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What Qualifies You For Alimony

What Determines If A Woman Gets Alimony

How to Get Spousal Support (Alimony)

As noted, alimony is generally based largely on what each of the divorcing spouses reasonably earn. That means that if a person is deliberately working at a job that pays less than what he or she could earn, the courts will sometimes figure the alimony amount based on a higher figure, in what is referred to as

How Do Judges Determine Spouses’ Needs

When judges are considering both spouses’ needs, state laws usually explain that those needs are based the standard of living a couple enjoyed during the marriage . As a practical matter, of course, many divorced spouses find it difficult to maintain that living standard in the immediate aftermath of divorce, given the added expenses of maintaining two separate householdsespecially when children are in the picture.

That’s why most judges focus on spouses’ reasonable needs. And a few state laws define “need” narrowly, as the reasonable minimum amount required to meet basic living expenses. Of course, it’s up to the individual judge to sort out what’s reasonable under the circumstances. And in cases when there simply isn’t enough money to go around, judges usually look for a way to make the divorced spouses share the financial pain equally.

What Types Of Alimony Are Available In Alabama

Alabama law provides for three different types of alimony :

  • interim alimony, or payments from one spouse to the other while their divorce case is still proceeding
  • rehabilitative alimony, which is meant to help support a spouse for a limited period of time after the divorce, to give that spouse time to gain the necessary education, training, or skills necessary to become self-supporting,
  • periodic alimony, which may last longer than five years but usually no longer than the length of the marriage.

As we explain below, judges must follow different rules when deciding whether to award these different types of alimony.

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Are You Entitled To Alimony

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Not every former spouse receives alimony, which is also called spousal support or maintenance. Alimony will be awarded only when a former spouse is unable to meet their needs without financial assistance from a spouse who can afford to pay it. Spousal support may be temporary, such as when a former spouse needs time to get back into the job market, brush up on skills, complete an educational program, or raise the children or permanent, such as when a spouse may never become self-supporting due to age or disability.

Your answers to the questions below can help you and your lawyer determine whether you’re a candidate for alimony , or, conversely, whether your soon-to-be-ex spouse is, such that you will be liable for spousal support payments. FindLaw’s Guide to Spousal Support pamphlet and guide to state-specific alimony laws and forms in your state are also helpful.

Find Out If You Qualify

What qualifies a spouse for Alimony in Singapore?

The laws surrounding spousal support differ across the United States, so its important to discuss your circumstances with a local family law attorney in order to gain a better understanding of what qualifies you for alimony after a divorce in your state. At Whipple, Mercado & Associates, were here to help. Call us today at 344-5050 to schedule a free consultation, or view our testimonials by clicking here.


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What Factors Affect The Amount Of Alimony

When a judge in North Carolina considers how much alimony a spouse might be eligible for and how long alimony should last, they will examine:

  • Earning capabilities of both spouses
  • Length of the marriage
  • The standard of living or lifestyle during the marriage
  • Assets and property acquired during the marriage
  • Each spouses disabilities or other unique needs
  • Each spouses age and physical and mental health
  • Committing a crime that causes separation between the spouses
  • Reckless spending or the destruction, waste, or hiding of assets
  • Dangerous behavior that puts the other spouse in harms way
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs in a way that makes the other spouses life unbearable
  • Kicking the other spouse out of the house and not allowing them to return
  • Refusing to provide material support for the other spouse even though they need the support and its feasible to provide it
  • Any other economic factor that would influence a persons ability to support themselves
  • Once awarded, alimony payments can take the form of installments or a single lump-sum payment. In many cases, alimony payments have a set end date, but the judge doesnt have to set an end date if they dont feel its appropriate.

    Alimony ends when either spouse dies, when the date set in the alimony order passes, or if the dependent spouse remarries or moves in with a new partner. The court can also change the amount of alimony or stop it completely if either spouse experiences a change in life circumstances.

    Need And Ability To Pay Alimony

    Alabama law spells out some of the circumstances that judges must consider when they’re deciding whether one spouse needs rehabilitative support and whether the other spouse has the ability to pay it, including:

    • marital property that each spouse will receive and the debts each will be responsible for paying after the property division in the divorce
    • each spouse’s own individual assets
    • how much each spouse is able to earn, in light of factors like work experience, age, health, and education
    • the paying spouse’s net income
    • any benefits that are available to help the supported spouse get work, and
    • whether either spouse will have primary physical custody of a child who needs so much care that it wouldn’t be appropriate to make that parent work outside the home.

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    How Much Is Alimony In Florida

    As mentioned before, alimony is calculated based on the need of the oblige and the obligators ability to pay. The American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers provides a guideline, which takes 30% of the obligors gross annual income minus 20% of the obliges gross annual income to estimate an alimony obligation. Florida judges have broad discretion when it comes to determining alimony amounts.

    Can I Get Alimony In My Divorce

    How do I know if I qualify for spousal support?

    Under Texas law, alimony is also referred to as spousal maintenance or spousal support. Spousal support is designed to provide temporary support for a spouse following divorce, rather than being a long-term proposition.

    A spouses eligibility to receive spousal maintenance following the entry of a final divorce decree has been significantly expanded since it was created almost twenty years ago.

    Spousal maintenance has grown from protecting only stay-at-home spouses who have been out of the workforce for many years to also including spouses who are responsible for disabled children, disabled spouses, and spouses who have experienced family violence.

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    How Much Alimony Will You Receive Or Payout

    Though there is no set amount for alimony in every divorce proceeding, there are many factors that influence the final amount. According to the Minnesota Statute 518.552, the following considerations may include:

    • Financial resources of the party seeking alimony
    • Standard of living established during the marriage
    • Time necessary to gain sufficient education or training to enable the party seeking alimony to find appropriate employment
    • Probability of the spouse seeking alimony of completing education or training to become fully or partially self-supporting
    • Age, physical, and emotional condition of spouse seeking alimony
    • Ability of spouse from whom alimony is being requested from to meet their own needs while fulfilling those of the spouse seeking alimony
    • Contribution of each party in the amount of the marital property, as well as the contribution of a spouse as a homemaker
    • Duration of the marriage

    Divorce Lawyers Who Put Your Needs First

    At the Givens Law Group, we have handled thousands of divorces and, in many of which, alimony has played a major role. We use our more than 100 years of combined legal experience to draft the terms and conditions of the martial settlement agreement and ensure that your alimony agreement with your spouse is properly memorialized.

    Contact our office to learn your rights!

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    How Much Alimony Will You Get

    Now that you have an idea about if you qualify, you must be asking yourself so how much will my spouse pay me in alimony? There isnt a set formula you can follow to calculate your spousal alimony.

    The court will decide based on factors such as your cost of living, if the children will remain with you, job prospects, and duration of the marriage, among others. Every divorce is different therefore not all alimony is determined the same way. The circumstances and divorce agreements will be crucial in the amount youll receive.

    Do Cheaters Still Get Alimony

    Do you Qualify for Alimony (Spousal Maintenance)?

    This is a fair question. If a couple gets divorced because of one spouse’s infidelity, can the cheating spouse still collect alimony?

    Eighteen states, including the District of Columbia, are “no fault” divorce states. That means that judges treat both parties as equals, no matter the circumstances that led to the divorce. The only thing that the judge considers is each spouse’s financial standing and reliance on the other for support.

    If you get divorced in all other states, you have the option of a “no fault” or a “fault” divorce. The grounds for a fault divorce typically include adultery, bigamy, addiction, abuse , imprisonment and inability to have sex . But even in a fault divorce, all but one state allow the “guilty” party to receive alimony. The exception is Georgia.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Alimony In Florida

    Permanent: Permanent alimony is alimony for support until the remarriage of the payee spouse or the death of either party. Permanent alimony is always modifiable with a showing of a substantial change in circumstances.

    Rehabilitative: Rehabilitative alimony is intended to provide assistance to a spouse while he or she regains the ability or establishes the capacity for self support. The party seeking rehabilitative alimony for retraining has the burden of proof as to the retraining plan, the object of rehabilitation, the cost of the plan, the period necessary to complete the plan, and how the plan is workable to make the party self supporting.

    Bridge-the-Gap: Bridge-the-Gap alimony is an award for a specific short duration to assist the spouse with the transition from married life to single life and is designed to assist a party with legitimate identifiable short-term needs. The length of the award may not exceed 2 years. The award of this type of alimony is non-modifiable.

    Lump-Sum: Lump-Sum alimony is a certain sum paid at one time or installments and the court will order this type of alimony only when an award of permanent alimony is justified and the court finds special circumstances warranting a lump-sum payment such as if the paying spouse is in poor health.

    Alimony may be taxable to the payee spouse and deductible by the paying spouse. Retroactive alimony may be awarded back to the date of filing the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

    How Long Does A Spouse Pay Alimony

    The purpose of alimony is to provide financial support to the lower income-earning spouse so he or she may maintain a reasonable standard of living as he or she had while married.

    There are three different durations of alimony in Minnesota, including:

    • Temporary Order: Alimony that is set up while a divorce is still pending, and the amount is typically based on each spouses income.
    • Short Term: Payment that is assigned for a limited amount of time after the divorce is final to assist one spouse with job training or education.
    • Long Term: If the marriage was long term or if the spouse is unable to become self-supporting, a court may also grant this in addition to child support, if the spouse is the primary caregiver of a child with significant mental, physical, or medical needs.

    Remember the longer the marriage, the longer the court may extend your alimony payment duration. A court may terminate long-term alimony, however, if the spouse who is receiving alimony remarries.

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    How Do You Qualify For Alimony

    When you go through a divorce, one of the first things your friends may ask you is whether or not you are getting alimony. This does not happen in every case, and some relationships may not require it. If you are going through a divorce and request alimony, the judge will review the information to determine if you qualify.

    You may qualify to get alimony payments from your ex-spouse if you do not have sufficient income or property. Before being approved for payments, the judge will look at the information and the marital lifestyle. It will also depend on if the person paying can afford to support themselves after the payments. Based on the evidence, they will approve or disapprove the request.

    Alimony is not something anyone can stop paying. There is a specific legal process that has to happen in order to stop making payments. If a spouse or partner refuses to pay alimony after a judge has determined a payment is needed, there could be legal consequences and you could face civil charges.

    What Is A Spouse’s Earning Capacity

    What is Alimony (AKA Spousal Maintenance / Spousal Support)?

    As we’ve seen, states typically require judges to consider both spouses’ ability to earn. That means a judge won’t just look at current income, but what spouses could reasonably earn, given their education, training, experience, job skills, and the local demand for those skills.

    When either spouse is voluntarily earning below their potential, the judge may “impute” income to that spouse. For example, say you were the high-earning spouse in your marriage, making $200,000 a year as a lawyer. But after you and your spouse separated, you quit your job to become a sculptor earning less than $30,000 a year. The judge might order you to pay an amount of alimony consistent with your ability to earn rather than your actual earnings.

    However, if you had a valid reason to switch to a lower-paying jobfor instance, because work-related stress was causing medical and psychological harmyou might be able to provide evidence to convince a judge not to base the alimony amount on your old salary. But you can expect a fight from your spouse or ex.

    The supported spouse’s current and future earning potential also comes into play when judges are setting the amount of alimony. As part of rehabilitative alimony, judges often order a vocational evaluation with an expert who will analyze how much that spouse can currently earn and what steps need to be taken in order to become self-supporting.

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    Qualification For Alimony In Missouri

    If the court finds it suitable to grant alimony, the following factors are considered to help determine if a dependent spouse is qualified for financial support:

    • The dependent spouse has sufficient financial resources, including marital properly awarded during divorce, to be self-supporting.
    • The time required by the dependent spouse to support themselves by finding appropriate employment or pursuing further education and career training.
    • The dependent spouse is the custodian of a child requiring special care or whose condition makes it unsuitable for the parent to seek employment outside the home.

    How Long Will Spousal Support Be Paid

    Sometimes a judge orders spousal support to be paid all at once. This is called “lump-sum” spousal support. Other times spousal support is paid over time, in monthly or yearly payments. This is called “periodic” spousal support.

    Periodic spousal support can be temporary or permanent. Temporary spousal support can give a person a chance to get a degree or gain job skills. It can last for a specific number of months or years, or until a specific event. The event could be the death of either party, the remarriage of the party getting the spousal support, or when a specific amount of support has been paid.

    A judge is more likely to award permanent spousal support in long-term marriages. This is especially true if the party getting the support is older than 60, has little education or work experience, and has little or no income. Even if spousal support is called permanent support, the payments may end at retirement when the parties start sharing in pension or retirement benefits.

    Either party can ask for a change in periodic spousal support unless the parties agree in their Judgment of Divorce not to allow changes. A judge will normally only change spousal support when there are new facts to consider or when one partys circumstances have changed.

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    How To Calculate Spousal Maintenance

    Alimony, spousal support, and spousal maintenance all mean the same thing. Most people call it alimony, but the Wisconsin courts call it spousal maintenance. All these words refer to when the court orders one party to pay the other a set amount of money for a set amount of time.

    In Wisconsin, spousal maintenance is calculated on a case-by-case basis. Because of this, the calculator below uses the equations of other states and counties as a basis. But to get advice specific to your situation and case, schedule a consultation with an attorney at Sterling Law Offices.

    For Immediate help with your family law case or answering any questions please call now!

    Who Can Ask For Alimony

    How to Qualify for An Emotional Support Animal

    Either you or your spouse, or both of you, can ask for alimony at the time of divorce. If the original divorce judgment didnt mention alimony at all, you can file a complaint for alimony for the first time at any time after your divorce.

    Alimony can be changed after a divorce through a process called a modification. See request to change your alimony for more information.

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