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How Is Alimony Calculated In Utah

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How is Alimony Calculated in Utah – Utah Divorce Attorney 385-770-7451

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Spouses Net Monthly Income Marital Standard Of Living At Time Of Separation = Ability To Pay Or No Ability To Pay

You apply this equation to the spouse who makes more money.

If, after running the numbers, the number is positive, then the spouse who earns more has the ability to pay alimony. When there is an ability to pay, and a need, then someones paying alimony.

If the number is negative, then there is no real ability to pay alimony, and alimony usually isnt paid.

Lets go back to our concrete example to see how things might work out. Husband nets $9000 per month. So, applying the formula we have $9000 $8000 = $1000. Since Husband has $1000 left over every month, he has the ability to pay alimony, and would likely pay $1000 per month instead of $4000 per month.

Alimony Is Calculated By The Judge & Is Based On:

  • Financial Stability & need of both parties
  • Both parties ability to earn income
  • Both parties work, educational training & experience
  • Both parties monthly expenses

The obligated spouse will usually not have to pay alimony for a period of time longer than the time the marriage lasted. For example, if the parties were married for 5 years then the longest the obligated spouse would have to pay alimony for would be 5 years.

Do not make the mistake of agreeing to pay alimony just to make your divorce end sooner or to avoid conflict with your spouse. Contact us today, we will explain to you your rights regarding alimony and we will fight for your case!

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Termination Or Modification Of Alimony

Unless the couple has a written agreement stating that they wont seek any changes in alimony, a court can modify periodic payments on a showing of material change in circumstances. Proof that a spouse has remarried or is cohabiting in a marriage-like relationship with a person of the opposite sex will generally result in termination of an award.

Spousal Support In Divorce

Free Utah Child Support Calculator

When we talk about spousal maintenance, support, and alimony we are talking about the same thing. Although spousal support is not mandatory in most states, it can be mandated by a judge depending on certain conditions, in particular:

  • If one spouse will face hardships without financial support

Court-ordered spousal support is enforced if there is sufficient need to maintain his or the party’s standard of living. The courts recognize both parties are entitled to live at the financial level they enjoyed during marriage. It’s important to keep track of alimony as there are implications to be aware of when filing taxes after divorce.

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Is There A Utah Alimony Calculator

Either party may request and be granted alimony. Regardless of gender, alimony may be ordered on a temporary basis, pending trial, as well as for a longer period after entry of a divorce decree. While there is no standard Utah Alimony Calculator such as the one used for child support, there are a few factors which the courts turn to for spousal support.

In determining alimony, the courts consider at least the following factors:

  • The financial condition and needs of the recipient spouse. This includes the monthly debts and obligations which the recipient spouse is required to pay and the availability of funds to pay these debts.
  • The recipients earning capacity or ability to produce income. This includes income received or available from all sources the past employment history ability or inability to work passive income received etc.
  • The ability of the payor spouse to provide support. This includes the income received from all sources by the payor spouse examined against all of the debts and obligations which the payor spouse is required to pay. Debts may not be incurred, as a general rule, to defeat alimony.
  • The length of the marriage. The longer the marriage, the greater the likelihood of an alimony award.

Additionally, the courts may consider the fault of the parties in determining alimony.

How Long Do Most People Pay Alimony

Unless a spouse has some sort of major disability that keeps them from working, the longest you will pay alimony in Utah is the length of your marriage. That represents the extreme upper limit on how long you could pay alimony.

So, if you have been married five years, the longest you would pay is five years. Ten years, ten years. And so on.

Again, though, could pay and will pay are two different things.

In practice, if you do pay alimony, you usually pay alimony for about ½ the length of your marriage. So, five years become two-and-a-half to three, ten years becomes five, etc.

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Women Are Always Awarded Alimony In A Divorce: False

There are cases where women dont receive alimony in a divorce. Alimony is awarded based on:

  • the level of education of the spouse requesting alimony
  • their realistic ability to work
  • their reasonable and necessary needs
  • how long they have been out of the workforce while being the primary stay-at-home caregiver for children
  • if the spouse has stayed at home supporting a family business.

It also factors in if one spouse supported the other spouse while they obtained their education and the income of the working spouse. Alimony is not likely to be awarded if the marriage didnt last very long or if the stay-at-home parent has a good education and can realistically work.

That Need Is In Practice The Most You Could Pay In Alimony In Other Words It Is The Extreme Upper Limit On Alimony

Alimony Calculator Syracuse UT Lawyer 801-676-7308 Separation and Legal Separation in UT

Lets use concrete numbers to give you a better idea how this works. Wife makes less than Husband. Wife nets $4000 per month income. The marital standard of living is $8000 per month. $4000 $8000 = . So, Wife is short $4000 per month, or, in other words, she has a need of $4000 per month.

Now, $4000 is the most you could pay using those numbers, but that doesnt necessarily mean $4000 is what you will pay.


Because theres another side to the alimony calculation. It goes like this:

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Who Gets Alimony After A Divorce In Utah

In the past, women were typically awarded alimony payments from their ex-husbands. This is likely because women traditionally did not work outside the home and often had no income of their own, making them financially dependent on their husbands. Today, however, women often have their own careers outside the home and may even out-earn their husbands. Not only that, but same-sex marriages are now legal, making the male-female marriage dynamic inapplicable in many alimony cases. Today, anyone may be awarded alimony from their spouse.

The spouse that receives alimony and the spouse that pays will vary from case to case. In instances where one spouse greatly out-earns the other and is the familys primary breadwinner, alimony is a bit clearer. Other times, spouses may have similar earning potentials, and alimony might be harder to determine. Still other times, both spouses can maintain their lifestyles independently, and alimony may not be necessary at all.

If you believe you need alimony after your divorce, call our Utah alimony attorneys for assistance. Our team can help you get a fair alimony award to support you through this difficult time.

Altering Or Terminating Alimony In Utah

Alimony is not set in stone. According to the Utah Code § 30-3-05, courts have continuing jurisdiction over alimony matters and may make changes as necessary. Changes in alimony usually occur when the parties experience significant changes in their financial circumstances. A recipient may request for an increase in alimony, or the paying spouse could request a decrease in alimony or termination altogether.

Changes in income are common reasons why alimony is altered. For example, if the paying spouse retires, they can request a reduction in their alimony payments because they no longer have an income. On the other hand, if the paying spouse experiences a great increase in their income, the recipient may request that alimony be increased as the paying spouses ability to pay has increased.

However, courts generally do not modify alimony arrangements based on issues that did not exist at the time of the divorce. For example, a recipient spouse cannot ask for more alimony because they made bogus investments and lost all their money. That is a condition that did not exist at the time of the marriage or divorce, and the paying spouse cannot be responsible. Talk to our Utah alimony lawyers about how to modify your alimony arrangements.

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What To Do If You Are Damaged By Legal Malpractice

How is Alimony calculated in Utah

Lawyers are required to act in their clients best interests, a responsibility known as a fiduciary duty. When you are faced with a situation that forces you to hire a lawyer, you are already in a vulnerable position, and it is your attorneys responsibility to represent you or your business to the very best of their ability.When an attorney fails to do so, their negligence or misconduct can cost you valuable time and money. Should you become the victim of legal malpractice, its important to know that you can still get the justice you deserve.

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Types Of Alimony Available In Utah

Utah law allows a judge to award temporary alimony during divorce proceedingssometimes referred to as alimony pendente liteas well as temporary or permanent alimony after the divorce is final. Usually, the paying spouse gives the recipient spouse a specified amount periodicallymonthly or biweekly, for examplefor a set length of time. In a few cases, the alimony order calls for payment of a lump sum.

Permanent alimony was once common but is becoming increasingly rareand even when permanent alimony is ordered, its usually not truly permanent, but just long-term. Permanent alimony is generally reserved for older spouses who have served as homemakers during long marriages. A couple can also agree between themselves to provide one spouse with long-term or permanent alimony.

Particularly in shorter marriages, courts tend to look at alimony as rehabilitativepaid for a temporary period of time to allow a spouse to find a job or obtain training and education to improve employment prospects.

In some cases a court may award limited alimony as reimbursement to a spouse who worked to support the couple while the other spouse attended graduate school or advanced vocational training.

How Is Alimony Determined In Utah

Divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City get all types of questions from their clients. Among the most common is how Utah courts calculate alimony. It may seem like an easy question. But the answers are not always simple. Spousal support is one of the most complex and delicate issues in family law. To explain it in simple terms, it basically comes down two major factorstime and need.

First, it is important to understand the concept of alimony and why it exists. Alimony is a legal remedy designed to help a financially weaker spouse get back on their feet after divorce. When couples have been married for a long time, it can be easy to become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. But if one party has been financially dependant on the other for several years, they may require spousal support to maintain the same lifestyle after divorce. The court is unlikely to grant alimony in cases involving a short marriage. The court usually rules in favor of alimony in marriages that last exceeded five years in length. It is also important to understand that spousal support only lasts for the length of the marriage. If a couple was married for eight years, the financially weaker spouse can expect to receive alimony for the same amount of time.

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Like Marriage Alimony Is Not Necessarily Forever

Just as American society and its courts have come to realize that insistence on marriage is forever can be a mistake, so too does Utah recognize that alimony also should not be forever. Barring extenuating circumstances, Utah courts rarely require alimony payments to go on for longer than the number of years the marriage endured. So in a marriage of 15 years, alimony payments might be required for up to the first 15 years following divorce. Of course, the court could decide on a lesser span. Indeed, for a couple married two years and bearing no children, the court may decide neither spouse should receive alimony. Fillmore Spencer LLC attorneys bring more than 20 years experience to helping couples and the courts arrive at fair spousal maintenance arrangements.

Don’t Go It Alone

Joint Custody Advantages And Disadvantages

How Utah Child Support is Calculated – Utah Divorce Attorney

While joint custody assures the children have continued contact and involvement with both parents and alleviates some of the burdens of parenting for each parent, there are, some disadvantages. For example, children have to be shuttled around between parents, non-cooperative parents can have negative effects on children, and maintaining two homes for the children can be costly.

If you have a joint custody arrangement, its important to maintain detailed and organized financial records of all of your expenses such as groceries, school and after-school activities, clothing, and medical care. Because your ex may claim she or he has spent more money on the kids than you have its important to keep all records. A judge will appreciate your detailed records.

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Consider Selling All Shared Property

While it might feel smart to hold onto property such as a primary home or vacation home and just decide who will take over ownership, this can become a major sticking point between couples. Who will take care of maintenance, who will take the utility bills? Its often advised that a couple sells their home and split the proceeds.

How Much Alimony Should You Be Asking For In A Divorce In Utah

On behalf of posted inAlimonyOnAlimony

Calculating alimony is one of the most misunderstood and complex elements of any divorce in Utah. When determining alimony, the court will take into account several factors to analyze whether you are eligible to receive alimony, and if so, how much alimony you should be asking for.

Here at the Emy A Cordano, Attorney At Law, we have recently received the following question from one of our readers: âI am getting divorced from my husband, who is a very wealthy individual. This divorce is something that is long overdue and yet I understand how getting divorced will impact my life from a financial point of view. I have been out of work since I became a stay-at-home mom at my husbandâs request. What should I do and how much alimony can I ask for?â

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