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How Long Does It Take To Get Divorce In Maryland

Can I Use Maryland 3stepdivorce In My Situation

How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce in Maryland?

You may use Maryland 3StepDivorce if:

  • you meet the states residency requirement, and
  • youre filing for an absolute divorce based on mutual consent.

Along with the marital settlement agreement, youll need to submit a Child Support Guidelines Worksheet if you have minor children . Maryland 3StepDivorce will guide you through the process of creating your settlement agreement and completing the worksheet, based on your answers to the questionnaire.

Maryland 3StepDivorce can also help if you and your spouse arent ready to file for absolute divorcefor instance, if you havent been able to reach a final marital settlement agreement required for divorce by mutual consent but havent been living apart for a yearand you want a to make temporary arrangements for the support, custody of your children, who will stay in the family home, and how to take care of the bills while youre separated but still legally married.

Do I Really Need To Hire An Attorney For A Maryland Divorce

Although a non-attorney could theoretically handle his or her own divorce, it is usually best to let a licensed professional handle the matter. Domestic litigation is rife with legal nuances that, if unknown or not understood, could put a non-attorney at a disadvantage when handling their own case.

Additionally, each state has their own law when it comes to Domestic Litigation, so what held true for your friend in another state may not be true in Maryland.

One of the other complicating factors when it comes to any kind of litigation is understanding and meeting the courts procedural deadlines. By failing to file certain documents by certain times, you could jeopardize your case and possibly limit your standing in a given matter. An attorney will not only be familiar with the law in Domestic Litigation, but will also be aware of the Maryland Rules of Civil Procedure.

How Much Will It Cost

You will need to pay a filing fee when you submit your documents. Fees vary by county but generally run about $200. If you qualify, you may be able to have the filing fees waived.

If there are any unresolved issues regarding your divorce, you can expect to pay an attorney legal fees that will range from $200 to $500 per hour depending on how complex your divorce is and how many hours it will take to resolve those issues. You will also need to pay some sort of a retainer up front to start the process.

If you decide to use a mediator or an arbitrator, expect your costs to be somewhere between $3,000 and $7,000, and possibly more. In some cases, a judge may require a couple to go through mediation as part of the divorce process.

Fully contested divorces can run into the tens of thousands of dollars depending on how contentious the divorce is, what kind of assets are involved, and how much disagreement there is with child custody and support issues.

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What Is A No

Parties can also file for a . Neither person accuses the other of any wrongdoing as a primary reason for wanting to dissolve the marital union. This type of divorce is not unusual and may speed up the process, especially if both sides agree on important matters.

For a no-fault divorce, partners will typically mutually consent to the divorce. They will have worked out important matters, such as asset division, who has legal and physical custody of their children, alimony, child support and child visitation. There should be no significant obstacles that would possibly interfere with the divorce.

A no-fault divorce is an absolute divorce. It is permanent and will end a marriage. Couples who decide on seeking a no-fault divorce cant change their minds later on. They will be allowed to remarry once the absolute divorce has been granted.

This type of divorce generally assumes that both partners are on friendly terms with one another. They are able to communicate regularly and work out their differences. If you are upset with your spouse or have a valid reason to ask for divorce, a no-fault divorce probably isnt the best option.

Cost Of Divorce In Maryland

What Is The Divorce Rate In America?

In Maryland, the cost of divorce varies from one jurisdiction to the next, and from one case to the next. Initial filing fees for civil actions are $165, however additional costs may apply. Amicable, mediated divorces cost least as they incur the least amount of court resources, and as the amount of legal aid required is often minimal. Many divorce lawyers offer free consultations, making it easier to determine how much individuals can expect to spend on their divorces.

In 2019, Worthy conducted a study on how divorce women approach divorce and dating in todays world.

Age of Todays Divorced WomanOf the women we surveyed, 42% divorced between the ages of 35-44 and 28% between 45-54, indicating that midlife is the most common time for marriages to break up. Only 9% divorced after the age of 55 and the younger women, 34 and under, made up 22%.

Divorce Proceedings in the 21st Century We asked our participants to share what legal processes they were familiar with for divorce. Litigation and mediation were at the top of the list but many were also familiar with alternative routes such as low-conflict collaborative divorce . Services like working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst are much less well-known .

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How Will My Online Divorce In Maryland Deal With Child Support

In Maryland, both parents have an obligation to support their children. And like all states, Maryland has child support guidelines for calculating how much support the parents should pay, based largely on their incomes and custody arrangements.

3StepDivorce provides the Maryland Child Support Guideline Worksheets, so you can easily calculate the state’s guideline level of support. You and your spouse may agree to an amount of child support that differs from the guideline amount, but the judge will need to review and approve your agreement. If the amount of child support deviates from the guideline, the judge must find that applying the guideline would be unjust or inappropriate under the circumstances.

In your settlement agreement, you and your spouse may include child support provisions that arent legally required, such as a parents contributions to private school tuition or the cost of a childs college education. You may also agree on some specific questions like which parent will claim the children as dependents on tax returns.

Where Can I Get More Information And Help With My Maryland Divorce

You can find answers to other divorce-related questions in our section on divorce in Maryland.

Here are some other resources:

  • Court services. You can find divorce information and court forms on the Maryland Courts website.
  • Mediation. If you want the cost-and-time advantages of an uncontested divorce but are having trouble agreeing with your spouse about all of the issues, divorce mediation can help you find solutions and common ground. At the end of the process, it’s typical for the mediator to prepare a written divorce settlement agreement.
  • Online divorce. If you’ve reached a complete settlement but need more help with the uncontested divorce forms than you can get through the court’s website, you might try an online divorce service that will provide you with the completed forms, based on your answers to a questionnaire.
  • Lawyers. Of course, there are some divorces that require a lawyer’s help. If that’s true in your case, here are some questions to ask before hiring a divorce attorney.

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How To File The Forms

No one likes them, but before submitting your initial divorce documents, check your local courthouse website to see what possible filing fees there are, as well as forms of payment. Maryland filing fees are normally $200.

For each court document you touch, save a copy for your records.

Cant afford to file? Complete this waiver to file without fees. You will need to declare your finances and prove you are in financial need.

At this point, you will need to:

  • File a Joint Statement with your spouse .
  • Write down who you believe should get what, along with the estimated value of assets.
  • Consult your attorney. Now is the time for moving forward, and you will want expertise.
  • Sound like a lot of work? Thats because it is. Divorce is a messy situation and this is just the start of the legal battle.

    Hiring an experienced attorney will ultimately be the short-term pain, long-term gain you need in this scenario. They know the law and will help you know your options.

    Will We Be Able To Change The Amount Of Child Support After Divorce

    Causes of Action For Getting a Divorce in Maryland

    After your divorce in Maryland is final, you may request a change in the amount of child support, but youll need to show that there has been a material change in circumstanceseither parents ability to pay support or the childs needs. The judge will review your request based on the same legal requirements for an original child support order.

    If your circumstances have changed , you may request a review from the Child Support Administration of the Maryland Department of Human Services by calling their Customer Care Center at 1-800-332-6347.

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    Before Filing A Mutual Consent Divorce: The Settlement Agreement

    Because you need to include a signed, written marital settlement agreement with the initial paperwork for a mutual consent divorce in Maryland, you and your spouse need to sit down and negotiate the terms of this agreement before you can start the legal divorce process. The agreement must cover:

    You may also include any other matters that you want to address, like maintaining health insurance coverage.

    If you’re having trouble agreeing on any of these issues, you could try mediation. And before you sign an agreement, you might consider having a lawyer review it and make sure that it protects your rights. If you can’t afford to hire a consulting lawyer to do this, you can speak with a lawyer at your local Family Court Help Center or by calling the . The lawyers with the family court help centers may not represent you in your divorce, but they can provide brief legal advice.

    Prepare Yourself With Patience

    While you may want to finalize the divorce quickly, the processs length depends on both parties willingness. The best case scenario is that you reach an agreement easily, and in a minimum of 60 days, you will be free of this burden.

    Unfortunately, this isnt always the case. When custody issues are involved, the waiting time for finalizing a divorce usually takes up to six months. It can even go on for more than a year.

    Splitting shared assets and properties is a hassle, even if you dont have children. A few topics that might challenge former partners when trying to reach an agreement are child support payments, debt allocation, alimony payments, and spousal support. When the court must decide in the childrens best interest, it will make the divorce proceedings lengthier based on its particularities.

    One way in which the court does this is by establishing which parent can meet the childs best interest. In this case, several things are considered, such as:

    • If the child has a safe place to live
    • Who is able to feed and supervise them
    • Will the child receive enough emotional support
    • What parent took care of the child the most
    • Is the child abused by one or both spouses
    • If the parents abuse drugs or alcohol or expose the children to domestic violence

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    How To File A Divorce In Maryland

    Filing a divorce in Maryland has specific residency requirements and procedures. Find out more about Maryland divorce laws, including grounds for divorce, alimony and child custody.

    Getting divorced in Maryland is similar to getting divorced in most other states. A divorce for any married couple will accomplish two things: severing the marital relationship, and dividing assets and debts. If they have been married for a significant length of time and one of them will be unable to be self-supporting after the divorce, the issue of alimony may also arise. If there are minor children, they will also need to resolve issues of child custody and support.

    Residency and Where to File

    In order to file for divorce in Maryland, one party must be a resident of the state for any period of time, if the grounds for divorce arose in Maryland. Otherwise, one party must be a resident for one year. If the ground for divorce is insanity, the residency period is two years. A witness is required to verify residency. You may file in the Circuit Court in the county where either you or your spouse resides.


    Grounds for Divorce

    Grounds for divorce are legally recognized reasons to get a divorce. This is the justification for severing the marital relationship. Maryland, like most states, has what are commonly called no-fault grounds for divorce, and several traditional fault-based grounds.

    Property Division

    Alimony in Maryland

    Child Custody in Maryland

    Child Support in Maryland

    Completing And Filing Divorce Forms

    How Long Does It Take To Get A Boating License: New Orleans Louisiana ...

    First, you will need to get the correct Maryland divorce forms . If you are initiating the process of filing for a mutual consent divorce, you will file a complaint for absolute divorce. Along with all of the other information requested on that form, be sure to check “Mutual Consent” as the ground for divorce. Besides the form for the marital settlement agreement, you’ll also need to include several other forms, including

    • financial statements
    • a Civil Domestic Information Report, and
    • child-support worksheets if your agreement provides for payment of child support, and
    • a request for a waiver of the filing fee if you can’t afford it.

    You must file the complaint, along with the other required forms and the filing fee, with the in the county where you or your spouse live. As long as you and your spouse consented and signed the settlement agreement in Maryland, the state doesn’t have any other residency requirements for a mutual consent divorce other than living in the state when you file the complaint ).

    When you file the forms, the court clerk will issue a summons, create a case file, assign a number to the case, and collect the filing fee unless you’ve requested and qualify for a waiver.

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    Can I Get An Absolute Divorce If My Spouse Agrees To The Divorce

    The judge can grant you an absolute divorce based on mutual consent if you and your spouse:

  • both agree that you want a divorce
  • sign a written settlement agreement where you agree on all issues relating to:
  • the division of your property
  • custody and visitation and
  • child support. Note: If child support will be paid, you must also attach a completed child support guidelines worksheet
  • do not file any paperwork to set aside the settlement agreement before the hearing and
  • both go to court for your hearing for an absolute divorce.1
  • After reviewing the settlement agreement, the judge must be satisfied that any terms of the agreement relating to minor or dependent children are in the best interests of those children.2

    If you and your spouse meet these conditions, then the judge can adopt your settlement agreement into the divorce order. The judge could also modify or enforce your settlement agreement in the future.3

    1 MD Code, Fam. Law § 7-1032 MD Code, Fam. Law § 7-1033 MD Code, Fam. Law § 7-103

    Can I Date While Separated In Maryland Before The Divorce Is Finalized

    A party may remarry only after they are divorced. A divorce is final 30 days after the parties have received the Judgment of Divorce, signed by the judge.

    As to when a spouse may start dating again depends. It is important to note that so long as you are married, regardless of whether or not you have separated from your spouse, sex with any person other than your spouse is adultery under Maryland law.

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    Providing Proof Of Income

    Before a court can grant or deny a request to waive court fees for low income, it must review information about an applicants income and expenses. When applying for a fee waiver in New York known also as poor persons relief applicants must prepare a sworn statement that includes the following information:

    • A statement of inability to pay court fees
    • A detailed explanation of the amount and sources of income
    • A list of property owned and its value

    In Texas, individuals who want a free divorce complete a Statement of Inability to Afford Court Costs. The form requires an applicant to disclose:

    • Monthly income from all sources
    • List of persons financially dependent on the applicant
    • Values of all property owned
    • Monthly expenses and other debts

    Hire A Divorce Attorney You Trust

    Maryland Divorce Process

    While it is possible to represent yourself in divorce court, most people benefit from working with an experienced divorce attorney. Finding the right lawyer should be your first step. Treat your initial consultation like a two-way interview, and make sure you feel comfortable with the team who will be representing you through this emotional and often difficult process.

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