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How To Find Divorce Records In Florida

How To Get A Divorce In Florida

How To Get A Free Copy Of Florida Divorce Records Online

The Florida Statutes and the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure govern the marriage dissolution process in the state, and the Florida Circuit Court’s Family Division presides over divorce affairs. A divorce in Florida begins with the filing of a divorce petition. By filing for divorce, a married individual seeks to obtain a court ruling that lawfully dissolves their marital union. However, each petitioner must have a legally acceptable ground to get a divorce in Florida.

Florida is a no-fault divorce state. Thus, an individual does not need to establish “fault” to obtain a divorce. Nonetheless, the state has two acceptable grounds for divorce . The firstand most commonis to show that one’s marriage is “irretrievably broken.” In essence, the marriage cannot be fixed, and the court cannot take any action to cause the couple’s reconciliation. An exception under Fla. Stat. § 61.052 is if one side argues that the marriage is not irretrievably broken and the couple has children. In such cases, the court may delay divorce proceedings for up to three months to allow the couple to attend marriage counseling or reconcile.

The second permissible reason for divorce in Florida is the mental incapacity of a spouse. Here, the incapacitated spouse must have been declared legally incompetent for a minimum of three years prior.

Adoptions And Termination Of Parental Rights

The Clerks Office is responsible for processing all adoptions in Broward County. We ensure that all paperwork is filed with the appropriate department and adhere to strict confidentiality laws.

The Clerk’s Office is prohibited from offering legal advice regarding adoptions. Please refer any adoption questions to your attorney or adoption agency.

All records of adoption are confidential and exempt from the provisions of Section 119.07 Florida Statutes, except as provided in Section 63.162 F.S. A court order is required to allow access to an adoption file.

Adoption is the creation of a parent-child relationship by judicial order between two parties who usually are unrelated. This relationship is bought about only after a determination that the child is an orphan or has been abandoned, or that the parents parental rights have been terminated by court order.

Termination of Parental Rights is the legal severing of a parents s rights, privileges, and responsibilities regarding his or her child. Termination of a parents rights frees the child to be adopted by someone else.

How To File A Divorce In Florida

Florida has stated requirements for a marriage to qualify for a divorce in Florida. Florida State needs to ascertain that a marriage is irretrievably broken or that a spouse in the marriage is certified by medical professionals as mentally incapacitated for a period not less than three years. The Florida judicial system does not differentiate between divorce and marriage dissolution it treats the two as the same. The Florida Statutes, Title VI Chapter 61.001 affirms the commitment of the state to promote the integrity of marriages and mitigate potential harms to spouses and children as fallouts of dissolution of marriages. The statute requires one of the parties to the marriage to be a resident of Florida for a minimum period of six months.

Divorces are classified into two in Florida.

  • The simplified dissolution of marriage and
  • The regular dissolution of marriage

A spouse seeking a divorce is required to write a petition to the Clerk of the Circuit Court in their county. The petition should contain it that the spouse or their partner has resided in Florida State for a period not less than six months. A spouse may prove their residence in Florida by presenting any of the following documents belonging to them or their partner, registered in the state six months prior to filing the divorce:

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Clerk Of The Circuit Court & Comptroller Palm Beach County

  • How much do I owe in my case?See simple instructions to look up your cases and see how much you owe.
  • Do I need an appointment for a passport application and what do I have to bring? Passport services are available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in our branch offices. Request an appointment.For more information about passports and application requirements, please see the U.S. State Department’s website.
  • How do I get an appointment for a marriage license?Complete this form to request an appointment for a marriage license or ceremony.

Convention On Rights Of The Child

3 Ways to Find Divorce Records

Countries which are signatories to the Convention on the Rights of the Child are therefore expected to set up systems to register the births of all children. Non-registration of a child can have negative consequences on the wider enjoyment of a childâs fundamental rights to benefits such as identity, inheritance, education, health and other social services. Birth registration is also part of a broader strategy to ensure that children are less vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, especially if separated from their parents. In the absence of a functioning birth registration system, it is difficult to see how a country can enforce age-related legal concerns such as schooling, child labour, juvenile justice, early marriage, sexual exploitation and military recruitment. Recent natural disasters and calamities have also demonstrated the utility of a birth certificate for reuniting lost children with their families.

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Find Public Divorce Records Online

To access the records of a divorce case in Florida, visit the website of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the specific county where the case was heard. The website of the Florida Courts has a list of links to the websites of all Circuit Courts in Florida. To view marriage dissolution records online, navigate to the court record access page on the countys Circuit Court website. Requesting parties may need to register and log in to access the records portal.

Publicly available records are accessible from some third-party websites. These websites offer the benefit of not being limited by geographical record availability and can often serve as a starting point when researching specific or multiple records. To find a record using the search engines on these sites, interested parties must provide:

  • The name of someone involved, provided it is not a juvenile’s name
  • The assumed location of the record in question, such as a city, county, or state name

While government and third-party public record search websites may provide court record search tools to help search divorce records in Florida, record availability varies widely. Divorce records, in particular, may simply not be available through either source.

Can You Get A Divorce Without Going To Court

No. Getting a divorce in Florida is not very simple. The state is committed to promoting the integrity of marriages and tries to avoid the harms associated with spouses and children as a fallout of divorce. The procedures for the dissolution of marriage in Florida require the spouses to get a date for a hearing where a judge will make a final pronouncement on the basis of the documents submitted.

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Access To Divorce Records

For nearly a century, Florida divorce records have been publicly accessible. This is the case in most states throughout the country, too. In Florida, the process for general public access to divorce records is relatively simple. Members of the general population wishing to access divorce records can request to do so online, through the mail, via fax, over the phone, or in person. Persons interested in obtaining your divorce records simply need to fill out a form with the names of those involved in the proceedings, the date of dissolution, and the place where dissolution of the marriage occurred. The application also requires the applicant to provide proof of identification and the reason they wish to access the divorce records. The applicant must pay a $5 fee to access the records and, as long as the divorce records have not been sealed, will receive the divorce records requested once the application for those records has been appropriately processed.

Top 4 Background Check Sources

Florida Public Divorce Records

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Public Access To Divorce Records

For most people, the divorce process is an extremely intimate experience. The divorce process inherently involves very private, personal information and details that many people do not want to share openly. Given the extremely personal nature of the Florida divorce process, it may be surprising for some people to know that Florida divorce records are publicly accessible. While the process for obtaining Florida divorce records is not as simple as conducting an internet search, couples going through the divorce process should be aware that there are relatively few barriers preventing just about anyone that wants to from accessing your Florida divorce records unless you work with your divorce attorney to take important steps to prevent that from happening. This article explores the way in which divorce records can be accessed, reasons you may want to protect your divorce records, and how you can work with your Florida divorce attorney to protect personal information related to your divorce.

How To File A Divorce By Yourself In Florida

A spouse or a couple may file for their divorce by themselves in Florida. If the divorce is uncontested they will need to complete a Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage and a . The forms may be obtained from the Circuit Court Clerk in the Florida county where either of the spouses live and submitted to the Clerk after completion. After the submission of this form, the Clerk will give them a date and time for a court appearance, usually after a period of 20 days from the filing date of the petition. The couple is required to appear together before the judge on the date and time given to them. They are also required to come with a completed Family Court Cover Sheet Form obtainable from the Circuit Court Clerk. On the day given to the couple for judgment, the judge shall examine all the papers completed and submitted by the couple. If all the forms completed are in order, the judge shall grant the dissolution of the marriage. However, where the forms are not duly completed, or the requirements are not met, the judge shall dismiss the case.

If the couple has properties or children under the age of 18, they are not qualified for Simplified Marriage Dissolution. They will be required to file a petition for a Regular Marriage Dissolution. With the Regular Marriage Dissolution process, a spouse will need to complete the following forms as applicable:

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce In Florida

Divorce may be obtained faster in Florida if it is not contested. According to Title VI Chapter 61:19 of the Florida Statutes 2018, a spouse is required to wait a minimum period of 20 days after filing a divorce before they may get a date for the final hearing of their case. The date for the final hearing will further depend on the courts schedule. For an uncontested divorce, a petitioner may get a divorce between 4 – 6 weeks after filing their case with the Court Clerk. If the divorce is contested, the process will take a longer period to determine.

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Personal Implications Of Public Access To Florida Divorce Records

Financial information is not the only type of personal information an individual may not want the public to have access to. Given the emotional nature of the Florida divorce process, there are circumstances where specific allegations may arise during the course of these proceedings. You may not want the general public to know the specific reasons behind your divorce, especially when such reasons might include infidelity or other extremely personal matters that could have led you to seek a divorce. There is also the potential forcriminal allegations to arise during the divorce process, and even if such accusations are baseless they can paint you in a negative light if they become publicly accessible.

Why Would Someone Want To Access Divorce Records

Its unlikely someone would go through the lengthy process of requesting a divorce record if they didnt have a good reason to do so.

Its possible an employer may want to look your divorce record up as part of a due diligence check. Or, maybe youre getting romantically involved with a new partner. They might decide to look up your divorce records to ensure theyre not getting involved with a narcissist who has a history of abuse or infidelity.

Be aware that Florida began archiving divorce records in 1927. You wont be able to access the records of a divorce case that was finalized before then.

The main point to understand is that accessing divorce records in Florida is tedious but possible. However, you might want to keep this in mind if youre in the middle of a divorce. It may influence how you proceed with the case if youre concerned about certain personal information being available to the public. On the other hand, you dont want your case to end unfavorably because you were reluctant to discuss certain matters.

This highlights one of the many reasons its important to enlist the help of a qualified Florida divorce attorney. They can help you better determine how to strike a balance between maintaining a degree of privacy while still optimizing your chances of finalizing the case in a favorable way.

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How To File For Divorce In Florida With Children

For marriages that involve children, or those that have circumstances requiring child support hearings, the petitioners need to complete the Marital Settlement Agreement Form and file the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. The Marital Settlement Agreement Form completed should cover their minor children, those of their spouse, their dependent children, and the properties they have. The completed form should also include agreements about child custody, time-sharing, alimony payments, property transfers etc. Florida requires all these processes to ensure Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets and Liabilities. The petitioner also needs to complete and file the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Affidavit. This is a requirement, even if the spouses have agreements on the custody of the children. If the spouses are able to agree on most of the terms of the divorce, they can sign written agreements stating these agreed terms. The agreements should include parenting plans for the children in concern. Florida allows spouses to present their agreements orally to the judge in a final hearing if the agreements are not yet formalized in writing. In situations where there are still disputes between the spouses, trials will be required.

What Is A Divorce Certificate

Can you find divorce records online free?

A Florida divorce certificates is the most commonly requested divorce record, as it is the easiest to obtain. However, it provides the least amount of information. A divorce certificate shows details about a divorce agreement, i.e., the name of the person who filed divorce papers and their partner, where they got divorced, and the exact date and time that the divorce was finalized. A divorce certificate is often requested when one of the divorced parties wants to change their name or enter into another marriage, and they need proof that their last marriage ended. The most common reason a divorce certificate is requested is to obtain a marriage license. In the State of Florida, this type of divorce document is public record, but it can only be purchased by parties involved in the divorce or the lawyers who were part of the legal process. While an official or certified copy can only be obtained by those involved, the record can be accessed by anyone online for viewing purposes.

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