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Why Do Divorces Take So Long

What Are The Consequences Of A Long Divorce Process

It Took Arnold And Maria So Long To Divorce. Here’s Why.

The consequences of a long divorce process are both legal and psychological.

The legal consequences of a long divorce process can be expensive and time-consuming. The process can be very stressful for both parties involved, and often takes a toll on their work and personal lives. If the divorce is being handled by lawyers, the cost can be even higher.

The psychological consequences of a long divorce process can be even more damaging. The process can be very emotionally draining for both parties, and can often lead to resentment and bitterness. This can damage relationships with friends and family, and can make it difficult to move on with life.

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Avoid Court To Avoid Long Divorces

Often, the way to speed up a is to make decisions before having to make them in court.

Thats because court often increases the amount of .

First, youll need to wait for a scheduled court date, which takes a while even when were not in the middle of a pandemic.

Discovery a period during which must be documented and confirmed for the court can take a long time, too.

During an uncontested , though, both parties work together to for all . Then, the agreement is sent to a judge and reviewed for fairness.

That way, a judge can effectively rubber stamp the , rather than playing referee for a long legal spat.

Not going before a judge does not mean you have to face divorce alone, though.

Even in uncontested divorces, divorce attorneys help their client find the best solution for their specific situation. Attorneys guide clients through uncontested by communicating with the other party and the court to advocate for solutions that are fair for you and your family.

The Court Has A Full Calendar

The courts calendar can also be a major hurdle for spouses who want a quick divorce. Due to the large caseloads, it can be difficult to schedule court appearances. If the spouses dont resolve most of their issues before going to trial, they can spend several hours at their hearing. If more time is needed to resolve the dispute, then a request for another trial will have to be made, which can extend the case for several months if the court is busy. Additionally, COVID-19 related restrictions can also impact court operations and result in backlogged cases.

Our legal team at McKinley Irvin is here to walk you through all of your options so you can make informed decisions about your divorce case. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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Length Of Contested Divorces Versus Uncontested Divorces

Contested divorces in which the parties do not agree and must go to court to solve the disagreements usually last around 18 months.

This can go on for much longer, though. Take Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: They in 2016, and the divorce still is not final.

Uncontested divorces in which both parties agree on settlements to be reviewed by a judge take far less time. Sometimes, theyre over in just a few months.

Delaying Your Divorce Could Also Mean Losing Access To Funds You Truly Need

Why Does Divorce Take So Long

The longer you wait to file for divorce, especially if you’ve already separated, the harder it may be to recoup the spousal support or reimbursements you plan to request. Sure, sometimes divorce is simple: you take yours I’ll take mine. But if your situation is even a tad bit more complicated than that, the math can get tricky when it comes to accounting for joint assets. The longer that period of accounting grows, the harder it becomes to unwind who paid for what and with which funds.

If you plan to request a credit or reimbursement for funds let’s say for your share of a down payment on the marital home you’ll have to prove what you paid. Banks typically keep financial records for seven years. If you need a bank statement from seven years ago or even slightly less, it could be a hassle to get the bank to pull this information for you.

Additionally, if you used your separate funds to pay a health insurance premium or another bill on your spouse’s behalf, that would be another type of reimbursement that could get tricky and harder to collect as time goes on. And finally, if you sacrificed your earnings to support your spouse in their professional endeavors, you might have a claim for spousal support. However, the longer you remain separated and not divorced, the harder it sometimes becomes to get alimony. If you were separated for a year and were able to live without spousal support during that time, why should the court suddenly rule in your favor now?

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Why Does Divorce Take So Long

No one enters into a marriage expecting it to end in divorce. But, unfortunately, for many couples, divorce is the best option. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be wondering why divorce takes so long. The answer is that there are a number of factors that contribute to the length of a divorce.One of the biggest factors that can lengthen the divorce process is when there are disputes over property and custody of children. When couples can’t agree on who gets what, the divorce process can drag on for months or even years. Another factor that can contribute to the length of a divorce is when one spouse doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers. This can prolong the process, as the other spouse can’t move forward with the divorce without their signature.Finally, the divorce process takes time because the court system is often backlogged. This means that it can take months for a divorce to be finalized, even if the couple doesn’t have any major disagreements.If you’re wondering why divorce takes so long, it’s because there are a number of factors that contribute to the length of the process. However, it’s important to remember that everyone’s situation is unique, so the amount of time it takes to get divorced can vary greatly from couple to couple.

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How Many Different Forms Need To Be Completed

There are a lot of different forms that need to be completed in order to do almost anything nowadays. It seems like for everything that someone wants to do, there is a form that needs to be filled out. For example, if someone wants to get a driverâs license, they need to fill out a form. If someone wants to buy a house, they need to fill out a form. Even if someone just wants to sign up for a new email account, they need to fill out a form.

The amount of different forms that need to be completed can be overwhelming at times. However, most people are used to it and they know how to go about completing the forms that they need to. There are some people who are not used to having to fill out so many different forms, and they can find it to be a bit of a challenge.

There are a variety of different types of forms that need to be completed. Some forms are very simple and only require a few pieces of information. Others are very complex and can be several pages long. The amount of information that is required on a form can vary greatly as well. Some forms only require a personâs name and address, while others require a lot of personal information, such as a social security number.

The amount of time that it takes to complete a form can also vary greatly. Some forms can be completed in just a few minutes, while others can take much longer. It all depends on the individual and how much time they are willing to spend on the form.

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What To Do If Your Divorce Is Taking Too Long

One thing that many people do not understand when they initiate a divorce is that the process is tedious and long. Even if the couple remains amicable and agreeable throughout the entire divorce, the process can still take up to six months to complete. A contested divorce, on the other hand, can last for more than a year.

While the length of a divorce greatly depends on a couple’s unique circumstances, if you feel like your divorce is dragging on for too long unnecessarily, it may be best to speak with a different lawyer than the one you have been using. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the divorce process in a timely and cost-effective manner.

At the Clark Law Group, our attorneys have helped countless individuals obtain a succinct divorce. Divorce does not have to be a complicated and drawn out mess. With the right lawyer and the right mindset, it can be relatively quick and painless.

How Long Do Divorces Usually Take Basic Considerations

Why Is My VA Appeal Taking So Long? VA Wait Times

Some finish in just a few months, while others can draw out for years.

Several factors determine the options available to someone , including:

  • Whether the will be contested or uncontested.
  • Whether the filing is for an at-fault or no-fault divorce.
  • How long a couple has been together.
  • If are involved and their ages.
  • The amount and types of assets involved in a marriage.
  • The presence or absence of a prenuptial agreement.

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How Can Individuals Cope With A Long Divorce Process

It is no secret that divorce can be a lengthy and difficult process. For many individuals, the process can be especially daunting. A divorce can often be a time of great uncertainty, upheaval, and stress. It can be difficult to know how to cope with such a big life change.

There are a few things that can be helpful for individuals to keep in mind as they navigate the divorce process. First, it is important to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. This can be a difficult time and it is essential to nurture yourself. Make sure to eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. It can also be helpful to reach out to friends and loved ones for support.

Second, it is important to try to keep a positive attitude. This can be difficult, but it is important to remember that this is just a temporary phase of your life. Things will eventually get better.

Third, it is important to be patient. The divorce process can take a long time, but it is important to be patient and to not rush things.

Fourth, it is important to be proactive. This means taking steps to protect yourself both legally and financially. This might include hiring a lawyer, creating a budget, and getting your financial documents in order.

Finally, it is important to remember that you are not alone. There are many resources available to help you through this difficult time. There are also many others who have gone through a divorce and can relate to what you are going through.

Spouse Emotions To Win Everything:

When the emotions of winning everything from the other spouse are strong, one spouse may refuse to settle for anything less than what they feel is fair. It can considerably lengthen divorce as the parties battle it in court.

In some cases, this custody battle can further delay the divorce process if the parties bring so many issues to use against another party to win it.

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How Long Does Divorce Take In Kansas

Once you file for divorce, you’ll need to wait at least sixty days before a judge will grant your divorce. This 60-day waiting period applies even if you and your spouse have reached an agreement on all terms of your divorce. In limited, emergency circumstances, a judge may waive the waiting period.

The time it’ll take to complete you divorce depends on your family’s unique circumstances and your working relationship with your spouse. Some contested divorces drag on for years when couples fight over everything in court, and have complicated businesses or marital assets to divide. Couples who have an uncontested divorce and have few assets may be able to obtain a divorce as soon as the 60-day period expires.

Whether Or Not The Divorce Is Contested

file my own divorce

One of the most significant indicators that why a divorce will take so long is whether or not it is contested. A contested divorce is filed by one party and the other party does not want it. In contested divorces there are many factors that delay the divorce proceedings. This could be due in part because the other spouse is hoping to work on the relationship and avoid divorce, or it could be because they want to contest each item in the divorce petition.

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What Can You Do When Your Divorce Is Taking Too Long

Often, people who are using an attorney to finalize their marriage termination feel their divorce is taking too long. These individuals often wonder what they can do to help the process move along to finalization. In California, a divorce can only be finalized after six months from the date of jurisdiction, or service. While uncontested divorces can usually be completed prior to this termination date, contested divorces on average can last between one to two years! Thus, the California divorce timeline can vary dramatically from one case to another.

How Many Different Steps Are Involved In The Divorce Process

The divorce process can have many different steps depending on the particular situation. Often, the first step is for one spouse to file for divorce. This starts the legal process and can sometimes be the most difficult step. Once the paperwork is filed, the couple will need to appear in court and may need to go through mediation to settle any outstanding disagreements. If they are unable to come to an agreement, the court will make a decision on any outstanding issues. Once the divorce is finalized, the couple will be legally separated and will no longer be considered married.

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Five Ways Your Spouse Could Delay The Washington Divorce Process

One of the most common questions we field from our clients is, how long does the divorce process take? Unfortunately, the answer depends heavily on how cooperative and motivated each party is. If both spouses are prompt and compromising, a divorce can happen relatively quickly. But if one spouse wishes to delay and drag out the process, it can take literally years to reach a final settlement. Now that we understand why your husband or wife might be dragging out the divorce, we turn to common tactics used to delay the divorce process. Here are five ways your spouse might attempt to drag out your Washington divorce:

How Long Is The Quickest Divorce

Why do ballot counts take so long? Allegheny County executive explains

The quickest divorce is uncontested, and the parties agree on all terms. This can happen in as little as a few weeks if everything goes smoothly. It can take longer if any outstanding issues need to be ironed out.

But generally speaking, an uncontested divorce is the quickest way to dissolve a marriage

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What Happens If One Spouse Does Not Want To Sign The Divorce Papers

If one spouse does not want to sign the divorce papers, it can cause a number of problems. The first problem is that the divorce might not be able to go through. In some states, both spouses must sign the papers in order for the divorce to be legal. If one spouse will not sign, the other spouse might have to go to court to get a divorce.

The second problem is that even if the divorce does go through, the spouse who did not want to sign the papers can still cause trouble. They might try to file for custody of the children, or they might try to get more money in the divorce settlement. If the spouse does not want to sign the papers, it can make the divorce process more difficult and more stressful.

Your Emotions: The More You Fight The Longer It Takes

The number one reason why divorce takes so long is that the people going through it are full of emotions. Those emotions slow everything down.

Fighting takes time. Stonewalling causes delays. Doing things on purpose just to aggravate your spouse usually makes your spouse do the same thing to you. While you and your spouse are engaged in an endless game of tit for tat, the clock ticks on.

Meanwhile, everyone gets frustrated.

The person who filed for divorce usually wants it done yesterday. But that person also usually wants the divorce resolved on THEIR terms. When things dont work out the way they want, they often get angry. They fight. That chews through time.

The person who didnt file for divorce often doesnt care how fast the divorce goes. S/he is still trying to deal with the emotional trauma that comes with the realization that his/her marriage is over. So s/he often drags his/her feet, often only getting things done when s/he has no choice.

The person whose spouse filed for divorce is also likely to feel victimized, wronged, bullied and scared. As a result, s/he usually doesnt want to settle the divorce on his/her spouses terms even if those terms are objectively reasonable!

As long as a couple is locked into an Ill make you pay!, or an Ill do it when Im damned good and ready mindset, their case will drag on.

As a fellow divorce coach has so expertly noted: Divorce only goes as fast as the slowest person.

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