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How To Find Oklahoma Marriage Records

Court documents: Oklahoma legislative candidateâs threats after divorce played role in firing by sta

Oklahoma marriage records are authorizations and proof of legal marital unions contracted in the state. These legal documents can be vital records or state records. After the U.S. Supreme Court ruling of June 26, 2015, Oklahoma started recognizing same-sex couples and providing records for such unions.

Oklahoma Formal Marriage License

A formal Oklahoma marriage license is the typical marriage license issued in the state. It is given by a County Court Clerk to any two individuals who have satisfied all eligibility requirements and provided required documents establishing their identities and age. A marriage license issued in Oklahoma is only valid in Oklahoma.

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There are two types of public records 1) personal public records that document major life milestones such as birth certificates, death certificates, divorce records, and marriage records, etc. and 2) government records that are made public such as property tax records, recorded land records, voter records, crime data, jail inmate records, and court records. The Freedom of Information Act is a national law that releases government agency public records and makes it possible to view most public records. The Oklahoma Open Records Act is a series of laws designed to guarantee that public has access to all public records of governmental bodies.

Since there are a multitude of records available, it can be difficult to know how or where to access them. When you are ready to start your search, youll find our Public Records Directory website easy to use since all of the records can be searched by federal, state, county, city, town or type of record. The links provided will connect you to the best website for the record search, provide details about the record, or provide contact information for those records without search capabilities.

Find Oklahoma Statewide Public Records

Fast access to Oklahoma public record sources at the state level.

Additional Oklahoma public records links can be found on our Oklahoma county and city level pages using the navigation links above.

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What Is An Oklahoma Divorce Certificate

A divorce certificate is a vital document that contains basic information about the dissolution of a marriage. Oklahoma does not include detailed information about a marriage dissolution in a divorce certificate. This divorce record provides the following information:

  • Names of the divorced individuals
  • Location of the divorce
  • When the divorce judgment was issued
  • Court case number
  • Are Divorce Records Available To The Public In Oklahoma

    Where to Obtain an Oklahoma Divorce Certificate

    Divorce records in Oklahoma are considered public records. Consequently, any member of the public is able to locate and view divorce records in Oklahoma except for sealed divorce records. However, members of the general public cannot receive certified copies of divorce records in Oklahoma. These are only available to:

    • Divorced parties named on the records
    • Adult children of the parties on the records
    • Parents or legal guardians of the parties

    Access to sealed divorce records is restricted by the court after the conclusion of divorce proceedings. As a result, these records are not readily available to members of the general public.

    To seal a divorce record in Oklahoma, an agreement must be reached between both parties to proceed with this action. A motion is then filed with the court where the divorce proceedings were held. The judge then decides whether to grant or deny the motion, based on the reasons provided by the divorced parties. To obtain a court order sealing the records, the petitioners must convince the judge that doing so outweighs the need to keep court records in the public domain. A court may issue an order to seal Oklahoma divorce records:

    • To protect the identities of domestic violence or abuse victims
    • To protect the identities of minors
    • To prevent false information that may cause undue harm from entering the public domain
    • If the records contain trade secrets or concerns national security
    • If the records contain sensitive business or personal information

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    How To Find A Divorce Record In Oklahoma

    Oklahoma divorce records are official documents providing details of marriages dissolved in the state. There are three general types of available divorce documents with each providing varying amounts of information. These are divorce case files or records, divorce decrees, and divorce certificates.

    Divorce records are considered court records. They may therefore be searched on third-party public record websites. Divorce records can offer personal information on minors, finances, and sensitive criminal information like domestic abuse. Because of this, divorce record, certificate, and decree availability is usually much lower than other types of public records because of the personal nature of divorces. Simply put, divorce records are significantly harder to obtain and search for than other types of public records.

    Online Oklahoma Birth Marriage And Death Records

    The following is a list of online resources useful for locating Oklahoma Vital Records which consist of , adoptions, , divorces, and . Most online resources for Oklahoma Vital Records are indexes. After locating a person in an index always consult the original record to in the index.

    • OK2Explore by Oklahoma State Department of Health Information on birth occurring more than 20 years ago and deaths occurring more then 5 years ago.

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    How Do I Obtain Sealed Vital Records In Oklahoma

    Sealed vital records in Oklahoma may be accessed if the requestor meets the states eligibility requirements for challenging a documents restrictions. The restrictions of a record can be waived if the requesting party sufficiently proves a direct and tangible interest in the record. Interested and eligible persons must petition an Oklahoma-licensed judge to obtain a subpoena or court order. After receiving the order, the requestor may submit the legal authorization along with the application for the vital record of interest.

    • Affiliated Phone Numbers
    • Affiliated Email Addresses

    Built in 1914, the Creek County Courthouse in Sapulpa houses government offices, judges chambers, and courtrooms.

    Find Tulsa County Divorce Records

    Vital Records: (Where to Find Birth, Marriage, Death and Divorce Records for Genealogy)

    Tulsa County Divorce Records are legal documents relating to a couple’s divorce in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. They include the divorce papers that the couple files in Tulsa County Court, as well as any records created during the divorce procedure, and a divorce certificate. Oklahoma State also collects and indexes divorce filings to help people perform public divorce record searches.

    Learn about Divorce Records, including:

    • Where to get Tulsa County Divorce Records online
    • How to get a copy of your divorce decree
    • Which divorce filings are Tulsa County public records
    • If Divorce Records appear on background checks
    • Which government agencies issue divorce certificates

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    Birth And Death Records

    Some counties kept birth and death records as early as 1891, although most did not start until after statehood in 1907. The early records, which are quite incomplete, are at county courthouses. Contact details for county courts can be found on individual . The FamilySearch Library has copied some of the vital records of the Superintendent of Public Health in a few counties.

    The statewide registration of births and deaths began in in 1908 and was generally complied with by 1930. You can write to:

    Vital Records ServiceOklahoma State Department of Health1000 Northeast 10th Street, Room 111Oklahoma City, OK 73117Website

    The current fees for obtaining copies of the state’s records are listed on the Internet site above. Copies of birth records are restricted to the individual, their next of kin, or a legal representative. See the above Internet site for requirements for requesting records. Death records are not restricted.

    Are Oklahoma Birth Records Public Information

    It depends on the statutory period of confidentiality. All Oklahoma birth records are closed until at least 125 years have elapsed after the birth. Within this time span, birth records are strictly available to:

    • The person named on the record
    • The parent of the subject
    • The attorney of either of the aforementioned parties
    • Persons with the legal authority to access the record

    After 125 years elapses, these records become public information and may be made available to members of the public as well as genealogists.

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    Are Oklahoma Death Records Open To The Public

    It depends on the statutory period of confidentiality. Oklahoma state law restricts public access to Oklahoma death records until 50 years after the event occured. Meanwhile, persons eligible to perform a death certificate search during this confidentiality period include the deceaseds immediate family, legal representatives, and parties armed with a court order. Following the 50 years, interested members of the public may perform a death record search by name and obtain informational copies of public death records.

    What Do I Need To Search For Oklahoma Vital Records Online

    OK2Explore has Oklahoma Vital Records

    Generally, the data required to search for vital records in Oklahoma include the registrants personal information, details of the event , as well as relevant file numbers. Armed with this information, persons authorized to search for vital records may visit the local record custodians website or the Oklahoma State Department of Health central repository. Of course, the requestor must provide valid proof of identification and pay the cost of obtaining the record of interest.

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    Find Oklahoma County Divorce Records

    Oklahoma County Divorce Records are legal documents relating to a couple’s divorce in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. They include the divorce papers that the couple files in Oklahoma County Court, as well as any records created during the divorce procedure, and a divorce certificate. Oklahoma State also collects and indexes divorce filings to help people perform public divorce record searches.

    Learn about Divorce Records, including:

    • Where to get Oklahoma County Divorce Records online
    • How to get a copy of your divorce decree
    • Which divorce filings are Oklahoma County public records
    • If Divorce Records appear on background checks
    • Which government agencies issue divorce certificates

    How To Change Your Name After Marriage In Oklahoma

    Parties must first apply for a marriage license for newlyweds to perform a name change after marriage in Oklahoma. The Social Security Administration must also be aware of the name change to reflect on the couple’s social security record. Parties can visit any local SSA office to update their record. They will need to submit a copy of their marriage record and proof of identity. The SSA will provide an application form to fill. The party can expect to receive a new social security card two to three weeks after completing the process. This card will have the new name on it.

    Parties must then notify the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety . A name change must be reported to any local Oklahoma DPS office within ten days from when the SSA affected the change. In addition, the party will need to bring along a primary ID, a secondary ID, and a copy of their marriage record.

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    How Do I Obtain Oklahoma Birth Records

    Eligible requestors who wish to order birth certificates or birth certificate replacements must contact the Oklahoma Center for Health Statistics. To obtain the birth record, interested and eligible persons must download and complete the birth certificate request form or prepare a written request detailing the registrants full name, birthdate and birthplace, and parents full name. The written request must also include the requestors personal information and contact details.

    Following this, the requestor must attach a check or money order payment for $15, as well as an acceptable ID, and enclose the application packet in a self-addressed stamped envelope. Requests can be made in person during official working hours or via mail to:

    Vital Records UnitOklahoma State Department of HealthPO Box 53551Oklahoma City, OK 73152-3551

    How Do I Obtain An Oklahoma Marriage License

    Harris County District Clerk’s Website: Searching or Purchasing Records, Background Checks and More

    Prospective couples seeking Oklahoma marriage licenses must obtain them from County Court Clerk Offices. In each county, the Clerk of the Court will issue a marriage license to any two individuals who satisfy all the eligibility requirements, provide all necessary documents, and pay the required fee.

    To be eligible to obtain a marriage license without parental consent in Oklahoma, both applicants must be 18 years or older. Persons between the ages of 16 and 17 can only obtain marriage licenses if their parents/guardians are present when making their applications. Underage applicants must also present proof of age in the form of certified copies of their birth certificates. Persons under the age of 16 can only obtain a marriage license in Oklahoma with a court order.

    Typically, a marriage license costs $50 in Oklahoma. However, if the couple presents an original certificate certifying they successfully completed at least 4 hours of premarital counseling requirements, the fee is reduced to $5. For interested couples, the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative can provide assistance with this counseling class.

    Both applicants requesting a marriage license must apply together and in person. They are required to provide acceptable IDs. Acceptable forms of ID include:

    • Valid driverâs license
    • Certified birth certificate

    An applicant presenting a foreign ID or passport must also present their birth certificate and a copy that has been translated into English.

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    Anybody Can Go Down To The Courthouse Pull Those Files Review Them

    Video Transcribed: How do I keep my divorce records in Oklahoma private? Im a divorce attorney in Tulsa, James Wirth and thats the question that were presented with today is family law records. How do we keep them private in secret so that its not an embarrassment should it come up, should people find it? So generally speaking, civil records filed with the court, for the most part, are public records. Anybody can go down to the courthouse, pull those files, review them.

    And now weve got online records through oscn.net or odcr.com where people dont even have to go down to the courthouse. You can just log in, do a search by party name or by other means and pull up these files, download or pull up the matters, the cases, download the files and get particularized information. And thats the general rule is that these are open to the public. The exception to that would be a deprived child case, adoptions, guardianships.

    Those are sealed records. Theyre not available to the public, but as far as divorces, custody battles, protective orders, legal separations, all of that is available openly to the public. So how do you go about trying to keep yours private?

    Youll disclose to the court that you reside in Tulsa county, but youll note that you have an agreement to file here, and you can even have a waiver signed and follow that as part of your petition, and it makes it more difficult to find. So thats one thing you can do.

    How To Get A Copy Of A Divorce Decree

    After you have been divorced, it is important that you keep a copy of your divorce decree in a safe place. Your divorce decree is legal evidence that the court has ordered all of the provisions in the decree. If you have children, you may need a copy of the decree to show certain persons that you have custodial rights to your children. If the decree awards you property, you may need a copy of your decree to demonstrate ownership. For example, if the decree awards you land or a home, you may need to file your decree with the county clerks office to show that you are the record owner of the property. If the decree awards you an automobile, you may need to give the decree to your local tag agency, to transfer the title.

    After you were divorced, your lawyer should have given you a copy of your divorce decree. If you have lost your decree, you can obtain a copy from the court clerks office. Because a divorce decree is a public record, state law requiresthe court to provide a copy of the decree to any person who asks for it.

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    Oklahoma Marriage & Divorce Vital Records

    Capitol: Most Populous City: Total Area: Total Population : Wikipedia

    Oklahoma vital records are maintained and issued by the Clerk of Court in the county of issuance. See http://www.naco.org/Counties/Pages/FindACounty.aspx for a complete list of Oklahoma counties and the appropriate clerks of the court. You may also approach the state office, which will then forward your request to the appropriate county. County requirements vary, but Oklahoma marriage records are often available by walking in, telephone, and fax. Information regarding Oklahoma divorce records may be limited to whether the person has actually been granted the divorce and the date and county in which the divorce was granted. You will not be able to know the reason for the divorce, issues related to settlement, child custody and other personal details about the parties involved.

    How Do I Get A Background Check Done In Oklahoma

    Source Citations

    There are several ways for someone to get a background check in Oklahoma whether its for personal, employment, or self-defense purposes. Details that show up on typical background checks include drivers records, credit history, past employers, and other relevant information.

    An individual can use CHIRP to obtain a criminal history on themselves or someone else. They can also opt for a fingerprint-based check, which is required for these industries and departments. Fingerprint-based background checks cost $19.00.

    People applying for a handgun license for personal or instructional reasons need to fill out an application, which they can , fill in, or complete online. Additionally, they have to submit fingerprints. They can either obtain them through their local police department or sheriffs office or digitally through an Identogo location. Applicants can check their application status online if theyre eager for the results.

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