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When Do Alimony Payments End in New Jersey?

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Is Alimony Or Spousal Support Always Awarded In Every Divorce Case In New Jersey

No, spousal support or alimony isnt always awarded in a divorce. Sometimes, the 13 factors dont weigh in your favor. To some extent, maintenance is a function of need and ability to pay. For example, if a couple separated two years ago, and the wife during this time worked, paid for rent, and supported herself, she most likely will not be awarded alimony, even if the husband makes more money than she does at the time of divorce. She may want alimony, but she does not need alimony to live her lifestyle. Alimony is not always awarded.

Alimony Can Be Modified

Alimony can last a long time. During this time, anything could happen. You or your ex could lose a job, develop a serious health issue, or retire. If your financial circumstances change, you can ask the court to modify the alimony order.

One of the most common reasons to seek a modification of alimony is due to a decrease in income. Self-employed individuals must show that their income reduction is involuntary.

Traditionally employed spouses who suffer a reduction in income can ask for a reduction in alimony after 90 days of experiencing that reduction.

The court will consider various factors when determining whether to grant the request, including:

The reason for the income loss The supporting spouses efforts to find employment Whether the supporting spouse has made a good faith effort to find a new job The supporting spouses income The recipient spouses circumstances

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Essential Things To Know About New Jersey Alimony

May 10, 2021

Alimony is one of the most contentious issues involved in divorce. No one wants to pay it, but everyone thinks theyre entitled to it.

Historically, alimony was created to help prevent women who had put their own careers to the side to support their husbands and care for their children from becoming financially destitute. The higher-earning husband was expected to make continued payments to his ex-wife until she remarried or became self-supporting.

But now, in the wake of more gender equality with many women earning as much money or more than their spouses, the times have changed. Below, I reveal five of the most important things you should know about New Jersey alimony laws. If you have any questions about alimony, I am available to meet with you. As a trained mediator and alimony attorney in Freehold, NJ, I can explain the alimony process and how I can help.

Palimony In New Jersey

Alimony in New Jersey

Palimony is a term for support paid to a partner who does not have a right to alimony or spousal support. It is often paid when a couple who lives together without entering into a legal marriage or civil union ends the relationship.

Palimony is not a true legal term in New Jersey. Unmarried partners do not have an obligation to provide support, even when responsibilities are divided in a way that leaves one partner financially dependent on the other. Property is not divided trough a marital property agreement because there is no marriage. However, it is legal for one partner to voluntarily assume a contractual obligation to provide the other partner with future support or property rights.

You may have a viable New Jersey palimony claim if one of the following is true:

  • Your partner signed a written cohabitation or partnership agreement.
  • You and your partner have a verbal cohabitation or partnership agreement that was created prior to January 18, 2010.
  • Palimony claims are complex and each situation is unique. Contact our experienced family law attorneys to discuss your case.

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    Other Types Of Alimony

    The court orders different types of alimony depending on the circumstances of the marriage. The types of alimony available in New Jersey are:

    • Limited Duration Alimony: For couples who were married or in a civil union for less than 20 years. These payments should not be made longer than the duration of the marriage/union and can be terminated if either spouses finances change.
    • Rehabilitative alimony: When a spouse holds off their career to support their family, this allows the dependent spouse to receive the education or training they need for work.
    • Reimbursement alimony: If one spouse financially supported the others education or training, this type of alimony reimburses them for the cost.

    Can I Terminate Alimony Payments

    The loss of the deduction is a blow to anyone who must now pay alimony and wasnt grandfathered into the deduction.

    Your ability to terminate alimony payments depends on your divorce agreement and your state. Some states allow you to stop paying alimony when your supported ex-spouse cohabitates with a new partner. If your partner becomes financially self-sufficient, some states may allow you to end your agreement. Your alimony obligation almost always ends when your ex-spouse gets remarried.

    If the alimony becomes too much without the deduction, you need to re-open your divorce settlement and negotiate an agreement that acknowledges the impact on your finances.

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    Is A Working Woman Eligible For Alimony In Nj

    Maybe. A working woman in NJ may still be eligible for alimony if there is a considerable gap between her income and that of her spouse. Keep in mind that one of the reasons for awarding alimony is helping a spouse maintain the same living standard they enjoyed during the marriage and closing the gap between spouses incomes.

    A court can also award a working wife reimbursement alimony if she financially supports the husband through his education or career.

    Are Some People Disqualified From Receiving Alimony In New Jersey

    Alimony law in New Jersey, a general overview

    Yes. According to New Jersey law, a person is unable to receive alimony if:

    • they have been convicted of murder, manslaughter, criminal homicide, or aggravated assault under New Jerseys criminal laws, or they have been convicted of similar crimes in another jurisdiction, and:
    • the crime results in serious bodily injury or death to a family member of a divorcing party and,
    • the crime was committed after the marriage or civil union.

    Additionally, a person whos convicted of an attempt or conspiracy to commit murder cannot receive alimony from a person who was the intended victim.

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    Is There A New Jersey Alimony Calculator

    No. the court relies on New Jersey alimony guidelines, including 23 different factors, when deciding alimony cases. Judges have broad discretion in determining the duration and amount of each case and are not bound by a one size fits all calculator. Ultimately, the goal is to create a fair and balanced award for both sides based on all legal considerations.

    How Is Alimony Calculated In Nj

    Alimony is not always determined by the courts, but rather the conversation starts through negotiations between spouses and their respective attorneys, or with a third-party qualified divorce and family law mediator. Should you be able to agree to terms without court involvement, then those detailed terms need to be put down in a comprehensive agreement alimony is just one issue of many that need to be resolved and written in a more global divorce agreement . When you can reach agreement on your own, it gives you more control over the outcome and can save you in time, money, and stress. Alimony is often one of the most contentious areas of divorce, and if you dont have someone good in your corner to help negotiate this, then the issue will be brought to the Court and the Judge will have to decide after a lengthy and costly trial.

    Factors Courts Consider in Deciding the Amount and Length of Spousal Support Payments

    Under N.J.S.A 2A:34-23, the New Jersey courts first consider the need of one spouse for alimony and the ability of the other spouse to pay it. Then they consider the following factors in making alimony determinations:

    Is Alimony Calculated from Gross Income in NJ?

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    Alimony For Divorced And Divorcing Husbands In New Jersey

    As spousal roles have evolved beyond those once customary, so have mens divorce rights towards fair and reasonable post-marriage financial resolutions and alimony. In the past, divorce alimony laws have been biased towards women regardless of husbands financial wherewithal.

    But times have changed, and New Jersey divorce and alimony laws reflect emerging economic equity for divorced men. Historically, it was usually the woman who claimed alimony however, on September 10, 2014, Governor Chris Christie approved Bill 845, which changed some alimony rules about how spousal support is factored. The new laws have proven definitively more equitable for men.

    In general, the New Jersey alimony laws are unbiased and focus on each spouses financial facts. Specifically, New Jersey alimony laws are not based on gender but on an overall analysis of both husbands and wives economic conditions and their respective ability to earn an income. New Jersey laws also consider the marital net assets, liabilities, and debts before ordering a specific alimony amount. The newer New Jersey laws prohibit judges from gender discrimination when calculating alimony payments. And a woman doesnt have to be wealthy to be ordered to pay spousal support but just in a better financial position than a man.

    Learn How The Lifetime Alimony Law In Nj May Affect Your Situation

    Alimony Modification

    Our Experienced Spousal Support Lawyers Have the Answers You Need

    The issue of long-term alimony can certainly be confusing. We have the legal knowledge to clarify it for you. Whether you may be ordered to pay open-durational alimony or may be entitled to receive it is very case dependent. We will be happy to sit down with you, learn about your individual situation, answer your questions about divorce and alimony, and help you develop an effective strategy to address your concerns.

    To get strategic legal help, call 880-9770 to arrange a time to speak with an attorney at Mens & Fathers Rights Divorce Lawyers by Schultz & Associates, LLC.

    Our attorneys have many years of experience in all matters pertaining to divorce, alimony and alimony modifications. When we take your case, we are on your side and you can trust us for smart guidance in alimony matters.

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    Permanent Alimony Awarded Prior To 2014 Alimony Attorneys Morris Township Nj

    So while permanent alimony has now been changed to open duration alimony, these changes to New Jersey alimony law were not retroactive, meaning alimony agreements signed before the release of this bill are not affected.

    This means that you may still be paying or receiving alimony in a permanent alimony agreement, and if so, it is important that you remember the details we discussed in the sections above regarding when permanent alimony may terminate, and also remember that permanent alimony can be modified given certain circumstances change for either party.

    For a better understanding of changed circumstances which may lead to an alimony modification, please view our alimony modification page here.

    Alimony Tax Rules Have Changed

    At the beginning of 2019, the long-standing alimony tax rules changed in accordance with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

    The new rules have made it so that the federal tax liability for alimony is now the responsibility of the alimony-paying ex-spouse, meaning alimony paid must be included in the gross income, and the ex-spouse receiving alimony no longer pays federal taxes on the alimony payments received.

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    Reach Out To An Experienced New Jersey Alimony Lawyer For Help

    It can be frustrating to be ordered to pay alimony, especially if you feel your former spouse was underemployed during the marriage and is still not trying hard enough to earn an adequate income or maybe you feel like you are entitled to alimony because you put your career aside to take care of children to the benefit of your family and didnt have a chance to be financially self-supporting. Either way, we understand the feelings of distress and anxiousness around this topic and will walk you through it step by step.

    Our knowledgeable alimony lawyer at Mens & Fathers Rights Divorce Lawyers by Schultz & Associates, LLC will strongly stand up for your interests in ensuring a fair payment with the goal not to wipe you out financially. And if you are seeking alimony in divorce, we can help you as well. Our firm also assists clients in having court-ordered alimony payments enforced. To find out more about how we can help you, call us today at 880-9770 to arrange a consultation with a skillful family lawyer.

    How Long Does Alimony Last In New Jersey

    Determining Alimony in New Jersey

    Alimony awards in New Jersey end on the date specified in the order. If the award has an open duration, there won’t be an end date specified, but the award might be subject to regular review by a judge.

    New Jersey law states that for any marriage that lasted less than 20 years, the length of an alimony award shouldn’t be longer than the length of the marriage. Courts can deviate from this recommendation in “exceptional circumstances,” after considering:

    • the ages of the parties at the time of the marriage and at the time of the alimony award
    • the degree and duration of the dependency of one party on the other during their marriage
    • whether a spouse has a chronic illness or other unusual health situation
    • whether a spouse has given up a career or career opportunity or otherwise supported the career of the other spouse
    • whether a spouse has received a disproportionate share of property in the divorce
    • the impact of the marriage on either party’s ability to become self-supporting, including either party’s role as a primary caretaker of a child
    • tax considerations of either party, and
    • any other factors or circumstances that the court deems equitable, relevant, and material.

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    Why Permanent Alimony Isnt Actually Permanent Chester Spousal Support Lawyers

    A great part of the frequent misunderstanding people had of permanent alimony was the disconnect between the legal definition of permanent, and the way that permanent alimony actually works. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines permanent as continuing or enduring without fundamental or marked change. However, this was never true of permanent alimony, as not only would permanent alimony terminate upon the death of either party, it would also terminate in the case that the dependent party remarried. Furthermore, the law recognized that permanent alimony obligations were also subject to review and potentially modification should certain circumstances change substantially for either party.

    So while permanent alimony was subject to being modified or terminated given certain conditions were met, many people heard the term permanent and were expecting whatever alimony agreement they signed at the time of their divorce to be unchanging and un-modifiable. This confusion over the understanding of the word permanent, and how it applied to alimony settlements was what lead to the term permanent alimony being changed to open duration alimony in 2014.

    Beyond this change in name however, the circumstances in which a spouse could expect to receive open duration alimony also changed significantly in the 2014 Alimony Reform Act.

    Duration Of Spousal Support

    Every divorce is unique, and the length of your alimony award is determined by the requirements of the supported spouse as well as the circumstances that led to the judge ordering alimony. When the divorce is finalized, and a new post-divorce award is created, pendente lite alimony comes to an end.

    If the supported spouse remarries or joins into a civil union in New Jersey, alimony, both permanent and limited-duration, will end on the date of the remarriage or civil union. The beneficiary must immediately notify the paying spouse of the remarriage or civil union or risk paying the paying spouse attorney fees and court costs.

    Rehabilitative or reimbursement alimony is not terminated by remarriage or civil union unless the couple agrees or the court finds good grounds to do so. If either spouse dies, all forms of alimony come to an end.

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    When Alimony Ends Automatically In New Jersey

    Alimony awards end automatically in New Jersey when:

    • the spouse collecting alimony remarries or enters into a civil union or
    • the payer spouse dies.

    The recipient must inform the paying spouse of a remarriage or new civil union immediately, or risk paying attorneys’ fees and court costs to the paying spouse. .)

    Note that a new marriage or civil union won’t automatically end a rehabilitative or reimbursement alimony award unless the court finds good reason to end it.

    Federal Taxes And Alimony

    Alimony After Death

    At the federal level, it used to be the same way. Broadly speaking, alimony was taxable as income for the recipient, and the payer could deduct it. In 2019, all of that changed. For couples who have divorced or modified a divorce agreement after the last day of 2018, alimony is no longer taxable or deductible.

    Critics point out that this change to the tax law actually forces divorced couples to pay more money. Newly divorced couples will have less disposable income overall compared to other cohorts. Passed as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, its always possible that this rule might change in the future. Often, the tax code changes when political administrations do. Thats part of why its a good idea to work with a financial professional for tax preparation. They may be able to help you avoid some big mistakes when you file.

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