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Why Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein

Dividing Stock Options in Divorce | New York Attorney Explains Marital Property

Since our founding, we have successfully represented thousands of clients with high incomes and significant assets, and we have the skill and capacity to provide the best personalized service for our clients needs. We understand that high net worth cases will involve complex financial matters that require sophisticated financial understanding and in-depth knowledge of the law.

At Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein, we pride ourselves on polished and professional work that helps us achieve positive, satisfying results for our clients. Our skilled team is fully committed to offering each of our clients:

  • Personal attention
  • Prompt responses to individual needs and inquiries
  • Thorough and clear explanations of your legal options
  • Creative and tailored solutions to difficult and complex problems

Will I Need To Go To Court To Get Divorced

Not always. In fact, its common to settle uncontested divorce proceedings out of court. When this happens, both spouses agree to terms of divorce, usually with the help of divorce lawyers. Then, this agreement is presented to the court. If the court approves the agreement, the divorce will be finalized.

However, if you or your spouse disagree on any particular part of the divorce and cannot come to an agreement out of court, this is known as a contested divorce, and must be settled in court.

We Listen To Your Challenges And Answer Your Questions:

At David Centeno Law, we recommended a course of action, and help you navigate through the divorce process.

Our legal work consists primarily of uncontested New York divorce cases and New York divorce mediation cases when clients need help reaching an amicable resolution.

We have experience with all aspects of New York divorce ranging from simple uncontested no-fault divorces to complex New York divorce mediation cases.

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Can I Annul My Marriage

The state of New York allows for the annulment of a marriage where:

  • the former spouse of one of the spouses is still alive and the prior marriage is still in force
  • one or both parties to the marriage had not attained the age of legal consent
  • one of the parties was a mentally retarded person, or a mentally ill person
  • one of the parties was physically incapable of entering into the marriage
  • consent to the marriage was obtained by force, duress or fraud or
  • one of the parties has been incurably mentally ill for five or more years.

You should speak with an attorney on this issue as the specifics of who can maintain an action for annulment on these grounds and the time periods applicable to each ground are too involved to set forth here. Not finding the answer you are looking for? Browse our entire New York State Divorce FAQ.

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Why You Need a Seasoned Divorce Lawyer in New York City

The experienced divorce lawyers at Cordell & Cordell provide intelligent, aggressive divorce representation to fathers. We are a community of talented legal professionals that prioritize growth and success in all our life roles. Together we assure our clients the quality of representation we would expect for ourselves.

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Dealing With The Legal Aspects

Because marriage is a legal and emotional relationship, many legal aspects must be addressed and settled to move forward for a couple to be granted a divorce in New York. Sometimes, a couple can come to these agreements themselves and seek an uncontested divorce. But in some cases, they will need to be addressed by the court if a couple cant agree to their own terms.

Before a divorce can be granted, many things will need to be settled by the divorcing couple, including:

  • Division of property
  • Child support
  • Child custody

When a couple can cooperate and find common ground or negotiate terms with the assistance of a New York lawyer or mediator, it can save significant costs and time. To schedule a consultation with our experienced divorce lawyer, please call .

How To File For Divorce

  • To file for divorce, you will usually need to have resided in your state and county for at least 6 months to 1 year. It does not matter where the marriage took place.
  • Next, you’ll need to obtain all the required divorce forms, found on your state’s website or the applicable court’s office of the clerk.
  • Once the forms have been filed and summons served on your spouse, your spouse will have some time to respond to the petition .
  • Procedures will vary by state and it is recommended you speak with a divorce lawyer to understand the requirements in the area you live.

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What Are The Requirements For Getting A Divorce In New York

To get a divorce in New York State, you must meet the residency requirement, meaning:

  • You or your spouse has been living in New York continuously for at least 2 years before the divorce
  • You or your spouse has been living in New York for at least 1 year and you got married in New York, you lived in New York as a married couple, or the grounds for your divorce happened in New York
  • Both you and your spouse are residents of New York on the day the divorce starts, and the grounds for divorce happened in New York

You also must meet one or more of the seven grounds for divorce in New York, meaning you have a legally acceptable reason for the divorce to occur.

There are seven grounds for divorce in New York, as follows:

  • Irretrievable breakdown or no fault for at least 6 months
  • Cruel and inhuman treatment, such as abuse or domestic violence, within the past 5 years
  • Abandonment or constructive abandonment of a spouse for 1 year or more
  • Imprisonment for 3 years or more. This ground can be used while the spouse is in prison, or up to 5 years after their release
  • Adultery, with proof that adultery occurred during the marriage
  • Divorce after a legal separation agreement, where an agreement is signed and the spouses live apart for 1 year
  • Divorce after a judgment of separation, a rarely used ground where the Supreme Court creates a judgment of separation and the couple live apart for 1 year
  • Same Sex Prenup Agreements

    Brian Perskin NYC Divorce Lawyer

    Paul E Rudder, ESQ is one of the most highly regarded divorce lawyers in NYC. He has received AV rating by Martindale Hubbel for 12 consecutive years . Call today to Book Your Consultation .

    30 years of experience as a family and divorce lawyer, and after having handled a multitude of cases in front of many judges, and against prominent opposing counsels – Paul Rudder has a very realistic view of the legal process.

    Paul Eric Rudder has been accepted to The National Advocates: Top 100.

    This is an exclusive invitation-only organization and is limited to only 100 members representing the top lawyers in the country.

    Each client represented by Mr. Rudder receives personal attention from the beginning to the end of the case.

    Mr. Rudder handles all legal aspects of each case.

    Paul Rudder is a top divorce attorney, and the media agrees too! Hes had appearances on places such as COURTTV, and many others, in addition hes a trusted name, and brand.

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    Skilled Criminal Defense Strategies From A Formernew York City Assistant District Attorney

    Its overwhelming and terrifying to face criminal charges which carry serious consequences, while your freedom is at stake. Whether you are currently under investigation or have already been charged with a crime, you need experienced advice and guidance on your case. No matter what the charges, you are entitled to a strong defense. Our number one goal is to get your charges dismissed. We will fight for your freedom. Call us today for your Free & Confidential Consultation.

    New York Divorce Lawyers For Men

    When you no longer wish to be in your marriage, you dont know where to turn. In New York, the divorce laws used to require that spouses claim either adultery, abuse, or abandonment. However, the the rules recently changed to allow for no-fault divorces, therefore couples can file to end their marriage due to an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage.

    If you are seeking a divorce in New York, you need an attorney who understands the process. Many New Yorkers make the mistake of hiring a family attorney who does not specialize in divorces. This is a poor decision for two reasons. First, because divorce and family law is a very specialized area of law with its own court rules and processes. A general practice attorney who does not handle many divorces will not be equipped to effectively represent you. Second, you should keep in mind that the outcome of your divorce case will impact your life for a long period of time in a permanent way.

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    Get Fair And Aggressive Advocacy For Your Divorce Call Our New York City Family Law Attorneys Today

    Why Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?

    You might believe you can handle your divorce proceedings without legal counsel, especially if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are on relatively civil terms. While it is perfectly possible to negotiate the terms of your divorce privately with your spouse, hiring an attorney is an investment in peace of mind and an extra layer of security protecting your interests in divorce proceedings. Your NYC divorce attorney can provide valuable legal guidance, handle your administrative obligations, and help you explore alternative dispute resolution if possible. Ultimately, hiring an attorney means you will have an experienced legal advocate who can verify that your proceedings are moving in a positive direction.

    Divorce is rarely an easy experience. Some divorce cases will move beyond the point where negotiation is possible and escalate to litigation. If you must litigate your divorce in NYC family court, its wise to assume that your spouse will hire their own legal counsel. You should do the same. Your attorney can help you prepare for the proceedings to follow and meet all of the courts procedural requirements so your divorce can proceed smoothly.

    Divorce Timeline in New York City
    What Is Mediation?
    Hire a Legal Advocate for Your NYC Divorce
    Family Law

    Alimony Or Spousal Support

    10 Best Divorce Attorneys in New York City

    Navigating the issues of alimony or spousal support can be an emotionally touchy subject in any divorce. Spousal support is not a given and is determined on an individual basis with the court considering facts such as the length of the marriage, the income of both parties, contributions made to the marriage, as well as other factors. Especially in high-net-worth marriage dissolution, these issues can become complex very quickly.

    With spousal support, payments may be designed as temporary or permanent but after the court determination, both parties must comply unless a modification is filed.

    As experienced New York high net worth divorce attorneys and advocates, we work tirelessly to protect your legal and financial interests before, during, and after a divorce.

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    What Issues Must Be Settled In A Manhattan Divorce Case

    Going through the divorce process is not easy for any party involved. However, it is crucial that all parties settle every area of contention before a divorce is finalized. For uncontested divorces, this process can flow fairly smoothly, but that is not mean that parties should go about doing so without assistance from an attorney. Even the most amicable of separating couples may still find that certain aspects of the divorce process create tension.

    For contested divorces, it is absolutely necessary to have a skilled Manhattan divorce and matrimonial attorney by your side. You need to be sure that your best interests are being looked after at all times.

    At Randi L. Karmel, PLLC, we handle every aspect of the divorce process on your behalf. This includes the following:

    Physical And Legal Factors In A Divorce

    Child custody disputes are some of the most complex areas of family law in NYC and are often one of the places where legal battles between partners arise. That being said, there is no part of a divorce that requires more care and attention than ensuring the best interests of the minors.

    Each child custody scenario is unique. Multiple factors should be considered when determining the best arrangements for childcare after a divorce. Decisions must be made for both legal custody and physical child custody. An excellent child custody lawyer understands the NY family law and has the compassion necessary to navigate these complex issues. Contact the law firm of Juan Luciano Divorce Attorneys today to see how we can help .

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    New York Divorce Lawyers

    Ending a marriage can be a difficult situation emotionally andfinancially, especially without reliable legal representation. If you plan toend your marriage or if your spouse has served you with a divorce petition, aNew York City divorce attorney can be an invaluable asset. They can help youdetermine the best options for handling the situation and reaching a favorableoutcome in your divorce proceedings.

    At the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, we understand howdifficult divorce can be. Our mission is to provide comprehensive divorcerepresentation for all clients. When you work with us, you can approach thesituation with confidence. As your NYC divorce lawyer, Attorney Tsigler and histeam provide years of practical experience and individualized representationfor every case we accept.

    Reputable Experienced And Effective Lawyers To Negotiate Your Disputes

    Domestic Violence and Divorce: New York Attorney Explains Resources and Legal Options

    Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein is one of the largest divorce and family law firms in New York servicing clients dealing with family and divorce disputes. We concentrate our practice exclusively in the area of family law, with offices in Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey. Recognized as a top divorce law firm in New York, we are one of the only New York firms offering all three options for divorce resolution litigation, collaborative law, and mediation.

    Emphasizing comprehensive, compassionate, and cutting-edge service, our attorneys offer skilled and strategic expertise in trial advocacy, litigation, negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, child custody and support matters, spousal maintenance, property division, appeals, and modifications and enforcement of court orders. Our firm has a team of attorneys to handle any family law concern you have.

    Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein

    • Collaborative Law

      Lawyers and other professionals work together with the parties to resolve issues through a collaborative team approach.

      Learn More

    • Mediation

      Spouses make decisions together through direct discussion with a neutral mediator and work with consulting attorneys when needed.

      Learn More

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    What Is The Difference Between Alimony And Spousal Support

    Alimony and spousal support are interchangeable terms that refer to monthly payments from one ex-spouse to another following a divorce. These payments can be court-ordered or arranged by the parties involved and are intended to account for the adverse economic effect a divorce can have on one party. All spousal support agreements and amounts are unique, depending on the spouses’ individual incomes and property, their earning capacity, the duration of the marriage and whether children and child support are involved, among other factors.

    Flat Fees For A Ny Uncontested Divorce Are:

    • $997 + fees for uncontested divorce with no minor children
    • $1447 + fees for uncontested divorce with minor children
    • $2947 + fees for uncontested divorce with minor children and property

    We also offer an Expedited option that gets you your divorce fast, in as little as 3 4 weeks.*

    Work with an experienced New York divorce lawyer who can help you get remarried, deal with an immigration matter, or just move on with your life ASAP.

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    How Our New York Divorce Lawyers Can Work For You

    When you are in a divorce case, there are many complicated issues at hand. Your attorney will need to help you sort through many financial documents in order to make sure your settlement, alimony, child support, and division of property are fair. These issues will affect your financial and personal future in a big way, so you should only entrust your case to an attorney who has a proven success record representing New Yorkers in their divorce cases.At our firm, our attorneys understand how difficult this process can be. When you are trying to support your children, keep your job, and also simultaneously go through a divorce, it can be difficult to try to handle of the legal pressures that are on you. Our aggressive and experienced New York divorce attorneys will fight for your rights, and they will handle talking to your spouse or your spouses attorney so that you can focus on living your life and moving forward.

    Can I Modify Custody

    New York City Divorce Attorney

    You can modify a custody order in the state of New York when there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the last custody order in the case. What is considered substantial is up to the court to decide, and again, there really is not hard and fast rule or guideline to follow. If you can establish that there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the last custody order, then the court will again base its determination on the modification petition by applying the same standard as before whats in the best interest of the child. Not finding the answer you are looking for? Browse our entire New York State Child Custody FAQ.

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    Best Divorce Lawyer In Nyc

    Contact us today for information on hiring an NYC divorce lawyer. We are a well regarded as having empathy for clients during this stressful experience, and work diligently to ensure the process is as efficient and emotionally detached as possible. You want a New York City divorce attorney who represents your best interests.

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