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Williamson County Texas Divorce Records

Find Williamson County Divorce Records

Williamson County Public Records Commission (Virtual) Meeting – July 23, 2020

Williamson County Divorce Records are legal documents relating to a couple’s divorce in Williamson County, Texas. They include the divorce papers that the couple files in Williamson County Court, as well as any records created during the divorce procedure, and a divorce certificate. Texas State also collects and indexes divorce filings to help people perform public divorce record searches.

Learn about Divorce Records, including:

  • Where to get Williamson County Divorce Records online
  • How to get a copy of your divorce decree
  • Which divorce filings are Williamson County public records
  • If Divorce Records appear on background checks
  • Which government agencies issue divorce certificates

Find Williamson County Vital Records

Williamson County Vital Records are documents related to birth, death, marriage, and other milestones in a person’s life that are recorded by the government in Williamson County, Texas. A number of government agencies maintain Vital Records at the Texas State or Williamson County level, and certain documents may also be housed by the National Archives. The most common forms of Williamson County Vital Records include birth and death records, records of marriage and domestic partnerships, and divorce records. These public records all document a person’s life, and they may be required for a range of legal purposes.

Learn about Vital Records, including:

  • Where to get Williamson County Vital Records online
  • Which public records are considered Vital Records
  • How to get certified copies of public records
  • What Williamson County records are available to the public
  • Which records are important to genealogists

Williamson County Town & City Halls

Get Marriage & Divorce Records from 10 Town & City Halls in Williamson County, TX

Cedar Park City Hall450 Cypress Creek RoadCedar Park,TX78613Directions

Florence City Hall106 South Patterson AvenueFlorence,TX76527Directions

Georgetown City Hall113 East 8th StreetGeorgetown,TX78626Directions

Granger City Hall214 East DavillaBartlett,TX76511Directions

Hutto City Hall401 W Front StHutto,TX78634Directions

Leander City Hall200 West Willis StreetLeander,TX78641Directions

Liberty Hill City Hall2801 Ranch Road 1869Liberty Hill,TX78642Directions

Round Rock City Hall221 East Main StreetRound Rock,TX78664Directions

Taylor City Hall400 Porter StreetTaylor,TX76574Directions

Thrall City Hall104 Main StreetThrall,TX76578Directions

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Baylor University In Waco Tx

Film for this county is available for libraries to borrow through interlibrary loan . Contact your local library to send an ILL request for the material you wish to borrow. Your request should include the specific reel numbers for the microfilm you wish to use, as well as the name of the county and name of the repository that houses the film reels. Individuals requesting to borrow film as a patron of TSLAC may wish to review our ILL policies for registration and request instructions.

OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERKBILL OF SALE RECORD, 1859-1870Index: Each volume individually indexed.Note: Contained bills of sale for slaves, oaths, bonds, etc.Reel 16046481859-1862 Vol. 3 Reel 16050541862-1870 Vol. 3

BIRTH RECORD, 1873-1876 1903-1914Index: For an index to the Birth Record, 1903-1941, request Reel 1578013. The 1873-1876 Volume was not indexed.Note: Parts of the Birth Record, Volume 4 and Volumes 5 through 7, are not available at this time.Reel 1578014

Arriving At The Williamson County Courthouse

Marriage Records 1853

You’ll find plenty of free parking around the Williamson County Justice Center, and local attorney and bail bondsman offices are stationed nearby. It’s best to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled court time, so you can find parking, locate the court room, and chat with your attorney about last-minute details.

The entrance to the courthouse is controlled and you will have to enter through a metal detector. Slacks or clean jeans and a neat, tidy shirt are perfectly appropriate for court.

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Williamson County Court Records

Across the country, a diverse set of policies are implemented in different states with regards to the protection, maintenance and distribution of divorce records. In conformance with Texas State Laws, divorce records are stored and handed out on a county level via the District Clerks of each county within the jurisdiction of the State of Texas.

The task of procuring copies of Williamson County divorce records can be executed by filing a request to the Office of the District Clerk in person or via mail. Details such as the complete names of both the husband and the wife, including the latters maiden name, the date the divorce was filed, and the court case number, if it is known. In addition, state your full contact and postal information as requests are typically delivered within a few days to a few weeks. In conclusion, deliver the completed requirements along with the appropriate fees to the said office.

Searching For Divorce Records In Williamson County In The State Of Texas

Divorce records can reveal quite a lot of information about someone’s past, and the documents maintained by the authorities in Williamson County are no different. These kinds of personal records, along with birth, death and marriage certificates, are maintained by the County Clerk or the Registrar Recorder, though details of divorce hearings can also sometimes be found in county courthouse archives. Many divorces are not contested, so there are unlikely to be any additional legal documents to those you find at the Williamson County Clerk or Registrar Recorder’s office, but if there was any disagreement between the two parties – about the circumstances regarding the separation, the custody of any children or even financial disputes – then there will also be papers and records relating to the court hearing for you to search through.

Divorce records are not an ideal way to search for details of your family history, as these documents were often only comprehensively kept from the early twentieth century. Before that time, individual counties either did not allow divorce or did not keep strict records of which marriages had been legally ended. If you are looking for more recent information on someone who may have lived in Williamson County in the state of Texas, especially in relation to their marital status or relationship history, then a search of local divorce records could prove very useful.

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Williamson County Texas Courthouse Records

Williamson County, TX Courthouse

The Williamson County Courthouse is located in Georgetown, Texas. Learn More About State of Texas Court, Tax, Land and Probate Records.

The Clerk’s Office DOES NOT DO RESEARCH. Most staff will assist people in finding the materials, but it is up to the individual to do the research.

The following dates indicate what vital, land, probate, and court records are in Williamson county. The date listed for each record is usually the earliest registration filed. The date does not indicate that there are alot records for that year and does not mean that all such events were actually filed with the clerk.

  • Williamson County Clerk has Birth & Death Records from 1873 for Birth 1903 for death, Marriage Records from 1848, Land Records from 1848, Probate Records from 1848 and Court Records from 1848. The County Clerk’s office is the place where all transactions having to do with land are recorded and kept on file. They take marriage license applications, issues marriage licenses, files the license after the marriage, and maintains a permanent record of the marriage, surveys and plats of subdivisions, Armed Forces discharge papers for all veterans who reside in the county. Some naturalization records have been found with the deeds.
  • Williamson County Tax Assessor-Collector Office is responsible for the the assessment of taxes on each property in the county and collection of that tax

Williamson County Texas Court Directory

Williamson County sheriff indicted, booked into jail for felony charge

The Texas trial court system consists of District Courts, Criminal District Court, Constitutional County Courts, County Courts at Law, Statutory Probate Courts, Justice Courts, and Municipal Courts. For more information on which types of cases each court oversees, compare Texas courts.

Below is a directory of court locations in Williamson County. Links for online court records and other free court resources are provided for each court, where available. If youre not sure which court youre looking for, learn more about the Texas court system.

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The Central Texas Communities Below Are Served By Williamson County Courts:

Recent Case Results

  • Mental health issues were at the source of the dismissal of a felony family violence choking assault charge. Russ worked with client, family and DA to address the root issues of the alleged assault and as a result the case was dismissed “in the interest of justice.”

  • Marijuana-only DWI case dismissed in exchange for plea to other marijuana related charges.

  • Hung jury on murder case when Russ convinced enough members of the jury they could not trust the state’s drug-addicted, mentally-ill likely-prostitute witnesses, and they were unable to come to a decision in trial. Russ was then able to negotiate a 7 year plea deal for a case where client was facing 25 years to life in prison on a murder charge.

How To Look Up Williamson County Property Records

Interested parties can look up online copies of Williamson County property records through a searchable online property database. Furthermore, requesters may choose to use the simple search or advanced search option to obtain copies of property records. To use the simple search option, requesters must input a combination of the property name, address, or any property identifier into the search box. On the other hand, requesters may provide the property ownerâs information, property information, and legal description to obtain property records via the advanced search option.

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Williamson County Divorce Records

It is a long-standing fact that divorces are crippling experiences due to the pile of emotions associated with it. However, such events open new doors of opportunity towards moving forward to a life that is less-bothersome. This is true for the 6,646 marriages that are terminated on a daily basis in the United States. Divorces are known for its emotional and legal aspects.

Divorce records are public documents that contain everything you need to know about a certain divorce that has transpired. They are procured for a number of reasons due to this fact. The main purpose of divorce records, however, is to validate and act as concrete evidence that a couples marital bonds have been officially severed, after it is given a nod by a Judge in a Court of Law. Its many uses include the issuance of a new marriage license and background checks for remarrying individuals, maiden name renewal in government-allotted documents such as drivers licenses, and joint financial account closure, among other things.

Find Texas Divorce Records

Broward County Divorce Filing Fees

Texas Divorce Records contain all publicly available documents relating to a couple’s divorce in Texas. Divorce Records searches reveal divorce papers filed in Texas Courts and divorce certificates. The state of Texas also maintains an index, known as the Texas Divorce Index, which is available for public record searches of Divorce filings.

Find Texas Divorce Records, including:

  • Free Texas Divorce Records online
  • Copies of divorce decrees

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Where And How To Find Property Records In Williamson County

The Williamson Central Appraisal District serves as the custodian body for all property records within the county. It is also responsible for providing access to online and offline copies of property records, such as deeds, mortgages, easements, and other public documents on real estate. Copies of Williamson County property records are accessible in-person at:

Williamson Central Appraisal DistrictGeorgetown, TX 78626-8050Phone: 930-3787

Requesters can request and obtain copies of Williamson County property records at the Williamson Central Appraisal District from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

In addition to this, the Williamson Central Appraisal District enables interested persons to find property records via an online searchable map of the county. Via the online map interface, requesters may choose to search, download, print out, or share property records in Williamson County.

Court Website For Checking Case Information

Williamson county provides this handy website which enables anyone to check on past and current court dates for criminal and civil cases in both misdemeanor and felony courts as well as some J.P. courts. The same website enables jail inmate searches, which provides information on past jailings as well as present ones.

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District Courts In Williamson County

We strive to provide accurate information, however, Courtreference.com is not an official source of information for any court or court clerk. No legal advice is offered here and this site is not an alternative to competent legal counsel. None of the information offered by this site can be used for assessing or evaluating a person’s eligibility for employment, housing, insurance, credit, or for any other purpose covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Please visit GoodHire for all your employment screening needs.

California Privacy Notice: If you are a California resident, you have the right to know what personal information we collect, the purposes for which we use it, and your options to opt out of its sale. To learn more, click the following link: Do not sell my info

Divorce Records Williamson County

Former Williamson County deputy charged with assault | KVUE

To effectively affirm the existence of a persons divorce records in the registry of the State of Texas, you can order a copy of divorce verification letters from the Texas Department of State Health Services. These verification letters are sent by the different District Clerks to the said office after the completion of a divorce proceeding. A fee of $20.00 is to be charged if such documents are requested, and will be processed within 10-15 business days.Man will always find ways to pursue and live a more convenient life. With the aid of todays technology, tasks such as obtaining copies of divorce records have now become hassle-free. This is made possible by the initiatives of government agencies and independent records retrieval service providers. At the fastest possible time, one can obtain a copy of his or her desired divorce record for whatever legal intention by simply entering pertinent information in the database of the mentioned sources.

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Williamson County Courthouse Status

The following information is provided to help our users stay informed about courthouse availability, hours, and procedures. Please if you are aware of any changes to this status.

Latest Update: Friday, September 30, 2022
Status: The county clerks office is OPEN. You will be requested to get your temperature taken before being allowed in the building. Wear a mask if you prefer especially if you are part of a vulnerable population. Court hearings may be held remotely so ask your attorney about scheduling one so you won’t be exposed to others who might not be as cautious.

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