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Selling Wedding Rings After Divorce

Beautifully Broken Divorce Ring

Thinking of Selling Your Engagement Ring After Divorce?

by Bryan Anthonys

This dainty ring is indeed beautiful as its name suggests, even if the design symbolizes imperfection. Because nobody is perfect we are all real people, flawed in so many ways. Nobody has it together all the time.

You never have to apologize for being broken. In the same way you should not apologize for being divorced. Wear your ring with pride and remember that its the cracks that let the light in.

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Getting Divorced And Moving On

Even an amicable divorce can result in a difficult adjustment process. If things get bitter, and youre dealing with a betrayal, facing recriminations, fighting for child custody or financial assets, life can quickly become seriously stressful. Once the divorce is finalized and youve moved on physically, your next priority will be to move on financially and emotionally.

Selling an unwanted engagement ring or a wedding isnt just a pragmatic financial decision, its a vital step towards getting rid of emotional baggage and steering your life in a healthier direction. Your engagement ring symbolized a bond between you and your ex. Selling that ring breaks the bond on an emotional level, and makes a powerful statement about your new status.

Use The Money For Other Needs

Children are one of the most important factors to consider before, during, and after a divorce. Besides the emotional strain this will cause, you also have to keep in mind their financial needs.

Money from selling your wedding ring can be put toward meeting their pertinent needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, and tuition. For the long-term, the money can also be added to their education fund or into savings for emergencies.

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Selling Wedding Ring After Divorce: 4 Obvious Reasons To Do It

Divorce is a draining process, both emotionally and financially. Dealing with it while the process is ongoing is difficult enough, but it has long-term repercussions that need to be addressed.

Selling your wedding ring after a divorce is a step toward emotional healing and starting a new life. The money you will get from the sale can pay for the fees you acquired from the divorce itself and sustain you as you begin a new chapter in your life.

Once you have decided to sell your wedding ring, there are multiple options available. Its price will be determined by several factors.

Sell Wedding Ring Youve Come To The Right Place

In A Divorce Who Gets The Wedding Ring

We offer an easy and safe way to sell wedding rings. It doesnt matter whether the rings you need to sell are old, damaged, have missing stones or are even brand new.

With Divorce your Jewellery you can sell wedding bands, engagement rings, platinum rings through to signet rings. Rings are often of good value and therefore should be sold for an appropriate amount, by someone who can expertly appraise their value.

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What To Do With Your Engagement Ring After Divorce

If youve gone through a divorce, you know there are many things youve had to reset in your life. You have rearranged your living situation, property, possibly custody of children, and finances. Its an emotional life upheaval that brings many challenges to overcome.

After the dust settles you may feel like something else should be rearranged: your jewelry box. As you open it, there may be pieces of jewelry that catch your eye and spark good memories, or good memories that have since been stained.

Maybe youve already removed some of these things because you know you wont be wearing them. It might be time to say goodbye to some of these things from your past, as you embrace a fresh start.

Usually when you are ready to let go of things, you might box them up and donate them to a local thrift store or charity. Clothes, shoes, and old lamp, or books. But what about valuable jewelry such as your engagement ring? Thats not something you can drop off at Goodwill.

When it comes to your engagement ring, what should you do with it? Keep it? Sell it? Save it for one of your children?

You will have to do some thinking and soul searching before you decide for sure. If you are open to the possibility of selling your engagement ring, here are some steps to take to help walk you down that path.

Why Is The Resale Value So Low Why You Will Lose Money Selling Your Engagement Ring

One of the reasons many women choose not to sell their engagement ring is that the price they are quoted from a jeweler or auction site is much lower than they believe their rings to be worth. Typically, the resale value of a diamond is about one-third of what you will pay retail. However, more and more women are buying their own engagement ring.

One survey by diamond wholesaler De Beers found that the number of U.S. women who bought their own engagement ring doubled over the five years ending 2017 to 14%. What’s more, women who pay for their own engagement ring pay a third more than if their betrothed paid himself an average of $4,400, compared to the average of $3,300 that men typically spend.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Wholesale ring buyers need to make a profit when they resell your ring or earrings, so they like to buy low, and then turn around and sell your diamond for a higher price.
  • The market for diamonds and jewelry changes all the time, so the market price of your jewelry may have dropped since it was originally purchased. Also, engagement ring resale value fluctuates with supply and demand.
  • Many people also do not know the actual, certified resale value of their diamond center stone.
  • I used the money to send my kids to Europe with their dad to visit relatives there. It seemed a just use of those funds.

    Plus, it felt good to rid my home and mind of that significant marriage memento.

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    Best Place To Sell A Wedding Ring Or An Engagement Ring With A Small Diamond: Cashforgoldusacom

    For other rings, gold and jewelry, including wedding rings of gold and platinum, and those with small diamonds, CashforGoldUSA is a quality choice:

    • Better Business Bureau rating of A+
    • 4/5 Trustpilot stars
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    • Free, secure mailer or FedEx package sent to your home
    • Buys gold, silver, platinum jewelry, watches, coins and scrap
    • Fox Business News investigation found CashforGoldUSA paid 3X its competitors.
    • 100% highest price guarantee.
    • Insurance up to $100,000
    • If you do not accept their offer, CashforGoldUSA will send your item back immediately, free of charge.
    • 10% bonus if you send your item within 7 days.

    CashforGoldUSA can help you sell the following:

    • Diamond ring with a small center stone
    • Wedding ring with lots of small diamonds in the setting
    • Engagement ring with small diamonds or other gemstones in the setting

    Yes It’s Okay To Sell Your Engagement Ring After Divorce

    Newly Divorced New Jersey Mom Donating Wedding, Engagement Rings

    From personal experience, I can attest to the fact that an engagement ring is one of the most wonderful gifts a person can receive. I remember sitting in my law school lecture hall watching it sparkle under the lights, gesturing more wildly than ever with my hands during conversation and being the envy of all of my friends and relatives during those first few weeks of being newly engaged.

    My ring wasnt huge, maybe 1-1.5 carats. A simple emerald cut of very good quality. I loved it. My fiancé had saved the requisite two months salary to afford it and told me he learned more about diamonds in the time leading up to purchase than he had ever hoped. It was exactly what I wanted, and it was MINE.

    I have actually become quite the expert on not only divorce, but on engagement rings, and how and whether one can sell a ring before the marriage takes place or after a divorce. Here is a break down of all you need to know about ownership of engagement rings.

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    Sell Or Upgrade Your Ring

    This depends entirely on your circumstances. Turning your engagement ring into something you will wear is a popular choice these days. Your old engagement ring, steeped in memories of a broken relationship, can be put towards building the new you.

    Many women choose to sell their engagement ring and buy an item that then becomes symbolic of a new start. Online diamond buyer WP Diamonds buys engagements rings but also has an upgrade program with Blue Nile, Gemma by WP Diamonds, and various retail stores throughout the USA, where you can get up to 20% more on the offer in the form of store credit.

    Alternatively, you can sell your wedding ring for cash if you need the funds or simply do not want additional jewelry. The money can be put towards building new memories and enriching experiences: starting a new business venture, going back to school or taking some time out for yourself. Travel is a popular option as it allows you much needed time to reflect and establish a new and independent you.

    Selling the wedding ring set can also simply take the stress out of a divorce. The funds can be used towards funding costly divorce related expenses or paying bills. Selling is a practical and financially smart step.


    Appraise An Engagement Ring

    Most local jewelers in your community will offer an appraisal, often for free. This can be a good estimate of the replacement value of your jewelry, which can help you get it insured, and understand its retail value, if you were to buy the sale item at a store, today. Jewelers will often offer this for free.

    However, if you want to know the true value of what your jewelry is worth, and how much you can get for it by selling, you really need a certified lab report.

    There are just a couple of internationally recognized jewelry grading laboratories, and these include the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, based in New York City, and the International Gemological Institute, or IGI, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

    Worthy works with both of these laboratories, which provide the most respected, independent, third-party certifications on your jewelry.

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    How To Sell A Wedding Ring After Divorce

    Selling my wedding ring was the most difficult part. This was partially because it was the thing I was most attached to, but also because I simply had a hard time getting it sold.

    I first tried a local jewelry store that bought your old or unwanted gold and jewelry. Unfortunately, they didnt want to pay me the amount I had in mind.

    After that, I decided to try to sell the wedding ring online. I’d had success with selling my dress and wedding decor that way, so I thought my ring would be no different. Boy, was I wrong.

    I did get a few messages from people who were interested. Unfortunately, no one seemed to have the cash to buy it outright. I also got a few messages from people who attempted to scam me into taking a cashiers check and shipping the ring across the country . So I held onto my ring and kept looking for the right buyer.

    Finally, I sold it to a local woman who saw my post . The ring was a perfect fit for her. And it came at a great time for me, too, as I decided to use the money toward an upcoming trip that I had already planned.

    How To Sell A Wedding Dress After Divorce

    A Guide On Selling Your Wedding and Engagement Ring After Divorce

    I took photos of the dress fresh from the dry cleaners and dug out a few pictures of me wearing it to show what it looked like on a person. I posted it for sale on Craigslist, Facebook, and a few other local sites. It didnt take long before somebody bought it.

    As my wedding dress walked out the door with another bride-to-be, I felt even more relieved.

    The last thing left to tackle? My wedding ring.

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    But Recentlyi Heard A Story That Changed My Mindset

    A woman wanted to sell her wedding ring to help pay for her daughters college education. The woman had been divorced for 15 years and the price she hoped to sell the ring for was $10,000. She ended up selling the wedding ring and is happy about how the process went, and what she ended up walking away with.

    But heres the part that got me. This woman sold the wedding ring to help pay for her daughters college. Coincidentally, my son is looking at colleges right now, so I know what the tuition costs at many schools across the country. Based on what I know, the $10,000 will probably cover a semesterin some cases, not even.

    Im not saying that the woman shouldnt have sold the ring. Every bit helps, and good for her for a selfless act that will help her daughters education. But, whats interesting is, had this woman sold her ring 15 years ago, gotten the $10,000, and invested it with a Wealth Management Advisor, what would have happened?

    Lets take into account the market performance history. From 1957-2018, the average S & P annual return is 8%. Now, while no one can invest in an index, the index represents the value of the 500 largest corporations, and it often used as a quick measure of the stock market and economy.

    The thing is, a wedding ring and other precious stones dont appreciate in value. The value stays the same

    Sell Your Wedding Ring After Divorce

    After a divorce, wedding and engagement rings can often turn into painful reminders of a relationship that came to an end. Selling your unworn wedding ring after divorce is a simple way to rid yourself of that reminder and reclaim your story. On top of that, doing so can be an unexpected financial windfall that could help you towards projects, vacations, or even a new piece of jewelry with which to make happy memories.

    There is a lot of uncertainty and skepticism when it comes to selling jewelry and sellers often have many questions. The biggest ones are how much their wedding ring is worth and where the best place is to sell it. These questions can be overwhelming when you have no guidance. But at Worthy, we know the key to a good deal is by knowing what you have and working with the experts which is what were here for when it comes to selling a wedding ring.

    Before we do so, lets take a deeper look at the reasons why selling your wedding ring after a divorce can be a great idea. While some people arent ready to let go of a sentimental piece of jewelry – even one with strong painful memories attached – once a person is ready, selling it can be the best way to move forward into a beautiful new future.

    Using Worthy was so easy, I felt very comfortable.

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    Are Wedding Rings Marital Property

    Wedding rings are considered marital property, so they are divided with the other assets during the property division process. Even though wedding rings are bought before the marriage and are technically given to the other spouse before the marriages determination date, it is considered to be owned by both parties because the ring is a commingled asset. A commingled asset is one that is a non-marital asset that then gets share between spouses.

    The division of marital property is where assets are split 50/50 between both parties. All things that are jointly owned or used jointly are considered marital property. On the other hand, the only assets considered to be owned by one spouse are assets acquired through a gift or inheritance from a third party. To best work through the intricacies of property division in Wisconsin courts, talk to an attorney who specializes in family law such as Sterling Law Offices.

    Benefits Of Selling Your Wedding Ring With Worthy

    Be Kind: NJ woman giving away her wedding, engagement rings after her divorce

    Divorce is stressful. Selling your wedding ring after a divorce doesnt have to be. Worthy eases the stress and eliminates the confusion from the process.

    Benefits of selling your jewelry with Worthy include:

    We are proud to offer such an exceptional level of personalized service, and our expertise is just one of many features that makes Worthy different from the rest.

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    Bottom Line: Im A Fan Of Selling Your Engagement Ring

    Overall, I am a huge fan of selling your engagement ring in the event that your relationship ends, and I did so myself about five years ago.

    I only received a fraction of what my now ex-husband and I paid for it, but I felt I got a fair price and used the proceeds to fund a trip my kids took to Europe with their dad to visit family which, again, I felt good about.

    The real value in selling bridal jewelry, or other jewelry you dont wear, is that it frees up all that negative energy attached to the item, stewing indefinitely in your jewelry box.

    Even if you loved the ring, loved your ex, loved being married , it is time to move on and free the mental energy attached to the ring not to mention the money!

    How about you? Do you still have your engagement ring? Or did you resell your wedding ring, give it away, turn it into a necklace, or throw it out the car window into a ditch on the way home from the court date finalizing your divorce? Do you feel you understood the true resale value of your jewelry? Please share in the comments

    Did you know you can sell your wedding dress for cash?

    Where can I sell my engagement ring for the most money?

    After researching this topic for years, I am confident that you stand the best chance of getting the highest price if you sell to an online ring buyer.

    How much do you get for selling an engagement ring?How much can you sell an engagement ring for?

    Your engagement ring is worth the current market rate for the diamond and metal.

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