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How Do I Find Divorce Records In Louisiana

What Is Exempted Under The Louisiana Public Records


Louisiana is a closed records state and restricts access to several government-generated records. Although the public record law ensures access to most records, some sensitive or confidential information may not be open to the public. Under the law, the following records are exempt from public disclosure in Louisiana:

What Is A Divorce Certificate

A divorce certificate is a state-issued vital document that recognizes that a formal marriage has been dissolved. Typically, it is an abstract of the complete final judgment rendered in a divorce case and contains information about the judgment issued. Information contained in a divorce certificate includes:

  • Full names of both parties to the divorce
  • Where the divorce was granted
  • When the divorce was finalized
  • In Louisiana, all records about a divorce granted in the state are in the custody of the Clerk of the Court which granted the divorce.

    Are Louisiana Marriage Records Public Information

    Louisiana marriage records become public information and are thus available to anyone after 50 years. Records of marriage certificates that are less than 50 years and obtained in the parish of Orleans are available from the Bureau of Vital Records and Statistics of the Louisiana Department of Health. Public marriage records obtained in a different parish are available from the Office of the Clerk of the Court of that parish.

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    How Do I Get Louisiana Divorce Records

    Unlike most U.S states, Louisiana divorce is not available online. The states divorce records are only obtainable through the clerks office in the court where the divorce was filed. However, documents recorded 50 years ago can be accessed from the Louisiana Secretary of States Office. To get the records from the clerk, the requester must be related to either of the divorced couples in the first degree or be a government official.

    To access sealed documents, the interested party may need to obtain a court order. Interested persons are advised to call the appropriate clerks office to book an appointment and make inquiries. The clerks contacts are generally available on the official website of the county or city of interest.

    Other Methods To Find Louisiana The Records

    Death certificate los angeles

    Other than requesting Louisiana Divorce Records by mail, you can perform a search online for the records. Some heritage sites will provide records if you are a member of the site or for a fee. There are other sites that charge a fee to search for these records. The report may or may not include the full divorce record. You can search by the name and a list of people by that name will be provided. The list will include known relatives and approximate age to help you narrow down the search.

    Many Louisiana public records are available online by going to the parish court clerks website but divorce records must be requested in writing. This is the only way to get an official divorce certificate in Louisiana. Although the Freedom of Information Act has made many records available to the public. Louisiana is one state that has ?privacy rights laws? that get around releasing all public records, one of which is divorce.

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    Find Jefferson Parish Divorce Records

    Jefferson Parish Divorce Records are legal documents relating to a couple’s divorce in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. They include the divorce papers that the couple files in Jefferson Parish Court, as well as any records created during the divorce procedure, and a divorce certificate. Louisiana State also collects and indexes divorce filings to help people perform public divorce record searches.

    Learn about Divorce Records, including:

    • Where to get Jefferson Parish Divorce Records online
    • How to get a copy of your divorce decree
    • Which divorce filings are Jefferson Parish public records
    • If Divorce Records appear on background checks
    • Which government agencies issue divorce certificates

    How Do I Obtain Sealed Vital Records

    Typically Louisiana Vital Records are not sealed when filed with the Bureau of Vital Records and Statistics. The best recourse for persons looking to obtain sealed vital records is to petition a court of competent jurisdiction. The presiding judge will typically issue a court order if the petitioner can demonstrate a tangible interest in the vital record. One way to fulfill this requirement is to show that releasing the record protects a personal or property interest. For example, persons who are beneficiaries of an insurance policy listing a deceased person may petition the court to allow access to certified copies of the death certificate.

    State Archives

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    Does Louisiana Recognize Common

    Common law marriages created in Louisiana are not recognized. Intending couples who wish to be married must take the legal steps of getting a marriage license or having a solemnization ceremony. That said, Louisiana’s court system recognizes common-law marriages that have been validated in other states. Still, couples with common-law marriages who wish to dissolve their marriage may experience difficulties with establishing the status of their relationship. This also affects the community properties rights in Louisiana. Community property rights mean a spouse has the right to half of the income earned in a marriage, regardless of the contribution of the other spouse.

    How Do I Obtain A Marriage Certificate In Louisiana

    How To Prepare Quit Claim Deed After Divorce LA County

    In Louisiana, while a couple is applying for their marriage license, they can also pre-pay for their marriage certificate. The marriage certificate is completed by the official who performed the marriage ceremony and returned to the Office of the Clerk of the Court where the license was issued. Couples who pre-paid for their certificates will be mailed the number of copies they paid for, once the certificates become available. Orleans parish charges $5 for each copy of a marriage certificate plus a 50-cent malling fee. The fees will differ in other parishes.

    To obtain a copy of a marriage certificate in Orleans parish, that is less than 50 years, send a request to the Vital Records Registry of the Louisiana Department of Health. Record requests can be submitted online, by mail, or in person.

    Submit a mail request to:

    Vital Records Registry

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    Louisiana Public Record Requests

    The Louisiana State Record Act has not been revised since its enactment in 1940. However, the new Louisiana constitution of 1974 entrenched the presumption of transparency of public information. The Act states that, except in instances prescribed by law, no one shall be denied access to public materials.2

    In Louisiana state, citizens can access and check public records, which include:

    • Court records
    • Inmate details
    • Vital records like death, birth, address, marriage, and divorce.

    To get the correct information, citizens should know where to search the Louisiana state records, understand the right government body, jail or prison, geographic location, type of court, etc.

    There are quite a number of platforms where citizens can search for public records in Louisiana. Some are free, while others are paid versions.

    Its good to try the free methods, as no cost is incurred, but they have drawbacks like some of them are outdated, not always reliable, might miss some crucial information, or one might spend quite a bit of time with little or no results.

    On the other hand, the paid methods to check Louisiana state records are, in many ways, the best option as they show all the records a state citizen wants to know about.

    They also provide updated information legally, quickly, accurately, and affordably.

    Louisiana Vital Records Agency Information


    Louisiana Vital Records Registry issues certified copies of Louisiana birth certificates and Louisiana death certificates for events that occurred within the State of Louisiana, and Louisiana marriage records for marriage licenses that were purchased in Orleans Parish. You may order copies of Louisiana vital records through VitalChek on an expedited basis.

    Please be advised, due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina, not all records are currently accessible at this time, some records are archived. If Louisiana Vital Records does not have access to your record, they will send you a letter to inform you. once they are able to access the archived records, your request will be completed. Currently, Louisiana Vital Records does not have an estimated time as to when they will be able to access those records. However, your request will be kept on file and fulfilled once it is available.

    NOTICE: Although VitalChek attempts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this site, state and agency information is subject to change without notice. VitalChek makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information herein and assumes no liability with respect to such information.

    LOUISIANA MARRIAGE RECORDSLouisiana Vital Records issues copies of Louisiana marriage records for events that occurred in Orleans Parish only which can typically be used for proof of marriage and other legal purposes.

    Who Can Order?

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    How Do I Look Up Public Records In Louisiana For Free

    Free access to Louisiana public records is possible via inspection. Louisiana law states that agencies may require copy fees for producing physical copies, and also request payments in advance. However, agencies must not charge requesters for inspecting or examining non-confidential public records ).

    The Louisiana Public Records Law also states that agencies may reduce or waive copy fees if the requester is an indigent citizen or the request is for a public purpose ).

    Free public records Louisiana agencies create may also be available online at no cost. For instance, the Louisiana State Police maintains an online Sex Offender and Child Predatory Registry with free information on registered sex offenders and predators in the state.

    What Is A Divorce Record

    Registros Vitales

    Divorce record describes the superset of documents submitted and generated during a divorce proceeding. It is a complete case file of the entire process which resulted in the dissolution of the marriage. A divorce record will contain all the information in the divorce certificate and divorce decree as well as details of every stage of a divorce case. In Louisiana, divorce records are retained by the Clerk of the Court in the parish where the divorce was granted.

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    Where Can I Access Public Criminal Court Records In Louisiana

    Access to public Louisiana criminal court records depends on the overseeing court. In Louisiana, criminal court records are available at District, Parish, City, and Justice of the Peace Courts, all of which have varying degrees of jurisdiction over criminal matters. Persons seeking access to these records may submit details of the records to the applicable courts. Submitted details should include

    • Litigant and attorney names
    • The courts final judgment
    • Other known specifics.

    In some cases, information may also be available online. For instance, a requester may conduct a free Jefferson Parish public records search for the 24th Judicial Courts docket on the clerks public search page. Similarly, Louisiana residents may initiate an East Baton Rouge Parish public records search through the clerks online access platform. Search services cost varying fees as the state does not provide public access to free Louisiana court records.

    How Do I Find An Inmate In A Louisiana State Or Federal Prison

    The quickest method to search for a federal prison inmate is by determining which prison an offender is in or where they were detained prior to release, and using the inmate search tool through the Bureau of Prisons.

    To find a state prison inmate in Louisiana, one can obtain this information over the phone or by using VineLink, which is endorsed by the state of Louisiana. Call 225-383-4580 to reach the automated Inmate Locator hotline, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    The caller needs to have either the inmates Department of Corrections number or use the inmates name and birth date to utilize this phone line locator to determine which jail the inmate is in.11

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    How Do I Obtain Louisiana Marriage Records

    Orleans Parish marriage records can be requested online, by mail, or by walk-in applications. Records cost $5 for each copy. All requests must include a completed application form, proper identification, and complete fees. Requests should be sent to:

    Vital Records Central Office1450 Poydras StreetNew Orleans, LA 70112

    Requests for marriage records outside the Parish of Orleans should be made at the Office of the Clerk of the Court of the Parish where the marriage occurred.

    Requests for marriage records for the Parish of Orleans, which are older than 50 years, can go to:

    Louisiana State ArchivesBaton Rouge, LA 70804

    In Person Background Check

    What Documents Are Required For A Birth Certificate Replacement?

    Those who want to review or check criminal records by themselves can do so by visiting the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information in person at the address below:

    7919 Independence Boulevard,

    Baton Rouge, LA.

    For the above three methods, the requirements are the same. Individuals who want to request criminal records must provide payment in the form of a business check, money order, or cashiers check.

    The bureau charges $10 for fingerprints and $26 for processing Louisiana criminal records. For self-requesters, they should present a driving license or state-issued photo ID for their request to be processed.

    On average, mail-in requests can take up to 21 days to process, but they can take 15 days. One may also be required to pay a small fee to get a criminal record check, and this applies to all the three methods stated above.

    A requester can wait for the custodian to grant a waiver to access the criminal records for free. This is rare, though. Another free method is to access a third party for a public criminal records check. However, with these free methods, as stated earlier, accuracy is close to impossible and might be illegal at the same time.

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    Louisiana Vital Records Offices

    Record Type: Marriage Certificates, Divorce RecordsNote: Only Orleans Parish marriage records are available from 1948 on at the Registry for a $5.00 fee, same search criteria as others. Include bride name , groom and date of marriage. Other marriage & all divorce records are found at parish of event.Record Access Requirements: Marriage Records older than 50 years are open to the public. Use the VitalChek 877-605-8562 for marriage records in Orleans Parrish only.Records Available: Statewide Court RecordsJudicial AdministratorJudicial Council of the Supreme Court400 Royal Street, Suite 1190New Orleans, LA 70130-8101

    How Long After A Birth Occurs Is It Filed With Vital Records When Should I Receive My Child’s Complimentary Birth Certificate

    Most births are filed electronically therefore, the birth certificate is available for issuance by the Louisiana Vital Records once the physician electronically certifies the birth record and, if applicable, the Acknowledgment of Paternity is mailed by the hospital and received by Vital Records.

    A complimentary certified copy is provided to the parent of newborns, free of charge, shortly after the birth record is registered. However, if you have not received your child’s complimentary birth certificate within four months from the date of your child’s birth, please call 593-5100.

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    The Parish Of Acadia Was Created In The Year 1887 And The Clerk Of Courthas Records Since The Creation Of The Parish

    Online Access

    The Acadia Parish Clerk of Court values your comfort, and were excited about the DocuNet Online Service available to account holders.


    We have all the details of The Clerk of County elections, and we want to make sure you know all the aspects! Find out who will be running for office as well as what time it takes place.


    The Recording Department is the go-to place for those who need to deposit Conveyance, Mortgage, and UCC documents with Acadia Parish.


    To give you a more informed decision, we have included all of the fees incurred for filing and recording in one place.

    Vital Records

    The vital records department is responsible for issuing birth certificates, death cards, and other documents that may be needed during an emergency.

    You may wonder what an applicant for a Marriage License must provide. Heres the list of required documents and fees!


    The Acadia Parish Clerk of Court is accepting passport applications so you can get your documents quickly. Dont forget to bring all the necessary documents with you when applying!


    Have Questions? Check out the FAQs to gain some clarity. You can always get in touch with us and we will help you find an effective solution to your problem.

    How To View Louisiana Bankruptcy Records

    Application Louisiana Father

    Physical copies of Louisiana bankruptcy records can be obtained through the Clerk of Courts office. The bankruptcy court clerk offers information about a bankruptcy case to anyone interested. Individuals may go to the clerks office and make their requests in person. The courts also feature public access terminals where anybody can look for records for free or print documents for a fee.10

    The clerk offices of the United States Bankruptcy Courts in Louisiana are located at the following addresses:

    Louisiana Western Bankruptcy CourtTom Stagg, the United States CourtHouse300 Fannin Street, Suite 2201Shreveport, LA 71101-3141

    707 Florida Street, Room 119Baton Rouge, LA 70801Phone: 346-3333 Phone: 346-3308

    U. S. Courthouse300 Jackson Street, Suite 116Alexandria, LA 71301-8357.Phone: 445-1890

    Louisiana bankruptcy documents are available through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records service . Individuals can obtain required bankruptcy information electronically. To use PACER, they must first register an account. Requesters can look up cases using the court that heard them or a nationwide index.

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    Can I Get A Divorce Certificate Pdf

    Various websites allow you to apply online and receive PDF copies of important records — including divorce certificates. However, these are often only beneficial for your personal records. Printing them won’t do you any good as a form of divorce verification, because they won’t have the raised seal signifying a certified copy.

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