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Professions With Highest Divorce Rates

And Now The Good News

Divorce Rate Of Different Professions In United States | What Professions Have Highest Divorce Rate?

Some professions seem to be good for a relationship, or at least not bad for it.

If you want to make a relationship last, look for someone in one of these professions with low divorce rates. Marry an agricultural engineer, for example. Their divorce rate is an amazingly low 1.78%.

Here are some other professions to consider, along with their divorce rates:

  • Nuclear engineers: 7.29%

Black Women Are More Likely To Divorce Than Women Of Other Racial Backgrounds Divorce Rates By Ethnicity Were As Follows In 201:

  • Black women: 30.8 divorces per 1,000 people

  • Hispanic women: 18.5 divorces per 1,000 people

  • White women: 15.1 divorces per 1,000 people

  • Others: 12.4 divorces per 1,000 people

  • Women are more likely to file for divorce than men for a variety of reasons. They may cite emotional well-being, unhappiness in marriage, the desire to pursue a career or the need for greater satisfaction.

    As we have seen, money can be an issue contributing to the likelihood of unhappiness in a marriage and, ultimately, to divorce.

    • Among adults with low incomes, just 26% are married.

    • People with low incomes are the least likely to marry, but theyre also much more apt to substitute cohabitation for marriage than any other income group. Theyre also at greater risk for divorce .

    • 54% of people in this group say theyre very happy in their marriages, about the same as say so in the working-class group .

    • Among working-class adults, 39% are married and 41% have been divorced.

    • 56% of people with mid-and upper-class incomes are married and 30% have been divorced.

    • 65% of people in this group report being very happy in their marriages.

    Female Physicians Have A Higher Divorce Rate

    Dr. Jena has a quibble with the other researchers. According to Jenna, the other studies from 2015 that I mentioned earlier, , did not use Big Data.

    As a result, their numbers may be less accurate.

    When you look at the data closely, however, there is a gender difference among physicians. Female physicians have a significantly higher divorce rate than male doctors.

    To be specific, female doctors are about one-and-a-half times more likely to get divorced than male physicians of a similar age cohort.

    Jena posited that women physicians may be forced to make more difficult work-life balance choices. But, considering the fact that most divorces are initiated by women, this finding is no surprise.

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    Tax Examiners Collectors And Revenue Agents

    • Divorce Rate: Approximately 13%

    Reviewing returns, conducting audits and identifying what’s owed can be “taxing” on a marriage, according to Zippia research. During tax season, a typical 40-hour workweek can balloon into a ton of overtime and multiply stress for tax professionals.

    Couple extra hours and tension with harried and demanding customers, and you have a recipe for disaster — one that, along with finances, can negatively affect a marriage, particularly if it’s already fragile.

    Computer Automated Teller And Office Machine Repairers

    • Divorce Rate: Approximately 13%

    Whether its the ATM, fax machine, cash register or something else, someone has to be available to repair these machines when they break down. Although these professionals can repair specialized machines, they evidently dont always do well with fixing marriages. Zippia found these professionals more likely to experience divorce.

    Some of these workers put in over 50 hours per week, and field technicians will typically travel to make the necessary repairs, according to the Department of Labor. Long days away from home can leave little time to rekindle a marriage. So, it turns out there are worse things about ATMs than the fees.

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    Which Professions Have The Highest And Lowest Divorce Rates

    by | Oct 25, 2017 | Divorce Mediation and Law |

    My divorce mediation clients come from all different professions, from teachers to high-level corporate VPs. Are there professions that have higher and lower divorce rates? A study of U.S. Census data by statistician Nathan Yau seems to indicate that there is.

    Here are the 20 professions with the highest divorce rate:

  • Gaming managers 52.9%
  • Rolling Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, metal and Plastic 50.1
  • Switchboard Operators, Including Answering Service 49.7
  • Extruding and Drawing Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic 49.6
  • Telemarketers 49.2
  • Textile Knitting and Weaving Machine Operators 48.9
  • Extruding, Forming, Pressing, and Compacting Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders 48.8
  • Telephone Operators 47.8
  • Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses 47
  • First-Line Supervisors of Correctional Officers 46.9
  • Dancers and Choreographers 46.8
  • Textile Winding, Twisting, and Drawing Out Machine Operators 46.5
  • Ambulance Drivers and Attendants, Except Emergency Medical Technicians 46.3
  • Small Engine Mechanics 46.2
  • The Institute for Family Studies tried to correlate these professions with income and educational requirements. These professions are generally lower on both the educational requirements and income scales. Previous studies showed that lower income people generally marry less and divorce more.

    Here are the 20 professions with the lowest divorce rate:

  • Medical Scientists, and Life Scientists 19.6
  • Bartenders 3843% Divorce Rate

    Bartending is typically not a day time job. Most bartenders work during the prime party hours which include weekends and evenings. They come in contact with a lot of people and there is an increased opportunity for infidelity. This is not to say that all, or even most, bartenders are unfaithful, only that they have more of an opportunity than most due to their exposure to more diverse groups of people and a more carefree environment as a whole.

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    What Profession Has The Highest Divorce Rate

    It may be surprising for people to hear that their profession may have an impact on the likelihood that they will be divorced at some point in their lives. However, this correlation has been established through various studies. The nature of some types of jobs puts a strain on a marriage that can lead to divorce.

    As of 2000, approximately 16 percent of Americans who had been married previously were either divorced or separated. This average does not properly reflect the wide ranges of divorce rates in specific demographics. Profession plays a big role in whether or not a person will remain married to the same partner for life.

    Why are people who work in specific professions more likely to get a divorce? There are several reasons for the trend. People who work in positions where they are likely to meet many different people throughout the day may be more likely to divorce because of their exposure to new friends. Bartenders and waitresses would fall into this category.

    People who work in professions that demand long hours or differing shifts are also at a higher risk of being divorced. For example, nurses are listed in the top 10 professions with the highest divorce rates. Long shifts and lots of overtime may put a strain on a marriage by leaving professionals little time to spend with their spouses.

    No : Waiters And Waitresses

    Colorado communities with the highest divorce rates
    • Overall divorce rate: 3.40%
    • Divorce rate among women: 3.59%
    • Divorce rate among men: 2.69%

    There are various reasons why waitstaff may tend to get divorced at higher rates than people who work other jobs. Like bartenders, they often work erratic schedules for a median annual salary of less than $25,000 . Besides low earnings, high levels of work-related mental stressors like anxiety and depression are also common among waitstaff.

    While its possible to maintain a marriage while youre stressed out about work or short on cash, the relatively high divorce rate among waitstaff is evidence that doing so can be difficult.

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    Military Rank Not Specified

    • Divorce Rate: Approximately 15%

    Divorce doesnt discriminate according to rank or military role — Zippias research reveals these individuals have about a 15% divorce rate. The demands of the job, from deployment — which can involve long periods of time away from spouses and families — to relocating to various bases, could be grounds for divorce. It might also be hard on those who served to reintegrate into civilian life, which includes marriage, meaning that an unfortunate number of veterans might be headed to the divorce attorney.

    No : Home Health Aides

    • Overall divorce rate: 2.87%
    • Divorce rate among women: 2.90%
    • Divorce rate among men: 2.50%

    The job of a home health aide can be extremely challenging, and many aspects of it could potentially strain a persons relationship.

    For example, home health aides may need to work with clients that require a great deal of time and attention attention and time that a spouse may feel is better spent with them.

    Beyond that, the low median annual pay of $27,080 that home health aides earn could make it much more difficult for their relationship to weather the jobs time-consuming and mentally draining nature.

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    The Lowest Divorce Rates

    Surprisingly, at least for those 30 and under, more professional careers have the lowest divorce rates. In the top three spots are doctors and other life scientists, followed by physical therapists. These professions are followed by software developers, judicial workers , pharmacists and speech pathologists.

    Top 5 Professions With The Highest Divorce Rates

    A Closer Look at the Jobs with the Highest and Lowest Divorce Rates ...

    Most people know that communication issues, money challenges, infidelity, and a lack of intimacy often lead to divorce. However, they may not realize that career choice is also a factor in many divorces.

    If you are seeking experienced legal representation for your divorce case, reach out to a Pittsburgh divorce attorney at Pittsburgh Divorce & Family Law, LLC at .

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    What Should You Know About Military Divorces

    When one or both partners serve in the armed forces and one or both decide to divorce, they will move through more or less the same procedures and processes as a divorcing civilian couple.

    However, military service may raise added complications involving child custody, child support, and who may be entitled to military-related benefits. Divorce is largely a matter of state law, so in Indiana, a member of the military should have the counsel of an Indiana divorce lawyer.

    And 6 Rolling Machine Setters Operators And Tenders And Extruding And Drawing Machine Setters Operators And Tenders

    Jobs in construction might not strike you as ones that point to marital trouble, but rolling machine setters, operators, and tenders have a 50.1% divorce rate, and extruding and drawing machine setters, operator, and tenders have a 49.6% chance of getting divorced. Barbaritos explanation is that these jobs often require you to clock in at odd hours. What strikes me about these professions is that there appears to be shift work involved,” says Barbarito. “One could speculate that the lack of a routine or schedule makes it difficult to stay connected and therefore to remain married.

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    What Are The Top Twenty Occupations With The Highest Divorce Rates

    The top twenty occupations with the highest divorce rates are listed below, ranging from bartenders to food service managers :

  • licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses
  • medical assistants
  • security guards and gambling surveillance officers
  • industrial truck and tractor operators
  • fast food and counter workers
  • receptionists and information clerks
  • laborers and freight, stock, and material movers
  • restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop hosts and hostesses
  • welding, soldering, and brazing workers
  • first-line food preparation supervisors and servers
  • hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists
  • Combined Food Preparation And Serving Workers

    What high divorce rates in January mean for families
    • Divorce Rate: Approximately 15%

    Ask anyone who has waitressed or bussed a table, and theyll tell you its far from glamorous — picture unhappy customers, poor tippers and hours on your feet. Its not exactly a dream job, and apparently, its not a good match for marriage, either — with the divorce rate hovering around 15%, according to the study.

    The median annual pay for these workers is only $20,180, which could put a financial strain on a marriage. Furthermore, the work typically involves working late hours and weekends when most married people prefer to spend quality time together.

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    Divorce Rate By Profession From Highest To Lowest

    Shannon holds a Juris Doctorate and is a licensed lawyer working for a professional law firm. She has first-hand knowledge of criminal, real estate, small business, and family law.

    Learn about our Editorial Policy.

    The complexity of society is reflected in current divorce statistics thanks to expansion in various social norms like the increase in single women, more women in the workforce, and an up and down economy at best. Nowadays, your career choice, whether your parents were married, the number of children you have, and even where you live can play key roles in the probability of getting a divorce.

    Gaming Managers And Gaming Services Workers

    Location and alcohol, without question, are two of the main reasons individuals in this industry have some of the highest divorce rates. According to divorcestatistics.org, Nevada has the highest divorce rate and one of the largest populations of casino employees. Individuals that work in casinos are more likely to suffer from depression, abuse alcohol, and smoke cigarettes, all of which could play a significant role in their divorce rate. In addition, the educational requirement for gaming managers and workers is a high school diploma, which could be another reason this career carries such a high divorce rate for both managers and workers .

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    Licensed Practical And Licensed Vocation Nurses

    It’s not a surprise that there’s a high level of divorce among marriages with nurses, as this critical profession is a high-stress one. Nurses often work long hours and weekend and night shifts, as well as holidays, which means lots of time away from their families. They also can struggle with low pay and juggling career, family and financial issues coupled with the stress of dealing with sick patients can be a real strain on a person and their marriage.

    The 15 Jobs Where You’re Most Likely To Get Divorced

    A Closer Look at the Jobs with the Highest and Lowest Divorce Rates ...

    A study out of Radford University answers the age-old question of whether you should marry your bartender. Or your massage therapist. Or a professional cheerleader.

    Probably not.

    These professions were identified by Michael Aamodt and Shawn McCoy as having an elevated divorce rate, based on US Census data.

    One disclaimer before diving into the data: the study identified people who were currently divorced, not those who were previously divorced — thus it may understate the numbers.

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    Baggage Porters And Concierges

    Divorce rate: 28.49%

    We were really surprised to find this occupation on this ranking of professions with the highest divorce rates, as it is not the one people first think of when they think about professions and divorce relations. The only explanation I can think of is that this job is so boring that people are looking for any kind of excitement to bring to their life, and oftentimes, unfortunately, they bring in the negative one, whether they start cheating on their spouses, or they just pick a fight with them everyday for no relevant reason. Or maybe is just that they have encounters with so many people on a daily basis that they sooner or later find another love of their life? Who knows?


    A massive and surprising new transition could determine the next group of millionaires, says Chaikin, who predicted the 2020 market crash. While leaving 99% of the public worse off than before.

    If you own regular stocks, youre in for a big surprise, he adds.

    Chaikin, who has appeared numerous times on CNBCs Fast Money, says that you absolutely must consider buying one particular type of investment right now, before its too late.

    And no, its not cryptocurrencies.

    I grew up in a world where you could do extremely well by investing in ordinary companies, Chaikin says. Its how I spent the majority of my 50-year career on Wall Street.

    Jobs With The Highest Divorce Rate:

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American divorce rate is 2. 9% per 1,000 people. While that figure varies by factors like race, age, and education level, research shows that what kind of job you have can be a pretty powerful factor, too. Statistician Nathan Yau of data site Flowing Data analyzed divorce statistics from the U.S. Census Bureaus 2015 American Community Survey to calculate the professions with the highest divorce rate and lowest divorce rate.

    Divorce and Occupation Some jobs tend towards higher divorce rates. Some towards lower. Salary also probably plays a role.

    Those with higher salary occupations tend to have lower divorce rates. That seems pretty clear. But as you know, correlation isnt causation. If someone who is already a physician, quits and takes a job as a bartender or telemarketer, it doesnt mean their chances of divorce changes. It probably says more about the person than anything else.

  • Occupation Matchmaker
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    How Were The Divorce Figures Compiled

    To determine which jobs were associated with the highest divorce rates, researchers used data from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey 2019 five-year estimates. Research was limited to the top one hundred individual jobs with the most workers.

    There are plenty of reasons why particular jobs and particular fields of work can lay the groundwork for a divorce. Obviously, many jobs pay low wages and require long hours, odd hours, or even days or weeks away from home.

    When a job is stressful, that stress can spill over into a marriage. A low-wage job may also contribute to stress in a marriage.

    What Does All This Meangt

    Jobs With the Highest Divorce Rate

    Look, no one is saying that you cant be a happily married winch operator or a bitter, divorced doctor. For that matter, we can speak to how happy any of these marriage are- just what percent of them end in divorce.

    However, one profession has a significantly higher chance of being divorced before 30 than the other. Some jobs create environments where it is hard for marriages to thrive. Stressful work environments and long shifts or atypical hours can be trying on a marriage.

    It is also worth noting that many trades, along with military and first-responder careers can launch workers into their careers younger. Since many wait to get married until they are financially secure in their career, it is possible these workers get married younger and simply have more time to get divorced before 30.

    The average first marriage lasts 8 years. Good luck fitting in 8 years of marriage and a divorce in with med school.

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