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Divorce Records In North Carolina

Divorced Applicants And Divorce Records

A Matter of Life and Death: Researching North Carolina Vital Records Webinar

Divorced Applicants must provide:

  • The month and year of their last divorce.
  • If the divorce was finalized within 30 days of applying for the marriage license, the applicant must provide an original or certified copy of the divorce decree.Note: There is no waiting period between the divorce and applying for the new license.

North Carolina Divorce Records

Ever since 1962 up to these days, North Carolina Divorce Records have been archived by the authorities working for the states Vital Records office in Raleigh. Alternatively, people may look up to such identical legal documents at the Register of Deeds from the County where the license was issued. County level searches are advisable for those records that were compiled prior to 1962. The County Clerk of Court is the main in-charge for earlier documents. The state has a website which provides further details like the steps on how to obtain such files.

The Vital Records office is technically under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Those who are not related to the subject by blood cannot perform the request as provided by law. The states application form must be fully completed stating the name of the husband, wife, date of the dissolution of marriage, place of divorce, and your relationship. Make it a point to secure a valid and honoured ID to be included with the request.

How Do I Obtain Sealed Vital Records In North Carolina

Adoption records practically represent the statutorily sealed vital records in the state of North Carolina. As such, these records are sealed when the adoption process is finalized and thus restricted from public viewing. There are many conditions provided by the North Carolina adoption guidelines in which a person is furnished with the right to view adoption records in the state. They include:

  • If the requester is the named adult adoptee, adoptees surviving adult child or the birth parents of an adult adoptee
  • If the biological family and other persons involved consent to releasing the information
  • If the requester is an adult in search of an adopted sibling
  • If the requester is legally authorized by a court order to obtain information regarding adoption.

The North Carolina DHHS maintains a Birth Family Search Information page that contains identifying and non-identifying information on adoptions finalized within the state limits. Generally, access to confidential information requires a court order. However, adult adoptees can obtain non-identifying information by submitting a written request to the office. Also, records may also be obtained by authorized parties if the consent of the persons involved is received.

State Archives

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How To Find A Divorce Record In North Carolina

In North Carolina, divorce cases are considered civil cases and are maintained as public records. Divorce is also commonly known as dissolution of marriage, and it happens when two married people decide to reverse their decision to marry, ultimately ending it. A divorce is always legally recorded and this record can come in the form of a divorce certificate, a divorce decree, or a full divorce record. These documents serve different purposes, and when requesting a divorce record it can be important to know the distinctions.

When a party wants to initiate a divorce, the person files divorce papers and serves the other to inform the commencement of marriage dissolution. A divorce case can be settled out of court or proceed to trial depending on the spouses decision. After agreement or trial, the court gives a divorce decree outlining everything about the divorce. Finally, the state awards a divorce certificate to confirm that the marriage has been dissolved.

What Is A North Carolina Divorce Record

How To Get A Divorce Certificate In North Carolina

A divorce record or a dissolution of marriage record is the most complete record that is created as a result of divorce proceedings. It holds the most amount of information from divorce papers to divorce decree, and other divorce documents. Essentially, a divorce record or dissolution of marriage record acts as the case file for a divorce. Both parties are given a copy of this record after the divorce and it is usually suggested that they keep it safe in case they want to make changes to it later. Accessing this type of record requires fees and identification, but is usually considered a public record and may be accessible through the clerk of courts and the state vital records office.

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How Do I Obtain North Carolina Birth Records

In addition to online search portals, birth records can be viewed and copied in person or by mail at the applicable state, county, or city office. Eligible parties that wish to order birth certificate replacements must visit the most probable office. The DHHS maintains birth records from 1913 to date. The Register of Deeds located in all counties in the state also keeps records of births registered within their limits. For genealogical research, interested persons may contact the North Carolina State Library or State Archives.

To obtain a birth record from the DHHS, interested persons are required to print and complete the North Carolina birth application form and deliver it in person or by mail to:

North Carolina Vital Records1903 Mail Service CenterRaleigh, NC 27699-1900

Where expedited services are also requested, requesters may also send the form via UPS or FedEx to:

North Carolina Vital Records1903 Mail Service CenterRaleigh, NC 27699-1900

Mail-in requesters must attach a self-addressed stamped envelope, applicable fees of $24 for the first copy, and $15 for each additional copy of the same record as well as associated mailing fees and a government-issued photo ID .

North Carolina Marriage & Divorce Vital Records

Capitol: Total Area: Total Population : Wikipedia

The North Carolina Office of Vital Records maintains North Carolina vital records for marriages after 1962 and divorces after January 1958, with records also available at the county register of deeds. Many county registers have online searchable record databases. For North Carolina marriage records prior to 1962, the county register of deeds should be contacted for North Carolina divorce records prior to 1958, the county clerk of the Superior Court should be contacted. Although a 1669 law required marriage registration, most marriages from this time were not registered. The North Carolina State Library has marriage bonds for 1741-1868, and microfilmed marriage registers and indexes. Marriage records for 1868-1962 are on file with the Register of Deeds and also at the North Carolina State Archives. The Superior Court in each county has granted divorce decrees since 1814 copies of pre-1868 divorce records are available at the North Carolina State Archives.

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What Is A Mugshot

As you look at criminal records, youll often come across mugshots. A mugshot is a photo taken when the person was arrested and booked into jail. It typically shows the individual standing and facing the camera. Some mugshots may include identifying information, including the date of the booking and the height of the individual. Jails may also include photos that show any identifying marks on the person, including tattoos and scars. This helps you make sure that the person you searched for is the same one in the report.

Requesting Certificates 1958 To Present

Divorce from Bed and Board – North Carolina Law

Use the form Application for North Caroline Death, Marriage or Divorce Record found on the North Carolina vital records website. Ignore the death and marriage sections, but complete the divorce certificate section entirely. Include the date of divorce and the county where it was filed.

The form includes disclosure of the name, address and relationship to the divorcees of the person requesting the certificate. Present identification when submitting paperwork include the reason for which you need the record. For example, parents use divorce records for children’s school enrollment.

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Can Anyone Access Public Records

The Freedom of Information Act is a government act that provides the public with access to specific records. Each state has the right to adjust this act based on their own rules to limit the information that you can view and how you can access those records. In many cases, states allow counties and cities to set their own regulations too. You may find that you can only view certain types of records online. For all other types of records, you will need to visit the courthouse or other county buildings.

What Do Divorce Records Show You

Divorce records are just one example of the public records available on the web. You can search by the individuals full name or by the name that persons former spouse. The records will show you:

  • The full names of each half of the couple
  • Where they were married
  • The person who officiated the wedding
  • When the wedding took place in terms of date
  • The names of the witnesses who were there

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What Is A North Carolina Divorce Certificate

Divorce certificates are simple documents the state gives to confirm that a marriage has been dissolved. The certificate contains the name of the former spouses, the divorce date, and where the divorce happened.

It should be noted that divorce certificates reveal no detail about divorce like a divorce agreement. It only serves the official information that the divorce process has been completed and the marriage dissolved. In most cases, it can be obtained from the clerk of court in the county where the divorce is filed. They can be obtained by members of the public and contain the most general information out of any type of divorce record. It essentially exists to state that a divorce happened from a legal perspective. The parties involved in the divorce may request this document when they wish to change their name as it appears on their identification, or if they are applying to obtain a new marriage certificate.

Are North Carolina Vital Records Open To The Public

Where to Obtain a North Carolina Divorce Certificate

As furnished by the North Carolina Public Record Laws, vital records are open for public inspection. These records are primarily generated and disseminated by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services . However, interested and eligible parties may locate some records at the county level through the North Carolina Register of Deeds Office or court custodian office. Typically, access to these records depends on the type of record, local guidelines, and how far back the event occurred.

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Further Use Of Divorce Records

With divorce records, you can also get an idea of where an individual lived during and after the marriage. These records should include the addresses of both partners, especially if one of them filed suit against the others. You can use that address and the city listed to find someone on the web. OurPublicRecords provides you with access to sites that offer divorce records online.

Get Help From A North Carolina Divorce Attorney

A North Carolina divorce lawyer can help you prepare the appropriate documents and develop an argument for keeping your personal information private.

Attorney Jonathan Breeden of Breeden Law Offices has spent more than 20 years working with local courts on a variety of divorce and family law issues, making him a valuable resource for residents looking to get their divorces sealed. To find out what you need to do for your case, call today.

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How Do I Amend My Child’s Name On The Birth Certificate

You will need to provide an early school record for proof of the correct spelling of the name. If the child is under school age, you may need to provide hospital record or immunization record. Please call the Register of Deeds office for further information at 704-2833610.

Free viewers are required for some of the attached documents.They can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below.

What Can These Records Tell Me

Vital Records: (Where to Find Birth, Marriage, Death and Divorce Records for Genealogy)

The following information may be found in these records:


  • The names of the parties involved
  • The date and place of marriage
  • Names and ages of children
  • The cause of the divorce
  • Terms of settlement

After the American Revolution and through 1827, divorces could be granted by the general assembly. The superior court for each county in North Carolina also had jurisdiction over divorce cases beginning in 1814.

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Find Cumberland County Divorce Records

Cumberland County Divorce Records are legal documents relating to a couple’s divorce in Cumberland County, North Carolina. They include the divorce papers that the couple files in Cumberland County Court, as well as any records created during the divorce procedure, and a divorce certificate. North Carolina State also collects and indexes divorce filings to help people perform public divorce record searches.

Learn about Divorce Records, including:

  • Where to get Cumberland County Divorce Records online
  • How to get a copy of your divorce decree
  • Which divorce filings are Cumberland County public records
  • If Divorce Records appear on background checks
  • Which government agencies issue divorce certificates

What Information Can You Get From Marriage Records

You can get quite a bit of information from marriage records. Depending on the state, you can see birthplaces, birthdates, and genders of the individuals. All this information can help you put together a thorough people search report to potentially find a loved one or lost friend. Information that will help to find the marriage records youre looking for includes:

  • A brides maiden name
  • Public records from governments or religious institutions
  • Addresses and birth dates
  • The names of any witnesses present

Most areas require that the couple exchange vows in front of at least two witnesses. If the couple had a large church or outdoor ceremony, they can pick two people who were there to sign and date the certificate to show that they were present. When a couple elopes, they can have other types of witnesses sign their marriage certificates.

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Why Do People Access Divorce Records

Divorce records may be useful if you wish to remarry or need to show proof of divorce. NC divorce records include significant information, including full names, addresses, dates of marriage and separation, and other personal details. However, the following information may have been redacted from official documents that are available publicly:

  • Social Security numbers of parties and children
  • Drivers license numbers
  • Employer taxpayer or state identification numbers
  • Checking and savings account information
  • Financial details regarding spousal and child support

What Is The Divorce Decree In North Carolina Divorce

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The divorce decree is the courts formal order granting the termination of marriage. When the divorce decree is signed by the judge and dated by the court clerk, you are officially and formally divorced and free from the bonds of matrimony.

Both parties may also sign the divorce decree, but the judges signature makes it official.

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How Do I Obtain Vital Records In North Carolina

According to the North Carolina General Statutes, public members can obtain copies of vital records after providing the basic facts. The requirements for accessing these records vary depending on the type of record and the documents sensitivity. Generally, no document is needed to obtain an uncertified copy of a marriage, divorce, birth, and death records in North Carolina. However, relevant documents become mandatory if official records are also requested. Acceptable documents include the legible photocopy of a government-issued photo ID such as drivers license, non-driver photo ID card, current passport or visa, U.S military ID, current Student ID card, and other significant proofs of identification. Persons without the above cards may need to provide two minor proofs, such as a temporary drivers license or a current utility bill. Alternatives include bank statement bearing the current address, pay stub bearing the current address, state-issued concealed weapon permit, and any other government-issued letter received in the last six months.

  • The location of the record in question including the city, county, or state where the case was filed.
  • The name of someone involved providing it is not a juvenile.

Find Divorce Records Online

Any single person who uses the web and/or real life to find dating partners will hear horror stories about men and women who claim theyre single but are actually married. This is especially common among couples where the spouse is in the military. Dating apps can reveal quite a few spouses who date other people while their husbands and wives are overseas. Even if you think you trust the person you want to date, you still need to verify that the person is single.

Another issue that can pop up is a divorce that never went through. Lets say that you meet someone who filed for divorce in the past and signed all the paperwork. When the two of you decide to get married, you may need to make sure that the divorce happened. If your partners former spouse never signed the paperwork or didnt file it, the divorce never occurred. Something as simple as your partner skipping over a page can result in the court turning down the divorce and claiming that the two are still married.

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Are North Carolina Marriage Records Public Information

Yes. are generally considered public records. However, following the North Carolina statutes, confidential and sealed marriage records are restricted and available to only eligible requesters. Also, the court may seal parts and portions of public marriage records containing sensitive information such as social security numbers from public inspection. Essentially, eligible persons include the couple themselves, members of the law enforcement agencies, some family law divisions, and persons with a court order or subpoena.

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