the information that can be found in divorce certificates and divorce decrees, and also includes all testimonies, evidence, transcripts of proceedings, and all documents, judgements, and terms decided by the judge when the case is concluded. If attempting to obtain these records through traditional government bodies, most departments will require a specific level of clearance and fees. Typically, these are only available to the parties involved in the divorce, and their legal advisors.

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To Search For Ohio Divorce Records Online

Ohio state does not possess a central online database to search for divorce and marriage records. Instead, it is necessary to find in which Ohio county the divorce transpired, and visit the official county website for that specific county. For example, if the requesting party is searching for information regarding a divorce that was finalized in Cuyahoga County, visit the Cuyahoga County Clerks of Court website. Other examples include Hamilton County, Franklin County. This is the standard method for searching for every county clerk in Ohio.

What Is An Ohio Divorce Decree

Records show mom charged with murder had troubled past

The Ohio Bureau of Vital Statistics doesnt keep copies of divorce decrees, but they do keep abstracts which are less specific and contain very general information. A divorce decree serves as a statement of the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in the divorce. These rights and responsibilities include but are not limited to property allocation, agreements about which party will pay insurance, division of debt, custody of children, and child and spousal support. Usually divorce decrees are requested by one of the divorced parties when they wish to reevaluate or change the requirements within the document. Divorce decrees are available for purchase by either party, their lawyers, and by anybody with a court order from the State of Ohio.

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    Find Hamilton County Divorce Records

    Hamilton County Divorce Records are legal documents relating to a couple’s divorce in Hamilton County, Ohio. They include the divorce papers that the couple files in Hamilton County Court, as well as any records created during the divorce procedure, and a divorce certificate. Ohio State also collects and indexes divorce filings to help people perform public divorce record searches.

    Learn about Divorce Records, including:

    • Where to get Hamilton County Divorce Records online
    • How to get a copy of your divorce decree
    • Which divorce filings are Hamilton County public records
    • If Divorce Records appear on background checks
    • Which government agencies issue divorce certificates

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    What Is An Ohio Divorce Certificate

    Divorce certificates contain the smallest amount of information relative to the other types of divorce documents and are one of the most frequently petitioned types of records in the state of Ohio. Divorce certificates hold general information concerning the marriage and the divorce. Divorce certificates are filed with the ODH and are most often requested when one of the involved parties wants to either begin the procedure to legally change their name, or register for a new marriage certificate in order to get married. In Ohio, divorce certificates are considered public record. They can be viewed by any member of the public if they have the correct information. Certified copies, however, are only available to the parties involved in the divorce or any legal guardians of those children.

    Ohio Court Of Appeals

    Victoria Woodhull

    Unreported cases are now reported as of 2002. They can be found on the Supreme Court’s website.

    Case before 2002 are available. We have Hamilton County unreported cases in paper format located in the file cabinets in the copy room.

    You may request the cases directly from the Court of Appeals but will need a case number which can be retrieved from the Clerk of Courts website. Located on Microfiche from 1981-1992. Newer years can be obtained via Westlaw. Index volumes are available to look up Civil or Criminal cases by case name, subject or district. Once you find the entry, look for the fiche reference to retrieve the case. It will look like the following. 92-1-11d

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    Hamilton County Town & City Halls

    Get Marriage & Divorce Records from 4 Town & City Halls in Hamilton County, OH

    Arlington Heights Town Hall601 Elliott AvenueCincinnati,OH45215Directions

    Cincinnati City Hall801 Plum StreetCincinnati,OH45202Directions

    Newtown Hall3536 Church StCincinnati,OH45244Directions

    Westwood Town Hall3017 Harrison AvenueCincinnati,OH45211Directions

    How To Search Through The Ohio Department Of Health

    Members of the public can obtain vital records with a variety of delivery methods, including the US Postal Service, walk-in appointments at state, city or municipal offices, or online. The county clerks office is usually the appropriate authority to speak to about obtaining a vital record. Search fees in Ohio are typically $21.50 with a 1 hour turnaround time, while mail and online methods can take between 3 and 6 weeks.

    Ohio Department of Health 466-2531

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    How To Find A Divorce Record In Ohio

    When two married people decide to annul, reverse, or else repeal their marriage, this is called a divorce. Courts have been open in most Ohio counties to handle divorce cases since 1914. In 1954, the state legislature passed the Ohio Open Records Act, which stated that citizens had the constitutional right to obtain court records at any time they wanted. The first step when acquiring a divorce record in the state of Ohio is to visit either the Ohio Department of Health or the county clerk office in the particular county where the divorce happened. These government bodies are in charge of revising and maintaining these records, as well as satisfying in-person and by-mail requests for these documents. There are three ways to record a dissolution of marriage, and discernment of the differences between the three will save time when requesting to obtain these records.

    Divorce records are considered court records. They may therefore be searched on third party public record websites. Divorce records can offer personal information on minors, finances, and sensitive criminal information like domestic abuse. Because of this, divorce record, certificate, and decree availability is usually much lower than other types of public records because of the personal nature of divorces. Simply put, divorce records are significantly harder to obtain and search for than other types of public records.

    Hamilton County Clerk Offices

    About Hamilton County Genealogical Society

    Get Marriage & Divorce Records from 4 Clerk Offices in Hamilton County, OH

    Hamilton County Clerk1000 Main StreetCincinnati,OH45202Directions

    Addyston Village Clerk235 Main StreetAddyston,OH45001Directions

    Golf Manor Clerk6450 Wiehe RoadCincinnati,OH45237Directions

    Montgomery Clerk10150 Montgomery RoadMontgomery,OH45242Directions

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    Does Ohio Recognize Common

    The state of Ohio only recognizes common-law marriages that have been validly entered prior to October 1991 or common-law marriages that are protected by other states laws. Common-law marriage refers to a practice in which a couple cohabits for a period and is known by family, friends and their community to be married, even though they have no marriage license or have had no formal ceremony to celebrate their marriage. In the United States, common-law marriages technically exist in 10 states and the District of Columbia, while five states recognize common-law marriages with restrictions.

    Hamilton County Ohio Court Directory

    The Ohio trial court system consists of Courts of Common Pleas, County Courts, Municipal Courts, Mayor’s Courts, and Court of Claims. For more information on which types of cases each court oversees, compare Ohio courts.

    Below is a directory of court locations in Hamilton County. Links for online court records and other free court resources are provided for each court, where available. If youre not sure which court youre looking for, learn more about the Ohio court system.

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    Hamilton County Court Records

    Florida clearly declares by law that it is everyones right to unfold the information on divorce. Therefore, you have the privilege to place an application to retrieve such reports. However, if the record is not yours then the legal process could longer than expected as this time you will need the services of a lawyer who will make a legal appeal before the court to allow you to obtain the said data. The key of the request to be approved by the court would be to provide a very valid and justifiable reason so the judge will be convinced to order the clerk to release such information.

    Find Hamilton Divorce Records


    Hamilton Divorce Records contain all publicly available documents relating to a couple’s divorce in Hamilton, Ohio. Divorce Records searches reveal divorce papers filed in Hamilton Courts and divorce certificates. The state of Ohio also maintains an index, known as the Ohio Divorce Index, which is available for public record searches of Divorce filings.

    Find Hamilton Divorce Records, including:

    • Free Hamilton Divorce Records online
    • Copies of divorce decrees

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