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New Jersey Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, Genealogy Online Search).

In New Jersey, a divorce decree is a legal document that is filed with the court and finalizes the divorce. It is usually granted by the judge when the case has been heard and decided on, and may contain information such as:

  • The date of the divorce
  • The names of both spouses
  • The custody arrangements for any children
  • Spousal support payments

There are a few different ways to access New Jersey divorce decrees. One way is to go to the court website and search for them. You can also request them from the clerks by mail, fax, or in person.

S To File A Divorce Case

**Note: If you cannot prove your spouse received the papers, you might not be able to proceed with your case. Contact the family division for more information.

  • File with the court
  • Redact, or black out, the personal identifiers on the copies you will submit to the court.
  • Upload the documents into the Judiciary Electronic Document Submission system. You can pay the fee with a credit card. You can upload the fee waiver request form if needed . You also can mail the originals plus two copies of all of the documents, plus the fee, to the Family Division of the Superior Court where you or the defendant lives. Certified mail is recommended. If you mail your papers, also include a stamped, self-addressed envelope so the court can mail a copy of the filed Complaint back to you with the docket number on it.
  • After you receive the Complaint with the docket number on it, you must serve the Summons, Complaint and other required documents on the Defendant. This means that you must prove to the court that your spouse has received the divorce papers. You must include the Complaint, the Summons, and a listing of attorney referral and legal services offices. You must serve the papers within 30 days of the date of filing, and provide proof of service to the court, in writing. See Court Rule 4:4 for more information.
  • **Note: If you cannot prove your spouse received the papers, you might not be able to proceed with your case. Contact the family division for more information.

    What Information Does A New Jersey Divorce Record Contain

    Youll see in a New Jersey divorce record the basic information related to the divorce, as well as the proof, that is the divorce certificate and decree. These are helpful when you are looking for information about someones past. You can find out if they have been married before, when they were divorced, how long their marriages lasted, and how they handled the breakups.

    The information available in a divorce record in New Jersey can be quite extensive. It will include:

    • Names of the parties to the divorce
    • Date of the divorce decree
    • Property settlements, child custody agreements, if any

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    Where To Find Divorce Forms And Instructions:

  • Legal Services of New Jersey LSNJ has a free divorce guide that explains how to file for divorce or dissolve a civil union based on irreconcilable differences, separation, desertion, or extreme cruelty.LSNJ also sells a complete divorce kit, with instructions plus all of the required forms, for $25..
  • Superior Court OmbudsmenYou can get all of the required forms and instructions in your county courthouse. Contact your local court ombudsman for more information. The ombudsman is a neutral staff person who answers questions, provides procedural assistance, addresses concerns from the public, and helps to guide court users through system. The ombudsman cannot give legal advice, however, as all court staff must be neutral and impartial. Learn more about the ombudsman program.
  • NJ Courts Self-help CenterThe NJCourts.gov has some basic information on the divorce process and some of the forms that you will need.
  • Family Part Case Information Statement
  • Documents Required To Order A Divorce Certificate Online

    Marriage certificate nj

    In order to complete the online application, the Health Department requires applicants to prove their identity by including a photocopy of their ID. It varies depending on the county, but commonly people can use the drivers license or a state ID. Verify thelist of all necessary documents required by your state here.

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    What Are New Jersey Divorce Certificates

    A divorce certificate is the most general file available that documents that a divorce took place. This document contains the names of the parties along with the date and location where the divorce was finalized. Divorce certificates are often used to prove that a divorce happened, and are commonly requested when one of the parties wishes to alter their name as it appears on their identification or file to receive a marriage certificate.

    It should be noted that a divorce certificate reveals nothing about the details of the divorce. The divorce details can only be found in a divorce agreement or divorce decree, depending on whether the case proceeded to trial or whether both parties entered into a divorce agreement.

    Summarily, a divorce starts when a party files the original divorce paper, and the issuance of a divorce certificate caps it. For the parties involved in the divorce, it is easy to access the divorce certificate. Public members may be required to apply and be charged a fee when attempting to obtain a divorce certificate.

    What Types Of Public Records Are Contained In Dissolution Files

    There are several types of documents that divorce case archives include. The most read6ily available document is the divorce certificate. This document plainly states that the divorce was finalized by the Family Part of a New Jersey county Superior Court. Because they are straightforward proof of divorce and required for a person to legally change their last name or file a new marriage certificate, a divorce certificate is quite simple for the couple to obtain and still easier for a third party to obtain than some other documents involved in the legal separation. A third party attempting to attain a divorce certificate may be charged a fee.

    A divorce decree is a much more extensive record of the finalized divorce than a divorce certificate. The decree includes such specifics as to the location of the divorce and specifics such as the official judgment and agreements settling the case. This means information like allocating assetssuch as properties, alimony agreements, child custody arrangements, and even scheduling details. The Superior Court of New Jersey Records Center is responsible for keeping track of and distributing these records as it sees fit.

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    New Jersey Department Of Health Office Of Vital Statistics And Registry

    The New Jersey Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics and Registry house the most recent vital records, though there is some overlap with the New Jersey State Archives. The NJVS has the following vital records in their collection, which may change as records are released the State Archives:

    • Birth, marriage and death records, 1920present
    • Domestic partnership records, 2004present
    • Civil union records, 2007-present
    • Stillbirths, 1969-present

    Records from the NJVS are not available for in-person searching and there are restrictions on who can request original copies and who is eligible to receive certifications, which may not have all of the official information on the certificate. Please visit their website, , for further information regarding reproduction.

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    New Jersey Vital Records, Adoption, and Divorce

    As noted above, recent divorce cases are housed at the County Clerks Office, while later documents are archived at the Superior Court of New Jersey Records Center. Generally, the cost of obtaining a document from the Center is ten dollars.

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    New Jersey Marriage & Divorce Vital Records

    Capitol: Total Area: Total Population : Wikipedia

    New Jersey marriage records are considered private vital records, while New Jersey divorce records are public court records. The state Bureau of Vital Statistics or local municipal vital records offices maintain marriage records from 1901 certified copies are restricted to family, but genealogical copies will be provided after 50 years. The New Jersey State Archives has microfilm copies of 1878-1940 marriage records, for use in-person only, but will perform a search for 1848-1900 marriage records. The Archives have limited 1795-1887 microfilmed county records, and an online searchable index for 1665-1799 marriage records. Divorce records are not considered New Jersey vital records, available only from the Clerk of the Superior Court. Historical divorce records for 1743-1850 are found at the Chancery Courts and the State Archives. An index book for 1778-1844 divorces is available at the New Jersey State Library, and the Archives has a microfilm index for 1850-1900.

    About Vital Statistics And Registry

    Customers can place orders for vital records by sending requests online, via mail, or by visiting our Walk-in Center at 140 E. Front Street in Trenton. Customers may also use the *NEW*over the phone process through VitalChekby calling 877-622-7549.

    The Office of Vital Statistics and Registry registers vital events and maintains the following vital records:

    • Birth records starting at 1922
    • Death records starting at 1931
    • Domestic partnership records starting at 2004
    • Civil union records starting at 2007
    • Adoptions foreign and domestic
    • Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth data starting at 1969

    Vital records are also available from Local Vital Records Offices in the municipality where the event occurred.

    For information about historical vital records from visit the State Archives web page. The Archives maintains copies of births from 1921-1923, marriages from 1931-1948 and deaths from 1931-1960. These materials are available for in-person use only.

    Visit the Center for Health Statistics web page for statistical information on vital events in New Jersey.

    Visit the National Center for Health Statistics for information on how to request vital records from other states/jurisdictions.

    Please note, New Jersey law protects and restricts the release of vital records. Vital records are not public records and cannot be searched online.

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    What Is A Certified Divorce Certificate

    A divorce certificate, issued by your state includes the names of the parties involved as well as the date and place of the divorce. While it doesn’t include any personal details or court orders, it can be used as official proof that you are indeed divorced. In some cases, you may need to provide a portion of your divorce decree when changing your name on essential documents like your driver’s license or Social Security card. Either way, having a divorce certificate on hand is always a good idea.

    Other Vital Records Sources And Indexes

    Family History Research by Jody Lutter: New Jersey Vital Records Index ...
    • The Works Progress Administration abstracted some birth and death information onto card indexes known as New Jersey W.P.A. Birth and Death Records, Early to 1900. These cards primarily index church burial records, but they also index death notices from newspapers, some town clerk births and deaths, cemetery headstones, and sextons’ records. They are found at the state archives and on microfilm at the Family History Library.

    The New Jersey Biographical Card Index at the New Jersey Historical Society is an index to about 75,000 births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, and burials from:

    • Work Progress Administration abstracts of central and northern New Jersey newspapers
    • Trinity Church, Newark, burial records
    • Elizabeth, New Jersey records compiled by Elmer T. Hutchinson
    • Vital Statistics Index from Trenton Newspapers, 1800- 1900, at the New Jersey Bureau of Archives and History, is an alphabetical card index to marriage and death notices for the period from December 1777 to 1900. It was microfilmed in 1969 at the state archives.

    There is an index to deaths where the person died from unusual causes:

    • Index to Inquisitions on the Dead, 1700s-1800s. This is an index to records at the state archives and provides the name of the person, the county, page, and sometimes the township or town.

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    Why Would I Need My Divorce Decree

    You may be wondering why it matters that youve lost your divorce decree, after all, your divorce has been finalized and the process is over. It is important to know that a number of situations will require your divorce decree. For example, you will need your divorce decree in order to remarry in the future. This is because, in New Jersey, it is illegal to be married to more than one person at a time. In order to apply for your new marriage license, you will need to be able to prove that your previous marriage has officially and legally ended.

    Another common situation that may require your divorce decree is changing your last name. After a divorce, many people wish to revert back to their maiden name. To do so, you will have to go to the court and show your divorce decree as evidence of why you want to change your last name. After changing your last name, you will have to go through the process of updating your identification, including your drivers license, passport, credit cards, and more. You may have to show your divorce decree in order to complete this process as well.

    You will also need your divorce decree when it comes to refinancing your home to prove that you are truly divorced, rather than trying to simply remove your spouse from your mortgage.

    New Jersey Vital Records Research Guide

    HomeNew Jersey Vital Records Research Guide

    New Jersey Birth, Marriage, Divorce as well as Death records, known as vital records, produce specifics about crucial events in your ancestors life. Vital records, usually held by a civic authority, gives you a far more comprehensive picture of your respective ancestor, help you differentiate between two people using the identical name, and enable you to find links to a completely new generation. They might consist of information like the occasion date and place, parents names, occupation and residence. The cause of death is also included in the majority of New Jersey death records.

    New Jersey vital records are a basis of New Jersey genealogy and family history research simply because they were usually recorded at or near the time of the event, making the document more likely to be accurate. This page contains links, information and facts that can help you obtain copies from New Jersey state and county vital records keepers. Vital records mark the key events of our lives and are the basis of Metronidazole.

    New Jersey Division of Vital Records, issues, documents, and stores certified copies of vital records including birth, marriage, divorce death certificates for occurrences that took place in New Jersey. To verify current fees and information the telephone number is 271-4654. Vital Records are also available from Local Vital Records Offices in the municipality where the event occurred.

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    How To Find A Divorce Record In New Jersey

    In New Jersey, divorce is legally referred to as a dissolution case by the courts. A spouse usually files divorce papers to initiate the divorce process. A divorce case falls under the purview of the Family Division in the Superior Court of the county where the divorce happens. After a divorce is finalized and the case is closed, the case is then archived. The time between finalization and archiving differs depending on the county.

    Divorce records/dissolution of marriage records are considered court records. They may therefore be searched on third party public record websites. Dissolution of marriage records can offer personal information on minors, finances, and sensitive criminal information like domestic abuse. Because of this, divorce record, certificate, and decree availability is usually much lower than other types of public records because of the personal nature of divorces. Simply put, divorce records are significantly harder to obtain and search for than other types of public records.

    Find Public Divorce Records Online

    Judiciary Electronic Document Submission JEDS (Short Version)

    Most county clerk’s offices have websites that provide search tools that can be used to find public divorce records online. Anyone interested in public divorce records can therefore log on to the websites and search through the database provided by the county clerk’s office. Also, the court may offer an online search for divorce records on their websites.

    It should be noted that divorce records in New Jersey can also be accessed via third-party sites. These third-party sites present search tools that can be used to look for divorce records at a specified fee.

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    Divorce Records Are Public Documents

    All information in court documents on divorce become public record upon completion. The New Jersey Open Public Records Act P.L. 2001, c 404states that public members are entitled to records deemed public, and the Act outlines the procedure for accessing such public documents. As such, information regarding the parties involved and the process can be accessed by uninvolved third parties. However, given the deeply personal nature of the data addressed in a divorce proceeding such as financial records, testimonies regarding personal matters, and even information about children of the divorce information from divorce documents are much more difficult to obtain than other public records.

    Even though all court divorce documents are available to the public upon the cases termination, some information can be redacted. According to the New Jersey Open Public Records Act section 47:1A-5, personal security information such as social security number, phone number, credit card number, drivers license number, and minors and domestic abuse victims identity is redacted before being released to the public. Sealing a record, preventing it from public dissemination, requires both parties agreement and is a much more difficult task to have the court approve than redacting specific parts.

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