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Birth And Death Records

Searching for marriage and divorce records

The State of Indiana did not require births or deaths to be recorded until 1882, and they were not recorded by the state until 1907. For birth and death records between 1882 and 1906, researchers should contact the County Health Office where the birth occurred. A list of County Health Officials is available online through the State Board of Health.

Birth and death records for 1907 and later are available through the State Department of Health and may be ordered online. Unofficial copies of birth certificates between 1907 and 1940 and death certificates between 1899 and 2011 may be obtained on Ancestry.com. If you do not have access to Ancestry, at arc@iara.in.gov to receive an unofficial copy.

The Indiana State Library has limited WPA birth and death indexes for about half of Indianas 92 counties available in the Genealogy Division.

For birth and death information prior to 1882, researchers should look for local newspapers and religious affiliations to which to the family might have belonged. Many historic newspapers are available through the Indiana State Library. Ancestry.com also maintains digital collections of several Indiana newspapers.

Los Angeles County Clerk Offices

Get Marriage & Divorce Records from 16 Clerk Offices in Los Angeles County, CA

Agoura Hills City Clerk30001 Ladyface CourtAgoura Hills,CA91301Directions

Alhambra City Clerk111 South 1st StreetAlhambra,CA91801Directions

Arcadia City Clerk240 West Huntington DriveArcadia,CA91007Directions

Artesia City Clerk18747 Clarkdale AvenueArtesia,CA90701Directions

Azusa City Clerk213 East Foothill BoulevardAzusa,CA91702Directions

Bell Grade City Clerk7100 Garfield AvenueBell Gardens,CA90201Directions

Bellflower City Clerk16600 Civic Center DriveBellflower,CA90706Directions

Burbank City Clerk275 East Olive AvenueBurbank,CA91502Directions

Cerritos City Clerk18125 Bloomfield AvenueCerritos,CA90703Directions

Covina City Clerk125 East College StreetCovina,CA91723Directions

Culver City City Clerk9770 Culver BoulevardCulver,CA90232Directions

Downey City Clerk11111 Brookshire AvenueDowney,CA90241Directions

Glendale Clerk600 East BroadwayGlendale,CA91206Directions

Hawthorne City Clerk4455 West 126th StreetHawthorne,CA90250Directions

Huntington Park City Clerk6550 Miles AvenueHuntington Park,CA90255Directions

La Puente City Clerk15651 Stafford StreetIndustry,CA91744Directions

Birth Death & Marriage Certificates

Processing time for vital records may take two to three business days to process.

For certified copies of birth, death or marriage certificates please fill out the associated application . A notarized sworn statement must be included with your application.

Napa County is also asking the public to use online and mail to transact business during this public health emergency. Each of our pages has links to our online forms and ways of obtaining certified copies. Vital records can be ordered using VitalChekonline here Version OptionsBirth, Death, & Marriage CertificatesHeadline.

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Applicants For Marriage Certificates And Certified Copies Of Registrations Of Marriage

The following can order a marriage certificate and certified copy of a Registration of Marriage:

  • a guardian, trustee or person with power of attorney for either of the persons in
  • the applicant must be named in the guardianship order, trusteeship document or power of attorney document
  • a copy of the legal document must be attached to the application
  • a person who is designated by a personal directive as an agent for either of the persons in
  • a copy of the legal document must be attached to the application
  • a person with an Alberta court order that states the person is eligible to make the application
  • the order must be issued by a court in Alberta
  • the applicant must be authorized to make the application in the court order
  • the court order must have been issued within 1 year of the application
  • a copy of the order must be attached to the application
  • a lawyer for a person in to , to
  • a copy of a valid Law Society card must be attached to the application
  • a letter from the lawyer advising who their eligible client is must be attached to the application
  • Destroyed Lost And Missing Records

    Pin on Excellent Certificate Templates

    The 1906 San Francisco earthquake resulted in significant record loss.

    These links will take you to wiki pages describing alternate sources for birth, marriage and death records.

    • Church Records: Depending on the denomination, church records may contain information about birth, marriage and death.
    • Cemetery Records: Cemetery records are a rich source of birth and death information. These records may also reveal family relationships.
    • Census Records: Census records are a valuable source for birth and marriage information. You may also determine approximate time of death when the individual disappear from the census. This is a good place to begin a search.
    • Newspapers: Besides obituaries, local newspapers may contain birth and marriage announcements and death notices. Also check newspaper social columns for additional information.
    • Obituaries: Obituaries found in newspapers can list the age of the deceased, birth date and place, death date and place, and names of living relatives and their residences.
    • Periodicals: Local genealogical and historical societies often publish periodicals which may contain abstracted early birth, marriage and death information.
    • Military Records: Military pension records can give birth, marriage and death information, In addtion, soldiers’ homes records can included this same information.

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    How To Change Your Name After Marriage In California

    A person that wants to change their name after marriage in California must follow specific steps. Parties must first apply for a marriage license, which is the official document that signifies a name change and is required when changing federal documents. Couples in California can send license applications to the county clerk before getting married and pay $35 to $110, depending on the county.

    A person that is already married will need to get a certified copy of their marriage license before changing their name after marriage. Certified copies are also available at the county clerk’s office and usually cost $15 per copy. Once the person planning a name change after marriage gets their certificate, they must first submit an application for a new social security card to the Social Security Administration . They must and attach the following:

    • Certified copy of marriage license

    Applicants can submit completed packages to their local SSA office in person or by mail. Processing might take 2-3 weeks. Upon getting a new social security card, the person changing their name after marriage can visit their local DMV to get a new driver’s license. The applicant must present a copy of their marriage certificate and their current driver’s license. By the end of their visit, parties will have a new driver’s license with their new name printed on it.

    Helpful Resources For Genealogy Research

    Online California Vital Records Indexes

    • California Death Records Indexes, Full State and by County…
    • California Marriage Records Indexes by County…
    • Alameda County: licenses, certificates, and indexes, 1850-1941
  • Ventura County Marriage Record Index, 1873-1940
  • San Diego County Divorce Index…
  • Superior Court of California, County of San Diego Court Index For divorces, click on “Party Name Search,” then set the case type to “Domestic.”
  • Social Security Death Index indexes deaths reported to the Social Security Administration from the early 1960s to early 2014
  • California Naturalization Records…
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    How Do I Obtain Death Records In California

    The CDPH is the central custodian for public death records, and eligible persons may obtain death records for a nominal fee. The Department charges $21 per copy for a death record search, and requesters must attach payment with the mail-in application form.

    Note that mail-in requests take an average of five to seven weeks to process if the application packet is complete. Furthermore, the CDPH-Vital Records division only processes walk-in and mail requests. The agency does not receive or process online orders. However, requesters who wish to obtain online copies of death records may use independent aggregate websites.

    State Archives

    How Do I Obtain California Vital Records Online

    Vital Records: (Where to Find Birth, Marriage, Death and Divorce Records for Genealogy)

    Requesters must provide relevant information associated with the record to conduct an online search for California vital records. Some of these include:

    • The registrants’ name
    • City or county where the life event occurred
    • First and last name of parents
    • Presiding judge

    Publicly available vital records are also managed and disseminated by some third-party aggregate sites. These sites are generally not limited by geographical record availability and may serve as a reliable jump-off point when researching specific or multiple records. However, third-party sites are not government-sponsored. As such, record availability may differ from official channels. To find a record using the search engines on third party sites, the requesting party will be required to provide:

    • The location of the record in question including the city, county, or state where the case was filed.
    • The name of someone involved providing it is not a juvenile.

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    California Marriage & Divorce Vital Records

    Capitol: Most Populous City: Total Area: Total Population : Wikipedia

    California vital records regarding marriage and divorce are highly decentralized, with certificates only available from the Office of Vital Records for unions between 1949 and 1986, and 1998-1999, while divorces are on file there from 1962 to 1984. Otherwise, divorce certificates can be obtained from the Clerk of Superior Court in the relevant county, while public marriages were filed with the County Recorder, and confidential marriages with the County Clerk. In addition, California divorce records purchased in Sacramento for $13 will not detail whether the divorce was finalized–only the parties involved and the county where it was filed. California marriage records cost a dollar more, and are not available if the marriage was secret. California’s economy is highly diversified and the single largest in the country, even counting as the eighth largest in the world if the states are recorded separately.

    California Public Marriage Licenses

    A Public Marriage license is usually what a couple will request when they wish to have a traditional ceremony. These can be attained by any county recorder’s office with the correct information and identification. There is no appointment necessary in obtaining a marriage license, but a Marriage License Application must have been completed at least two weeks before the visit to the county clerk. Marriage licenses can be issued in between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays.

    A public marriage license is valid for 90 days before expiration, and both parties must not be currently married. The fee for a public marriage in California is $83.00, and a certified pre-paid copy can be issued immediately for $15.00 more. To have this certified copy, the fee must be pre-paid.The fee can be paid in the form of cash, check, money order, or debit or credit card .

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    California Confidential Marriage Licenses

    A confidential marriage in California not considered public record. The requesting parties must sign an affidavit agreeing that they have been living together as a couple prior to applying for a confidential marriage license. They must also be 18 years of age or older, and be married in the county where the license was obtained. No witnesses are required for this ceremony, and no ceremony is required either. The fee for a confidential marriage license is $89.00, and $15.00 more for every extra copy. The forms of payment are similar to that of a public marriage license. If someone is requesting a copy of these records and they are not one of the spouses, they must have a court order.

    To Search Through The California Department Of Public Health

    California Marriage Records

    To get a copy of the Divorce Record youre looking for through the CDPH, try using a third party website to expedite the process. If you decide to rely on traditional government services, there are a number of steps to complete first.

    • Determine which type of Divorce Record you need. There are two types of certified copies offered by the CDPH: an .

      The authorized copy can be used for official purposes such as establishing identity. Please note that both types of copies are defined as certified. An Authorized Copy can be obtained by:

    • The registrant, or the parent or legal guardian of the registrant
    • The child, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, spouse or domestic partner of the registrant
    • The party entitled to receive the record as result of a court order
    • A member of a law enforcement agency or representative of a government agency who is conducting official business

    An Information Copy contains the same information as an Authorized Copy, but is marked as an Informational Copy, and cannot be used as a Valid Document to Establish Identity. Please note that both types of copies are defined as certified.

  • Obtain a notarized, sworn statement, as it is required for obtaining certified copies of marriage and divorce records.

  • Be ready to pay between $14 for each copy of the Divorce Record you need. Make checks or money orders payable to CDPH Vital Records.

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    How Do I Obtain Divorce Records In California

    Interested parties can obtain divorce records in person or via mail by sending a request to the California Department of Public Health or contacting the clerk at the court where the divorce was granted. Mail requesters must submit a completed application for certified divorce records to:

    California Department of Public HealthVital Records MS 5103PO Box 997410Sacramento, CA 95899-7410

    Mail-in requests take an average of 7 weeks to process and sometimes as long as six months. Thus, many requesters find divorce records online using third-party companies that process online requests.

    How Do I Get My Marriage Certificate In California

    Public marriage certificates are maintained by the County Recorders Office in the county where the marriage license was purchased. The California Department of Public Health Vital Records Office only maintains public marriage records that happened in the years of 1905-2000 or 2008 to present day. Typically, this record will note that a marriage took place, where it took place, and the names of the involved parties. To apply for a marriage record through the county recorders office, contact the specific office and they should be able to guide any requesting parties through the process. Applying through the county recorder offices can often render faster results than applying through the CDPH-VR. To apply for a marriage record through CDPH-VR, it is necessary to fill out the application form along with all fees required and a valid photocopy of the requesting artys identification. There is a $15.00 copy fee for each certificate. Check or money order should be made payable to CDPH Vital Records. For each additional request, it is necessary to fill out another application. On the application form, the following information must be known:

    • The name of the party as it appears on the licence
    • The date or date range of the marriage
    • The city or county where the marriage occurred
    • Both of the spouses dates of birth
    • The age of both of the spouses when the marriage was finalized

    Mail this application to:

    CA Department of Public Health Vital RecordsMS: 5103Sacramento, CA 95899-7410

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    Are California Divorce Records Public Information

    Most California divorce records are public information and can be viewed by public members unless restricted by statute or court order. Interested parties can search for California divorce records or obtain copies of a divorce record using basic information such as:

    • The county where the court issued the divorce
    • Name of the parties involved in the divorce

    However, there are instances where divorce court records may be sealed from the public. Divorce records may contain redacted information if:

    • They include account numbers, social security numbers, and other financial information
    • They include the identities of victims of domestic violence or child abuse
    • They include proprietary business information

    How Do I Obtain Marriage Records In California

    How to find vital records, births, marriages, deaths, divorces

    In addition to conducting searches online, parties can obtain marriage records by contacting the Vital Records Department of the California Department of Public Health. The Vital Records Department maintains documents on marriages that occurred between July 1905 to 2000 and from 2008 to date. To obtain a marriage record by mail, interested parties must complete an application for a certified copy of the marriage record. Then, the requester must enclose the document in a self-addressed stamped envelope and mailed to:

    California Department of Public HealthVital Records MS 5103PO Box 997410Sacramento, CA 95899-7410

    Marriage records collected before 1905 are gathered and maintained in county clerks’ offices because California’s first law indexing vital records designated county clerks as record custodians. The statewide registration of marriages didn’t begin until 1905 when records were indexed, and the California Family History Library kept copies.

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    Free Public Divorce Records

    A record of divorce is also a requirement when a person who had been previously married can marry some other person, otherwise, if the first marriage was still subsisting, the second marriage could be considered as bigamous and there are jurisdictions that do prosecute bigamy as they considered it as a crime. When one is requesting for copies of divorce records, the first thing that the person who desires the record should consider is the fact that the records are not vital records and that they are not available to the public at all times, though they are considered to contain accurate information at all times and the person who would allege otherwise would have the burden of proving his or her allegation.

    Copies of Free Public Divorce Records may also be located online through the use of online databases. Online databases are mostly privately owned database, but despite this, they contain substantially the same records at the official sources, though the fact that they are internet based means that they could be accessed from just about anywhere, and using a platform that is faster and more efficient in addition, most would only charge the most minimum of fees for the use of their services.

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