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This Stay At Home Mom THREATENS DIVORCE Over Laundry | Rebecca Reacts

We get that divorce can feel really hard and leave you with a lot of questions about how to handle your finances. After all, this is the reason Leah Hadley founded Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions in the first place.

After her divorce, she found herself stressed and overwhelmed about how to navigate life on her own with three kids and a new financial situation.

Helping families overcome this challenge is why we do what we do.

Whether you’ve never had to manage money before, or you’re a master at investing, we are here to support you as your financial expert before, during, and after your divorce.

What our clients love most about working with us is that we’re able to help them avoid costly financial mistakes and achieve the financial stability they need to plan for the future.

Two: Outline Separation Details Child Support Alimony Etc

If youve been married for more than ten years, have children or many assets and debts, your divorce proceedings are most likely going to take time to discuss and finalize. This is where you get into the actual details of your divorce, including arrangements made by the court and through mediation with your spouse.

Learn about child support and alimony. Your lawyer will discuss your options regarding alimony and child support, if they apply, and outline how those statutes work in your state. You may not have the option to seek alimony in your state, or if you do, you may need to follow strict guidelines to make sure you get what youre eligible for.

In the case of child support and custody, your legal team will explain the potential options you have, and what kind of situations you may face when it comes to residential restrictions for your children. Its important to note that even if you receive child support or alimony, these typically dont cover the entire expenses for a child, or your own bills, so youll still need to have a strong financial plan in place to cover the gaps.

The division of assets with your spouse will allow you to see what youll need to replace, such as vehicles, furniture and the like, and what youll have the right to keep. Youll also know which assets are free for you to take without debate, such as property you owned prior to the marriage.

Work Closely With An Experienced Divorce Attorney

While it is true that the facts are the facts in your case, the court is busy and needs to see the facts that make up your case in a straightforward manner that tells your compelling story effectively and efficiently.

Your practiced divorce attorney knows how to build your strongest case and how to provide the court with the relevant information it needs to make an alimony determination for you. When it comes to alimony, working closely with an experienced divorce attorney is always well advised.

Ready to move forward with your divorce? Contact the Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard to schedule your FREE initial consultation today.

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Stay At Home Moms Need To Be Prepared

At any small inkling of a divorce or separation as a stay-at-home mom, begin to look out for yourself. Gather all financial papers including W2s, tax forms, pay stubs, car insurance, home insurance, mortgage, utility bills, etc. Anything that can prove how much money comes into the home, where it goes, and the lifestyle the family leads will be needed. Keep these documents in a safe place, make copies if you need to, and hide them away.

Start saving money any way you can. If you have a joint account, open a savings account in your name and put a small amount of money aside every month. This is really a good idea for any stay-at-home mom even if divorce isn’t on the table.

Financial abuse is very real, and stay-at-home moms are often victims. As a partner in a marriage, you are entitled to what your husband makes. Your husband isn’t your father and should never withhold funds from you, use the money to control you, or hide what he makes. A Medium article details financial abuse in marriage and how it often leads to divorce.

Accumulating The Right Papers

Getting a job during a divorce provides additional cash flow, income ...

Youll need to start accumulating financial records now that you know where to search. You should also acquire documentation pertaining to your marriage, children, and your family as a whole.

For instance, start collecting and copying papers like:

  • Identification documents for your spouse and children, such as drivers licenses and social security cards
  • Statements of retirement accounts
  • Statements for mortgages and other loans
  • statements from credit cards
  • Statements for continuous large costs, such as automobile and tuition payments, for the last five to ten years tax records
  • health insurance cards and records, life insurance records, paystubs, and any other documentation that could help a court understand your familys income and situations.

Even if you and your spouse are on good terms, take precautions to safeguard your interests now in case things change. Its critical to create copies of these documents as quickly as possible, whether digitally or on paper. Keep the copies in a secure place, if you and your spouse share email, document storage, or social networking accounts, consider creating separate, password-protected accounts.

A divorce advice for stay at home mom is that they should gather vital marital and financial paperwork. Make a budget based on their estimated post-divorce income. Prepare information regarding their work experience, education, and future employment possibilities following the divorce.

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Find Out The Value Of All Property

Get an up-to-date valuation on your primary residence, plus any other houses, apartments, vehicles, or other assets that youve acquired together over the marriage. This can get a little messy later on if your Ex withholds information, and you have to resort to forensic accountants to uncover hidden assets. However, for the time being, try to remain as civil as possible.

What If Our Family Situation Changes Can My Support Change

Its possible to change achild support order or spousal support agreement for stay-at-home-moms if circumstances change.

For example:

  • A parent experiences a salary increase or decrease
  • There is a change in parenting arrangements
  • You incur special expenses on behalf of your child
  • Your child turns 18 years old
  • You can no longer work

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How To Prepare For Divorce As A Stay At Home Mom In Georgia

Divorce can be especially challenging for stay-at-home moms who have spent most of their married life taking care of the family and raising the children.

Because theyve taken time away from work, theyre usually at a disadvantage from a financial standpoint. It may be difficult for them to go back and learn new skills thatll make them competitive in the job market again.

There are other aspects to consider, including the emotional, legal, and parenting issues that typically come up as a marriage ends.

Here are some tips to help stay-at-home moms in Georgia prepare for divorce. A reputable family law attorney will also be there to help you through this difficult time.

Duration And Amount Of Spousal Maintenance

Stay at Home Mom (and Dad!) Divorce Advice

Even if you are deemed eligible for alimony, the court will consider a variety of other important factors before actually awarding it. Further, if spousal maintenance is awarded, the court will take the same factors into careful consideration when determining the amount and duration of your spousal maintenance payments.

How to Determine Spousal Maintenance

The courts spousal maintenance calculation process is quite specific to the divorce in question because judges take many factors into consideration. Here are just a few of the situations that can influence your spousal maintenance case:

  • The requesting spouses need for spousal maintenance

  • The other spouses ability to make spousal maintenance payments

  • The financial situation of each spouse after the marital property is divided

  • The education, employment history, earning capacity, and job skills of each spouse

  • The estimated amount of time necessary for the requesting spouse to acquire education or job skills to become financially independent

  • The length of the marriage

  • The age and physical and mental condition of the spouse requesting spousal maintenance

Other factors can be found in Texas Family Code § 8.052.

Its a lot to consider, but an experienced divorce attorney can help you get a better handle on this important matter. Have more questions? Schedule a FREE initial consultation with one of our Texas-based attorneys.

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What Is A Wife Entitled To In Divorce If She Was A Stay

Divorce always has the potential to be unpredictable but for stay-at-home moms, the situation is even more precarious. Approximately one-quarter of mothers in the United States stay home to take care of the children, while only seven percent of men can say the same thing. Women who have stayed home to raise the children and take care of the household are often worried that they will walk away from divorce with nothing. Fortunately, that is not true.

How Property Division Works in Florida

Like the majority of states throughout the country, Florida property division rules state that marital property is to be divided fairly in divorce. That does not necessarily mean equally, though. Marital property includes any assets and liabilities the couple acquired together during the marriage. It is important to note that a persons income now, or at the time they were married, has no bearing on property division matters. All that is taken into consideration is the property the couple acquired together during the marriage.

Divorce and Attorneys Fees


Child Support

Our Divorce Lawyers in Tampa Can Help You Obtain the Settlement You are Entitled To


Get Personalized Divorce Advice Today

Divorce is complicated, but you dont have to go through it alone.

You may have a lot of questions about your divorce: Am I making the right decisions? Is my attorney doing a good job? How can I get what I want during the negotiations? Does my settlement make sense for my kids and my future? Are there issues I am not considering?

Book a 30-minute divorce strategy call with me, Shawn Leamon, MBA and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. It is one of the best investments you can make during your divorce process to ensure youre on the right track.

I get to help thousands of people across America like you navigate the complicated and confusing divorce process with confidence. Get help today.

As one recent client said, my Calm, practical advice definitely made a big difference to my case. And what I hear most often, I should have called you months ago, but Im glad we finally spoke.

I work all across the United States and with US Citizens living overseas. Book your 30-minute divorce coaching strategy call today by completing the form below.

Spots are limited, so book your call today.

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More Advice From Slate

My husband says that hes depressed and that he needs help, but the only help he wants is for someone to give him the perfect job that he thinks will magically make everything OK. His last job, which actually was a great job, he quit after a month. I dont know what to do. How do I leave knowing that he very well might end up killing himself, or so he says?

Contact A Fairfax Virginia Divorce Attorney Today

Study Proves Moms Spend Too Much Time With Their Kids, Liberates ...

Our Northern Virginia divorce lawyers are here to help. You shouldnt be penalized for the time you spent out of the workforce to take care of your children. We will answer all of your questions, address all of your concerns, and offer realistic expectations about the divorce process and possible outcomes.

As you prepare for your divorce, we encourage you to:

  • Think about what you want your life to be like after your divorce. Where do you want to live? Will you work? Create a budget to reflect your new costs and income.
  • Gather copies of your financial documentation, including bank accounts, investment accounts, mortgages, and tax returns.

We want to help you develop a plan that is right for you and your children, and we will fight to see that you and your children are treated fairly. Contact us today to set up an initial case evaluation in a comfortable and supportive environment with an attorney who will fight aggressively to protect your interests.

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Allocation Of Additional Property

Another approach that bypasses monthly alimony payments is offering your soon-to-be ex additional property considerations, such as shares in a business, a larger portion of your pension, or part of any other separate financial asset.

Again, you should discuss the financial implications of this option with an experienced divorce attorney who is up to speed with your financial situation.

A Material And Substantial Change In Circumstances

Payors may also petition the court to modify spousal support if they can prove that there has been a material and substantial change in circumstances since the original order.

The following changes in circumstances may warrant a modification of alimony if they are material and substantial:

  • A decrease in income for the payor

  • An increase in income for the payee

  • An increase in expenses for the payor

  • The payors involuntary loss of a job as a result of being fired, laid off, or furloughed

  • A disabling injury or serious medical condition that affects the payors earning capacity

Texas courts review requests for a modification of spousal support based on a material and substantial change in circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

If the petitioner can prove that any of these circumstances have occurred since the court order was put in place, the court may grant a modification or termination of spousal support. In order to modify alimony in Texas, the party requesting a modification must file a motion in the court that issued the original alimony order.

The motion to modify alimony must be served upon the other party. The respondent will need to file an answer to the petition. After service, the parties can proceed to a hearing where each party will have a chance to present their arguments and evidence for or against the modification.

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The Matter Of Spousal Support

Many divorce lawyers for women are asked about spousal support. Ohio courts will evaluate your need for such support after completing the process of property division. You are, however, entitled to ask for temporary support at any point throughout the divorce proceedings.

Unlike child support that is calculated with a strict formula, spousal support in Ohio does not adhere to specific formulas. Instead, the court will consider a series of factors to decide the amount and duration of payments. Those factors to be equally reviewed include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The couples combined incomes, including monies from rental properties or other business ventures
  • Each spouses education
  • Each spouses age and health
  • Each spouses assets and debts, including court-ordered payments
  • The standard of living during the marriage

Should A Stay At Home Mom Get A Job Before Divorce

Considering Divorce? Georgia Attorney Answers Questions About Alimony

Every person is different and there is no easy answer to this question. Our general advice is yes, do what you can to bring in an income. This provides stay at home moms who are divorcing with some security and financial resources if your divorce goes off the rails and your spouse withholds support or resources from you. But this is easier said than done, especially if you have children requiring daycare with you at home, have been out of the job market for some time such that your skills are no longer current, or you lack the skills or education to obtain more than a low-income position. This is an issue best discussed with your attorney who should guide you in this aspect of your stay at home mom divorce. You may also wish to consider working withNorwescap as they have multiple educational and employment resources available for moms returning to the workforce.

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Stay At Home Mom Divorce Answer To The Question

If you have the opportunity and ability to earn income and doing so will not have a significant impact on your care of the children , the short answer is yes. California law requires both parents to support their children.

Will the income from employment affect child and spousal support? Probably. There are a lot of factors at play though and there is no article that can be written to address all of them. The advice of an experienced divorce lawyer is necessary.

The impact on support may be minimal or significant but the question a stay at home mom also has to ask herself is whether her “net”, in her pocket with her net income + her support will be more than just support, alone.

While the numbers may vary, I will tell you that in most circumstances, the answer is yes and therefore, it makes little sense for a stay at home mom to turn down a reasonable employment opportunity.

If you have any questions and wish to consult with one of our divorce lawyers, please call us or complete our contact us form at the bottom of this page.

What To Do When You Cant Afford To Leave Your Husband

Of course, money really does matter a whole lot. In fact, Id argue money matters more than love. After all, if you are asking What to do when you cant afford to leave your husband? You likely no longer love your husband, and need money to get on with your life. You might even need money to get yourself and your kids out of a dangerous or abusive situation.

If money is tight, you and your spouse may benefit from a mediated divorce, in which the two of you work for a short period of time with a neutral, trained professional to work out any disagreements about terms of your divorce. DivorceNet offers a free 30-minute divorce mediation consultation.

Afford is a relative term. Are you worried about maintaining your current lifestyle, and staying in your nice zip code with good schools? Or are you actually penniless and unable to rent a room and buy food?

First of all, if you dont have a job, get a job. If you have a job, work towards a raise or promotion. Take on a side gig.

There are many career-level jobs you can do from home:

Put your money in your own, separate account that your husband has no access to. I advise this for all women, but if you are in splitsville mode, you need to make sure that you have cash on hand. Once divorce proceedings start you must declare this account for a fair splitting of assets, but until then you need that money. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your .

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